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(Where’s My Knife?!)

Ning Xi was dumbfounded by Tang Ye’s shocker. "First Senior Brother, are you too bored from honing your skills?

She could not believe what was happening to her right now.

But deep down, she knew that it was a fact: First Senior Brother was proposing to her. Which was even more shocking than First Senior Brother trying to kill her!

Tang Ye ignored Ning Xi’s shocked expression and remained solemn.

He then took a pink paper out and read it aloud in an emotionless, robotic tone, "I’m willing to let you have my heart and my everything, but please spare me my eyes, for they enabled me to see you. There is nothing in me that isn’t conquered by you. You took the life of every part of me and brought along their death. If I still need to lose something else, please take it, but please spare my eyes, as they enabled me to see you…"

Ning Xi was confused. He sounded so odd!

The tone of the poem sounded familiar...could he have adopted the principle and culture of the company to write this? Could First Senior Brother have been pranked by someone?

A thousand possibilities flowed through Ning Xi’s mind. "First Senior Brother, may I know, if this is...a marriage proposal?"


Ning Xi frowned and looked lost.

Tang Ye then quickly added, "On behalf of Satan."

Ning Xi was alarmed. She! Knew! It!

Ning Xi took a deep breath, her chest rising up and down. "Don’t tell me. Your so-called "S rank mission" is to come here and propose to me in place of him?"


Damn it, where is my knife? Get me a knife! I'm going to kill him!

"Your reply, please."

She had been scared to death, yet, he still insisted for a reply?

Ning Xi could not stand it anymore, anger starting to bubble from the pits of her stomach. "First Senior Brother, are you sure you’re proposing and not torturing me? And what makes you think that you can substitute someone for a proposal? Ridiculous!"

"Your reply please," Tang Ye repeated like a robot that was directed.

"I refuse!" Ning Xi loosened herself from the rope at that moment.

"Reason," Tang Ye stated.

Ning Xi exploded, "Damn it! You made me wait a whole night and scared the soul out of me, then you tie me up...and propose? I’ve never seen such a "special" proposal before! Now, you dare to ask me for my reason of refusal?"

She saw Tang Ye click a pen after she finished her lecture.

He had even brought a voice recording pen…

Ning Xi’s mouth twitched as she forcefully grabbed it from him and pressed on the recording button. She roared at it, "No girl would ever like you and your stupidly low EQ. You can stay single forever!"

She felt slightly relieved after that. But then, she saw something that turned her blood cold!

Tang Ye handed over the flowers and diamond rings to the two men, then he raised his hands and slowly took off his gold-framed glasses…

Ning Xi's heart leapt into her throat as she backed away in fear. "First...First Senior Brother...we can talk...you don’t need to take off your glasses!"


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