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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 25🎯



(Baby’s room)


I walked into my room, closed the door and covered my face.

‘Ahh how could I pout my lips… Why did I even imagine that?’

‘Ahh it’s so embarrassing.. I’m so embarrassed…’


(Next Day)

I woke up and left to the kitchen to take coffee to Romeo.

I got to his door.

‘I’m really embarrassed about yesterday but I have no other choice than to go in’

I knocked then I opened and went in.

Luckily for me, he wasn’t in but probably in the bathroom.

I dropped the coffee and left.

‘But why’s he bathing so early today?’ I wondered.

I took my bath,dressed up for school and after helping Kira and Ali serve the idols, I returned back to tidy up their room while they eat.

But Romeo didn’t go for dinner. He was still inside his room.

I finished cleaning up the fourth room which is Elvin’s and the next was Jimin’s. But as I tried to open the door and head out, it began to misbehave.

It wasn’t opening.

“Ahh What’s wrong with the door?”

I tried harder but it was totally locked and not opening.

“What’s wrong with you… I have to clean two more rooms! Open up please…” I said, trying harder to open the door.

I was just about to cry when the door suddenly opened and of course it was someone from outside that opened it.


My heart skipped! And I dropped my face down, embarrassed to see him.

“Good morning sir,” I greeted.

“Ahh why do I have to see this ugly face first thing this morning.. I bet today is going to be an unlucky day,” he said.

I swallowed, not wanting to look up or speak. I just needed him to leave.

I’m still embarrassed and need to get over it.

“You better open a bank account quickly or I’m really going to donate your 7million to the orphanage. I’m allergic to keeping ugly people’s things, ” he said.

‘Ahh he’s so annoying’

“I will get Lala’s bank account details,” I said.

“Get yours!” he said, then wore the dark shades glasses he held.

“I better see my backpack in school or I’m gonna turn you into books,” he said, turned and walked away.

I raised my face and watched him leaving.

He was dressed in a black suit like someone going to the office.

“Where’s he going?”

I kept thinking about him while I cleaned up Jimin’s room and cleaning his room brought back memories of last night.

The times we played the piano and he sang.

It was so amazing…

I can’t stop thinking about his voice and the way he plays the keys.

Then he dresses my wound claiming that I was too sluggish and doesn’t know how to do it right.

I’m laughing because I can’t believe how annoying but sweet he is

But then I did that stupid imagination. Ahh I don’t even want yo think about it!


(Rocks High)

We landed in Rocks High and alighted, I carried all the six idols backpack and walked behind them as they headed towards the elevator.

As usual, students gathered around them and were taking photos.

🚺Where is Romeo?🚺

🚺I can’t see Oppa Romeo🚺

🚺Where is Romeo… Why isn’t he in school ?🚺

🚺Is he hurt from the fire accident?🚺

There were so many questions about the absent of Romeo and I wondered just how lots of people could worry about just one person absence from school.

🚺What happened to Romeo?🚺

🚺We missed him for two days in school and we’ve been dying to see him today.. Where is he?🚺

🚺Where’s Oppa Romeo?🚺

I thought the rockstars weren’t really going to give them an answer but then Kelly did.

“He got an urgent call from Youme company so he had to go but he’ll be here in a short while,” Kelly told them.

‘Youme? What company is that?’ I wondered but I guess the crowd understood what he was talking about so they stopped the questions and let us through.

We got to the private study room and I dropped their bags at the right place.

‘Youme company.. What company is really that?’

I was eager to ask Kelly about it but I decided not to.

Maybe I would ask Lala..

And ohhhh I can’t wait to see her.

I left and returned to the first floor and well Lala was already waiting for me at the hallway.

I’m so happy to see that she looked fine.

She spread out her hand.

“But don’t run.” she said

I smiled and walked to her.

“I missed you Lala,” I said.

“I missed you too Baby,” she said.

I hugged her.

“I’m glad you are alive,” she said.

“I’m glad that you’ve recovered,” I said.

We withdrew.

“Even though I wasn’t there, we won,” she said.

I smiled. “That means, you were a good leader. You thought them really well,” I said.

She smiled. “Bluebells won too. I’m happy for you but I can’t wait to hear why you missed it. I’ve been hearing rumors about your wear getting stained and the videos mysteriously deleted, but I want to hear it right from you,” she said.

“Sure. I will tell you about the stain but I don’t know about the video and how they mysteriously got deleted,” I said.

“Okay let’s head to the homeroom,” she said.

“Yeah…is Jamie and Davis in?” I asked her.

We began heading to the homeroom.

