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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (2)

“Hahaha! Honey, will you dump us now that you have a son?”

“Pudding, which side are you on? Have you forgotten who spoke for you just now?” Qin Chu didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“Dad, Mom, let’s continue our talk. Handsome Su and I are investing in the movie together, each taking 50 percent of the cost. The funds are not a problem.”

“Go on…” Qin Chu knew his daughter always left the most important part for last.

“My last point is to ask for your permission to act in this movie.”

“What?” Huo Mian became worked up again.

“You want to act in the movie?” Qin Chu also looked displeased.

They knew how deep the waters of the entertainment circle was; since they were rich, they would never allow their daughters to be actresses even if they liked acting.

“No. I won’t agree,” Huo Mian objected immediately.

“Me, neither.” This time, Qin Chu stood on the side of his wife.

“You guys should hear me out. Little Bean and I will only play small roles in the movie to make the characters look real. It’s the first movie I am investing in and I have a feeling that it will be a success, so I want Little Bean and I to be part of it for the memories. Dad, I don’t like acting and won’t become an actress or enter the entertainment circle. Please rest assured on this point,” Pudding promised solemnly.

“Still no. Do you want to attract more attention to yourselves? I don’t want more people to notice you,” said Huo Mian.

Since the twins had been kidnapped twice, it had become Huo Mian’s nightmare.

How could she allow her daughters to expose to the public view?

“Your mom is right. You two must stay low-profiled,” Qin Chu agreed.

“Mom, I’ve promised the director. How can I go back on my words?”

“Pudding, what else have you done without our permission?” Huo Mian was obviously angry.

“That’s the last one. I hope you can agree to my request.”

“Su Yu agreed to all the things you’ve done?” Huo Mian asked her.

“Yeah, Handsome Su knows all about it.”

“You made the decision before consulting with us?” Huo Mian demanded.

“No. I told Handsome Su that I’d come home and consult with my mom and dad. If you don’t agree, I won’t do it even though I want to do it very much.”

Pudding lowered her head, looking upset. She had known that her mom, who had always been strict with them, wouldn’t agree to her request so easily.

In her mom’s eyes, she was just messing around.

For a long while, Huo Mian didn’t speak; she sighed lightly…


“I know what you’re going to say. You want to say: our daughter is excellent and won’t do anything outrageous; as her parents, we must support her dreams.” Huo Mian glanced at Qin Chu.

“Yes. I know you think the same way as I do despite your objections.”

“Mom, please… I beg you.” It was the first time that Pudding begged.

She had never been so humble even when she did or said something wrong. It showed how much the child wanted to do these things.

“Okay. If you like, you can do it.”

“Mom, you agreed?” Pudding looked up and asked in elation.

“Yes. But I have one condition. You’re still young and can’t do anything you want; you must let your dad supervise the company for you.”

“Okay. No problem.” Pudding smiled radiantly.

“Okay. Now you can go, so we can have our private time.” Qin Chu chuckled.

“Thank you, Dad. I love you.” Pudding kissed Qin Chu on the cheek; pulling open the door, she ran out.

“You spoil the daughters so much…” Huo Mian looked at her husband admonishingly.

“Don’t I spoil you?” Qin Chu asked.

“Ahh…” Suddenly, Huo Mian’s expression changed and she yelled with her hands holding onto her belly.


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