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(Didn’t Second Senior Brother Satisfy You?)

Everyone who was close to Tang Ye understood that once he took off his glasses and went into battle mode, he transformed into another persona. He would become an extremely dangerous being, pretty much a maniac!

"What’s this? Are you trying to force me now? Listen to me, First Senior Brother, you can’t force your way through!" Ning Xi tried to persuade him.

Tang Ye was like a walking weapon but the Tang Ye sans his glasses was like an unsheathed sword. His eyes were full of bloodlust and even the way he spoke was different. "My dear Junior Sister, don’t worry, I’m just going to test you."

"No! I refuse!" Ning Xi yelled immediately as she shook her head vigorously.

Trouble was coming one after another! Why did he suddenly want to fight her?

Tang Ye ignored her and launched into his attack.

"Damn it! Are you for real?"

This was Tang Ye! Not her Third Senior Sister Feng Xiaoxiao!

If she could take on 10 of his attacks or so, she would be considered doing well but in her current state, having slacked off training for a year, she might only be able to just withstand four or five attacks…

Ning Xi tried to defend herself while shouting at him, "Calm down, First Senior Brother! Calm down! What’s happening?! Why are you so eager for a fight? Didn’t Second Senior Brother satisfy you?"

Tang Ye became even more violent after he heard her mention Second Senior Brother. He snarled and aggressively came at her as if he was a beast that was just released from his cage after a few hundred years of imprisonment.

Ning Xi felt something was not right. "First Senior Brother, what's going on? I can’t take it anymore! Stop...I can’t! Really...no more!"

Tang Ye’s grip was already encasing her throat; she would be dead if he continued constricting her airways.

Tang Ye was unstable at that moment, he was almost on the verge of going berserk and nearly failed to hold himself back.

His sharp senses suddenly picked up some movement and he glanced downstairs.

He quickly let go of Ning Xi and put his glasses back on while Ning Xi was still petrified as she gasped to inhale the sweet air that she longed for.

Ning Xi panted, "First Senior Brother, what’s the matter? Did anything happen to Second Senior Brother?"

"He's missing," Tang Ye replied curtly.

The manic fire in his eyes extinguished after he put his glasses back on and his stoic poker face returned, but there was an obvious depressive aura when he replied Ning Xi.

"What? Missing?" Ning Xi was surprised.

Second Senior Brother was talented and picked up everything very quickly. On the other hand, First Senior Brother was the exact opposite. He would train endlessly to the extreme to master certain skills. Only Second Senior Brother could measure up to First Senior Brother.

The combat warrior, First Senior Brother, always picked him to practice duelling with. With Second Senior Brother’s attitude and the way he learned so well without investing much effort, Tang Ye always chose to fight him again, again, and again!

If there was a way to describe their relationship, it would be that they wanted to kill each other out of love.

Naturally, if Second Senior Brother was not around, the juniors would be picked to become First Senior Brother's practice partner.

Like what just happened today.


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