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(Little Junior Sister, Long Time No See!)

Time passed by slowly in minutes and seconds. Ning Xi already lost count of the times she checked her watch.

She looked down and saw 23:59:53...

My God! He didn't flake on her, did he?!

It was only seven seconds away from the next day. Even if he rushed over here now, he definitely would not make it!

Wasn't First Senior Brother the most punctual person?

Tick tock, tick tock...

Seven, six, five, four, three, two...

Just as the second hand was going to jump to 00:00, a loud roar came from above her. At the same time, there was a tornado of dust eddying around her.

Ning Xi's first reaction was, "Jesus! What the hell?! I wore a skirt today!"

Ning Xi used one hand to hold down her skirt, which was flapping wildly in the wind, as she looked up to the sky with squinted eyes.

A helicopter landed from the sky and stopped 10 steps away from her.

Ning Xi was speechless.

Haha, this guy was deserving of being the First Senior Brother...he really was punctual to the dot!


In the black Maybach, Lu Jingli's eyes widened. "Woah! I kept looking on the road but he actually came from the sky!"

Lu Tingxiao picked up the wireless walkie-talkie without a change in his expression and ordered everyone to be on standby.

On the rooftop.

The propeller circled several times before it finally came to a slow stop. The air regained its silence and the dust settled. Ning Xi released the edges of her skirt.

Behind the helicopter was a huge lamp, which seemed to glare so much that she almost could not open her eyes. She could only vaguely see a clear shadow disembark from the helicopter, then walk towards her...

Even though it was only ten steps away, every step was like a thud on her heart, making her tremble with fear.

She could not guess the First Senior Brother's motives at all and that made her afraid.

All she knew was that if Tang Ye was making a move by himself, then it must be an extremely serious and sticky matter!

Ning Xi's gaze sharpened as she tried her best to prepare for anything that might occur, even expecting the worst...

Finally, the man was only five steps away from her.

Because he was so close now, Ning Xi could finally see his face clearly. He wore his signature gold-framed spectacles and looked proper and polite. However, just as one might be deceived by this facade, thinking he is a vulnerable scholar, one would pay thehighest price.

Just seeing that pair of spectacles made Ning Xi terrified, so much so that her calves and belly shuddered.

This time it must be over...the First Senior Brother wasn't here to wipe her off the face of Earth, was he?

For the past one year, she was busy with shooting films, so she did not have time to practice her skills at all. The last time she had only managed to execute Third Senior Sister's 100 moves.

Even then, that was not accurate. Among all, her skills were already the worst. Even if she practiced, she would not be able to compare to First Senior Brother's single finger.

Her combat capabilities and his were too different...

Five steps, four steps, three steps...

Ning Xi was already considering to immediately escape or just kneel to beg. That way, her chances of survival would be much higher!

Finally, just as she was hesitating, Tang Ye was already standing in front of her. She had lost the chance to run away, leaving only the option to kneel down and beg now.

Across her, the light danced across Tang Ye's spectacle., "Little Junior Sister, long time no see."


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