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(Never Thought of Her As A Girl)

At the same time, below Ning Xi's building in a corner with an unobscured view.

A black Maybach was parked quietly not too far away and a small team of armed forces were on standby, ready to attack anytime.

As night fell, the air seemed to have frozen, everyone's hearts tensed.

In the dark corner, Cheng Feng's phone suddenly rang. He was in the middle of an important mission and did not want to pick up but once he saw who was calling, he picked it up.

"Hello, what's up?"

"Bro Feng, I heard you are on a mission. Why didn't you call me?" Shi Xiao asked.

Xiong Zhi's voice added, "And me, and me!"

Obviously, the two of them were together at the moment.

Cheng Feng pinched the space between his brows. "The mission this time is related to Miss Ning. Are you two sure you want to join?"

There was silence from the other end of the phone.

Then, Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi replied at the same time, "Yes."

Cheng Feng raised his brows slightly in pleasant surprise. "It's good that the both of you have come to understand. However, because of your performance the last time, there is no way the Boss would let you two join such missions again."

"Then...then what do we do?" Shi Xiao's constricted voice questioned.

Damn it, protecting the lady boss! Was there a more important mission than this one?

Much to their chagrin, they were being excluded. What was the difference from being thrown into the cold cellar?

Cheng Feng sighed, he knew that he would definitely regret it one day...

"Bro Feng, help us beg the boss!" Xiong Zhi pleaded.

Cheng Feng looked helplessly and budged a little. "I don't have such capabilities but I can direct you guys to a possible solution. If you want to beg someone...then you should ask for Miss Ning's help!"

Shi Xiao hesitated. "Would that work? There's no way she would help us. Xiong Zhi is not too bad, but I..."

The last time, he had offended the lady boss horribly...

"Miss Ning is actually really kind, she's very soft-hearted. If the both of you speak nicely to her, she would agree. I still have something to do here, so I can't talk much, let's leave it at that!" Cheng Feng was afraid of getting distracted and affecting tonight's mission, so he quickly hung up.

He did not want to follow after Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi's footsteps.

He had no idea what huge issue was happening tonight that made the Big Boss so nervous...

At that moment, in Lu Tingxiao's car.

The screen in the middle was a live footage of the situation on the rooftop.

Because it was infrared surveillance, they had night vision to their advantage. Apart from the slightly dim light, he could still see Ning Xi's tensed expression as she lay on the terrace, waiting. Her hair billowed messily in the night wind and a never before seen solemnness was etched all over her face.

Another two hours went by, only another half an hour before it would be 12 midnight.

The message content had said "tonight", so shouldn't the person they were waiting for make his appearance soon?

If the other person actually came...

On the rooftop, Ning Xi's impatience was running out to the point that she wanted to curse.

God damn it! This was really asking for it! Couldn't he have given a more concrete time?

Didn't he know that making a girl wait is not very gentleman-like?

Uhh, fine! These guys have never thought of her as a girl anyway...

The worst thing was that even though First Senior Brother could have contacted her, she had no way of chasing him for time.

It was always a one-way contact when it came to First Senior's Brother. No phone could reach him and messages sent would not be received by him.


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