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(First Senior Brother and All That)

"What did that message say? I've never seen Sister-in-law this afraid! Could it be something dangerous?" Lu Jingli sighed, "Too bad, I didn't sneak a peek just now!"

When he said that, the little bun on the side instantly perked up his ears then wrote on his board: [Danger?].

Lu Jingli quickly thought of something and asked the little bun, "Little Treasure, did you see what Aunty Xiao Xi's message said? If you know, you must tell your father and Second Uncle, because it's very important! I'm worried your Aunty Xiao Xi might really be in danger!"

Little Treasure looked at Lu Tingxiao uncertainly.

Lu Tingxiao nodded.

This time, Lu Jingli had not said nonsense. Ning Xi did leave in an alarm.

Once he knew Aunty Xiao Xi might be in danger, Little Treasure immediately looked down and started to write.

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli looked over nervously.

Little Treasure very quickly wrote the entire message content: [Meet on the rooftop tonight. — First Senior Brother]

"Woah! First Senior Brother and all that! And even planning to meet up on the rooftop! Jesus, it can't really be some misfortune in romance, could it? That's not right, if that was the case, Ning Xi could just not go! Why did she rush over?" Lu Jingli felt that something was amiss but he had no idea what.

Just as he was mumbling in suspicion, he looked up to see his brother's face in the rearview mirror.It was at the peak of scariness. It was a thousand times scarier than when he heard Ning Xi use the seduction trick on Xi Shiqing. He was bottling his emotions in but it looked like it was ready to explode!

"Bro...what is it? Is something wrong?" Looking at Lu Tingxiao's expression, Lu Jingli felt a little guilty.

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything and made a call instead.

When Lu Jingli saw the name of the person he was calling, he was shocked.

Wow, why did his brother contact Jin Yiwei for? Could Ning Xi really be in danger?

Looks like there was only one possibility: First Senior Brother was a dangrous person!

Could it be related to the person they had been investigating recently?

After that, Lu Tingxiao made a second phone call and very quickly, the butler rushed over and took Little Treasure away.

As soon as Little Treasure was taken away, Lu Tingxiao immediately floored the accelerator and the car flew like an arrow.

Lu Jingli, who was sitting at the back, almost vomited. "Oh...Bro, your brother, your biological brother is still in the car..."

At the same time, Ning Xi tore back to Regal Riveria.

When she reached, she did not even swing by home, directly taking the elevator to the highest floor. Then, she climbed up the stairs, pushed open the door and went up to the roof.

Tang Ye's message only specified a vague timing of "tonight". so she was not sure exactly what time either.

Just to be safe, Ning Xi had rushed over as early as possible, then she sat on the ground alone with her thoughts. Worry started to build.

First Senior Brother actually came to look for her...

The senior who always remained in town with the organization and rarely left actually came to look for her personally in China...

That itself was enough to frighten Ning Xi.

What did the First Senior Brother come to China for the last time?

Right! It was to execute an S level mission!

Then, what about this time?

He came a long way here. What was it for?

Ning Xi waited from dusk till the moon came up.

The roof was quiet, not a single movement could be detected.

Ning Xi was about to suspect that this was a prank! If this message was from Second Senior Brother, it could be a prank. But this was First Senior Brother, so there was no way she was being fooled!

He was really going to come. And so she waited.


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