She was limping a little…

“Yes they are… Are you going to beat them up for missing the Trip?” she asked.

I chuckled. “Should I?”

“Yes if you want to,” she said.

“I will think about it then. Beating two guys won’t be easy,” I said.

She laughed.

“Lala, do you know about Youme company?” I asked.

“Sure who doesn’t?” she said.

“Um me,” I said.

“Youme company is a real estate company, 50% of the estates in this country are owned by them and they have branches in other countries. It was said to be a personal company owned by Romeo’s parents but when they died, his brother took over and turned it into franchise and it became widely known. Romeo is the assistant Director of the company and I heard he’s going to become the director once he graduates from Rocks High. That which is next year. And also, he’s the richest shareholder in the company, not even his uncle who’s the CEO can match him,” she explained.

‘Could his uncle be the same uncle who took him to the orphanage?’

“Mr Abbey told me about Romeo’s uncle took Romep to the orphanage after his parents death… Is it the same uncle?” I asked.

“Yes he is but it’s quite a long story so I’m going to share it to you during lunch,” Lala said.

“Okay,” I said.

“The story is in the internet tho but you don’t have a phone right now. I ordered a phone for you. It was supposed to be delivered early this morning but there was a little problem so it’s gonna be in the evening,” she said.

I smiled, feeling so happy. “Thank you Lala.. Thank you so much.”

We entered the homeroom and there was Jamie and Davis on their desk.

They both smiled at me but Davis smiled and waved..

Jamie only smiled.

‘Tch…you blockheads!’

Bell for first class rang and we headed to the Math class.

Davis caught up with Lala and I. And he crossed his arm on my shoulder.

“Hey Baby, didn’t you miss me?” he asked.

“Are you going to take your hand off or should I cut it off?” I asked him with clenched teeth.

He laughed.

“Yes ma’am I will. I don’t wanna become a leftie,” he said and took his hand off.

“Did Lala tell you?” he asked.

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“That I took good care of her while you were away and we’ve become good friends?” he asked.

“Really? She didn’t..” I said.

“Now that hurt.. Aren’t you proud of a friend like me?” he asked Lala.

I looked at Lala. “Are you two really good friends now?”

“Kinda,” she said and walked into the math classroom.

Davis smiled. “You see.”

“She said kinda, not really” I said.

“It’s the same,” he said.

We walked into the classroom.


Since the idols weren’t coming to classes today, the class was quite uneventful.

And I also noticed that the time table had been changed.

A new Subject have been added.

Physical and Health Eduction which would be taken every Monday and friday.


I was also curious on why the rock angels didn’t come to class until I saw the class order notice.

‘The Rockangels would no longer be coming to general classes on Monday and Wednesday and also, the rockstars would be coming to general classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday too’

‘Woah… What a school!’

The second bell rang.


(Youme Head branch)


The elevator door opened, I walked in and checked the time on my wristwatch.


The elevator door was almost shut when a hand stopped it and it opened back.

Alberto Young.

He walked in and the door closes.

I pressed on 1 and the elevator began descending the from the 24th floor.

Alberto turned and faced me with his hands in his trouser pockets.

His eyes were red and he looked really angered.

“Ahhhsh I’m so angered… I cant believe it!” he said.. “How dare you?!” he asked. “I am the CEO of this company! My decisions are supposed to be taken not yours!”

“All the shareholders casted their vote to who they want and Lee Dani won.. Why are you blaming me for a fair voting?” I asked him.

“Shut…it…ahh you’re annoying me Romeo. You should have accepted the endorsement contract to Kim Matt. Why did you have to challenge me huh!?”

“I didn’t challenge you Alberto Young. I did what is to be done,” I said.

“You know nothing about the right thing to be done! You only know how to sing and dance for your jobless fans.. So why don’t you just hold on to only that?… You being the richest shareholder is so bearable. In fact, I have just a little problem about it but now… You challenging my orders? How dare you! This company was nothing but a small office until I took over and made it into what it is today! The world know Youme…. Billionaires want to get into a contract with Youme.. And you suddenly showed up and try to make me lose my mind huh!!”

I ignored him.

“Hey, talk, say something!” he barked.

“Aren’t you going to talk huh! You are being rude and disrespectful to your uncle! Answer me, now!” he barked.

The elevator landed.

“I’m saving enough saliva for the next contract signing with Youme’s new endorsee, Lee Dani. I can’t waste it on you,” I said.


The elevator’s door opened.

“Then, let’s call it a day, CEO,” I said and walked out of the elevator and met Leo, my manager who was waiting for me at the lobby.

