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(Find Someone To Marry)

That was when Lu Jingli looked over and said with a surprised expression, "Is this very hard to fathom? Master Xuan Jing's thoughts are so obvious!"

"Obvious? What's obvious?" Ning Xi was confused although Lu Jingli's thought process was unlike the run-of-the-mill person.

Lu Jingli blinked. "Look for yourself, the question you asked was probably about good or ill luck and what Master Xuan Jing drew was a peach blossom [1]. Isn't this obvious that you recently have misfortune in romance?"

Ning Xi stuttered, "Romance...misfortune..."

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Lu Jingli looked innocently. "Did I say something wrong?"

Ning Xi's face darkened. "What you said...makes a lot of sense!"

She stayed silent as she could not say anything more.

It started to make more sense to her. She really did have signs of romance misfortunes recently!

Even Lu Tingxiao thought it added up.

Ning Xi looked miserable as she tore at her hair. "Pfft! Can it be? Then, what should I do? Master didn't tell me a way how to resolve this! Should I go back and ask?"

"Do you still need to ask the Master about this? You should just ask me! The way to resolve this is obviously to find someone to get married to. Then, you wouldn't have romance anymore!" Lu Jingli said this matter-of-factly as he stared at his brother's cool expression. He added on meaningfully, "This is like the legendary adage of killing hundreds of flowers after they blossom!"

Ning Xi looked awful. "Marriage...hey, doesn't that mean there's no solution then? Pfft, Lu Jingli, I actually believed your nonsense! Who said this was definitely romance misfortune?!"

"This is obviously a peach blossom. If it's not referring to calamity in romance, then what else could it be?"

Ning Xi shot him an annoyed look. "Can't it be luck in romance?"

Lu Jingli laughed and mumbled, "If this meant you have luck in romance, then it would be my brother's misfortune! In fact, it's a life and death kind of misfortune!

At that moment, Ning Xi's phone rang, indicating that she had a new message.

Ning Xi was still thinking about what the flower meant as she absentmindedly looked at her phone and after a look...

She almost dropped her phone!

"Uhh, Xiao Xi Xi, what's wrong? What just frightened you so much?" Lu Jingli asked weakly.

Ning Xi's face had turned pale as if she had just seen a ghost.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and looked over too.

Ning Xi held her head, feeling light-headed from the message. She wanted to knock her head against Lu Jingli.

This harbinger of doom! I'm afraid I really must be facing some misfortune in romance now!

After a while, Ning Xi forced herself to breathe deeply. She turned to Lu Tingxiao to say, "Big Boss, I have an emergency I have to deal with. I might not be able to go home tonight. Can you take care of Little Treasure for tonight?"

"When will you be back?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi did not know what to answer. "I...I'm not sure. If I can be quick, tomorrow morning. If I'm late, it might be the day after tomorrow. Whatever it is, the moment I'm done, I will immediately call to let you know!"

Then, she hugged the Little Treasure tightly in her arms. "Baby, Aunty has some things to do and I have to leave for a while. Be good and listen to your father, okay?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl protectively. "I'll send you."

"Uhh, there's no need! I'll go myself." Ning Xi obviously did not want to say anymore, so she rushed out of the car in a panicked frenzy.

Lu Tingxiao watched Ning Xi's silhouette leave with a gaze that became increasingly heavy.

[1] Literally peach blossoms, usually used to indicate luck with romance


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