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(I Can’t Sleep)

“You’re drunk,” Lu Tingxiao declared as he broke out of his stupor and kept his composure.

“Boss, you haven’t answered my question!” Ning Xi refused to give up so easily and her smoldering gaze made her act even more realistic.

She wore a short black dress today, fully exposing her delicious skin and her luscious collarbones.

Lu Tingxiao gulped as he averted his gaze from her and ordered coldly, “We’ll talk about this after you’re sober. Go and take a nap in the lounge.”

Ning Xi felt annoyed. She put in so much effort into this! And now he was acting like a saint?

You devil, if you are going to continue acting this way, you will never ever get laid!

Ning Xi clenched her teeth and decided to take the game to the next level. “Lu Tingxiao, I can’t move…Carry me there!”

She even changed her way of addressing him, drawing out his name pleadingly!

Lu Tingxiao’s hand slipped and he accidentally made a mark on the paper with his pen. He refused to look at her and dismissed her. “Go on your own.”

Damn it!

Ning Xi was really impatient now. Her time was precious! He could at least be kinder towards her! They had not met for such a long time and he was treating her this coldly!

Ning Xi took out her phone and pouted. “Fine! I’ll get someone else to carry me!”

Lu Tingxiao finally looked up and glanced at the screen of her phone. He saw Xi Shiqing’s name.

Before Ning Xi could put the phone to her ear, she suddenly felt herself floating away from the floor.

Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around Lu Tingxiao’s neck to keep her balance and with a cunning look in her eyes, she tried her best not to grin.

Lu Tingxiao’s expression became even colder as he carried her to the lounge.

Although he looked really unhappy, he put her down on the bed very gently.

He then helped her to remove her shoes and pulled the sheets up to her chin, exposing only her palm-sized face and spoke to her in a warning tone, “Sleep.”

Ning Xi blinked her eyes and nodded like an obedient little child but what she was about to do was the complete opposite.

The moment Lu Tingxiao stood up, Ning Xi yanked his hand so hard that Lu Tingxiao lost his balance and ended up on the bed right beside her.

To avoid him escaping, she crawled onto him and pinned him down, whining, “I can’t sleep…Stay here with me…”

Lu Tingxiao was annoyed and asked in a low voice, “Who gave you the wine?”

He was going to kill that person!

In the meeting room, Lu Jingli, who was with Little Treasure, suddenly sneezed multiple times. “Ugh, who’s cursing me behind my back?”

He glanced at his watch. Five minutes had passed and he had no idea what was happening in the room.

In order to ensure his own survival, however, he did not dare to peek, no matter how curious he was. He just suppressed his curiosity and imaginary situations flew around in his head. He had no idea what Ning Xi was going to do and what would happen if she failed…


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