We walked out together and he opened the Limo Van’s door. I went in, he closed the door and got into the driver’s seat.

“Are you still going to Rocks High?” he asked.

“Yes..” I said and grabbed the clothes am changing into.

Few minutes later, I changed into a black jean, a black jean jacket over a white Versace polo and I changed shoes.

“Woah.. You’ve always been a fast dresser,” Leo said. “I’m so happy you are alive. I would have died with you.”

What he said reminded me of something.

“Leo, Get me a new phone,” I said.

“Of course, you lost one of your phones to the fire. It needs to be replaced,” he said

“Get it today. I want it in my hands by evening,” I said.

“Okay sir.”


(Rocks High)


The PH teacher walked to the board and all the guys in the class exclaimed.


I guess it’s because she is very beautiful, young with a really nice body but the shocking part is that she is a half caste, half Korean and half-Africa I think.

I couldn’t wait to hear the African country.

I’ve heard so much about Africa and this is my first time seeing a half African.

🚺She’s a half caste🚺

🚺She’s really beautiful🚺

🚹I like her already🚹

🚹I can’t wait to hear her speak Korean language? Can she even speak it?🚹

“Hello class please I need silence.. Thank you..” she said it so fluently.

🚻”Wooooooooooooow!!!”🚻 the class exclaimed louder.

She smiled.

Wow, her smile is so beautiful.

🚹”let’s allow her introduce herself!🚹 a guy said.

The class went into silence.

“Okay.. My name is Louisa Zack. I’m your new PH teacher. I was told that the subject haven’t been taught in this school for awhile now so I’m happy to be your new PH teacher who would be taking you round the clock of the Physical and health education and I assure you that you would fall in love the subject..” she said.

🚹”Can I fall in love with you too? You are so pretty”🚹 A boy asked.

The class laughed.

She just smiled and continued.

“Well I know you all are curious about me so I’m going to do a little more introduction of myself. I’m from a west African country by the name, Nigeria. My dad is from Nigeria and my mom is from South Korea but I’ve lived in this country for sixteen years,” she said.

🚺”How old are you Ms Louisa?” A girl asked.

“Do you have to ask that? Well I will answer you.. I’m older than you..” she said.

The class laughed, including me.

🚻”She’s so funny!”

🚺”Do you have a brother? I want to meet him and date him,” another girl said.

“I do but he’s engaged..” Ms Louisa said.

🚺”Ohhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyyyy!!🚺 the girls cried out.

(30 minutes later)

“….Let’s end the topic here.. We shall assemble on Friday again and we are going to do some physical practice on the topic.. Don’t forget to bring your workout wears,” Ms Louisa said.

The bell for lunch time rang and we all left.

“She’s so pretty, isn’t she?” Davis asked walking in between I and Lala.

“She is,” I said.

“Shh I was asking my good friend, Lala,” he said.


“So isn’t she pretty lala?” he asked Lala.

“Yes she is.. Everyone likes her already. She got a good card unlike other teachers when they came new,” Lala said.

“Should I stop chasing after you and go for her?” he asked her.

Lala gave him a glare. “Stop it”

“Ohh I shouldn’t.. I should keep chasing after you,” he said.

“No! That wasn’t what I meant,” Lala snapped at him.

He chuckled. “I know what you mean.. Ahh I’m hungry.. Let’s hurry up and go eat.”

“You eat too much. No wonder your cheeks are so big,” Lala snapped at him.

He touched his cheek. “Really? You’re the first girl to tell me that.”

I chuckled.

We got to the homeroom and I walked to Jamie.

“Hi Jamie,” I said.

“Hi Baby, how’s your hand?” he asked.

“I’m fine.. It doesn’t hurt,” I said.

“Goodness then,” he said.

I smiled. “Yeah.. Aren’t you going for lunch? Let’s go together,” I said.

“No I can’t join you. There’s a lot of people joining the table,” he said.

“Really, it’s just I, Lala and Davis,” I said.

“That’s a lot number of people,” he said.

“I see.. It’s fine.. Later then,” I said and returned back to Lala and Davis.

“He refused right?” Lala asked.

“He’s a real loner. I wish I can do something about it,” I said.

“If he doesn’t wanna be around people then he should have had a home school, just him and his teacher,” Davis said.

On our way to the cafeteria, we met Davis’s friend Austin, who joined us.

We bought our meals, settled down on a table of four chairs and began to eat.

It was then I remembered the quite long Youme story that Lala said she was going to tell me during lunch but this two guys have made that impossible.

I was curious to know the rest of the story of Romeo and his uncle.

🎯To be continued.



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