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(Exclusively For Aunty Xiao Xi)

Forget it, ever since Sister-in-law appeared, he was not in the mood to play anymore.

Just as Lu Jingli was silently throwing daggered insults at him, Lu Tingxiao continued focusing his pressuring aura on his brother.

Little Treasure was concentrating on his drawing, oblivious to all that was happening around him.

Facing his brother's cool gaze, Lu Jingli felt his goosebumps rise as his entire body shivered. Damn it! He couldn't! He couldn't hold on anymore!!!!

"Sister-in-law really didn't do anything, she just toppled Xi Shiqing over to tease him a little. Then, Xi Shiqing obviously couldn't control himself, he immediately blushed so hard. Sister-in-law grabbed the opportunity to trigger him by saying that his thoughts were not pure enough, that he would contaminate the sacredness of Buddhism and that he was not suitable to become a monk..." Lu Jingli spat everything out honestly.

If the Devil Lu really knew sorcery, the glass on these car windows would have shattered by then and there would be a complete devastation of the land within a hundred meter radius.

Lu Jingli was so frightened that his heart was about to stop. He silently hugged the only one outside of the storm, Little Treasure, for protection.

Little Treasure was just focused on drawing and had not heard what Lu Jingli said. When he felt his Second Uncle suddenly hug him, his little face frowned, then he looked down to scribble a line of words on his writing board: [Exclusively for Aunty Xiao Xi].

He meant to say...yours truly is exclusive for Aunty Xiao Xi only, you cannot simply hug me.

Lu Jingli looked at the line of words in disbelief...

Oh! Why is the entire world hurting me?

Because Lu Tingxiao and the rest were still waiting for her, Ning Xi politely declined the Xi family's invitation to dinner. Despite knowing that she might possibly be putting herself in a difficult situation, she promised that she would go over the next time.

"I'm back! Everything is settled! Let's go!"

The moment Ning Xi tugged the car door open, Lu Jingli who was threatened by his brother and despised by Little Treasure immediately lamented, "Sister-in-law, the both of them are bullying me!"

"Haha, Sister-in-law...? It seems that if I don't beat you up, you would never regain your memory!" Ning Xi started to evilly crack her knuckles.

Lu Jingli instantly felt lambasted and he peered out of the window, mumbling, "This heartless world, I too want to become a monk and be done with everything."

Ning Xi ignored him as she took out the flower Master Xuan Jing had drawn for her and started examining it.

Lu Jingli was immediately attracted to the thing in Ning Xi's hand. He exclaimed, "Sis...Bro Xi, what's this? A flower! Did Xi Shiqing give it to you?"

"What nonsense! This is Master Xuan Jing's message to me!"

"Huh? This is obviously a flower!" Lu Jingli indicated that his eyes were not blind.

Ning Xi turned the flower around repeatedly but still could not see anything. "Sigh, Master is such a Master, I don't understand what the meaning of this is at all!"

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She quickly popped her head over the shotgun seat and said, "Big Boss, you're so knowledgeable, you must know something about this. Help me take a look?"

The girl's head randomly appeared beside his ear, her warm breath lingering and penetrating Lu Tingxiao's shield of cool aura. He took the piece of paper to look closely and after a while, he frowned slightly. "Why did Abbot offer you a word?"

Ning Xi scratched her head. "I just simply asked. I said that recently I felt restless and if he could offer me some wisdom or something. Then, he drew this flower and gave it to me without saying what it meant. Uhh, he couldn't possibly be complimenting me on my beauty, could he?"

It was indeed difficult to guess the meaning within the strange flower. Even Lu Tingxiao could not immediately think of what it could mean.


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