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High๐ŸŒŸ (Rockstar Next Door)


๐ŸŽฏEpisode 24๐ŸŽฏ




“Sir… If I had a phone, I would have taken a picture of this moment,” I said.

“You’ll need to clean it up, apply burn cream and dress it… It isn’t that bad,” he said, ignoring what I said.

His eyes still fixed on the wound.

“I know sir, but can you lend me your phone? I have to take a picture of this moment,” I said.

He dropped my hand and looked up at me. “What moment?”

“You held my hand so I wanted to have a photo of it to keep as memory,” I said.

He narrowed his eyes. “Do you like me?”

I smiled. “Of course sir.. I like you.”

“Everyone does.. I’m really handsome you know,” he boasted.

I smiled. “Yes you are sir.”

He slid his hands inside his pockets.

“But you aren’t pretty at all,” he said.

“I don’t think that’s true sir.. My mirror tells me everyday that I look pretty,” I said with a smile I was sure was pretty.

“Your mirror is not a true friend.. It’s been lying to you,” he said.

“Really? Then are you saying Lala is lying?” I asked.

“Is she the mirror?” he asked.

“No but she always tell me that I’m pretty too and I know I am,” I said.

“What a pity. You don’t know how ugly you are. Leave,” he said and returned back to the piano. ๐ŸŽน

But I don’t want to.

“Sir… I think I can play few keys,” I said and without wasting a second, I ran to the piano and stood beside him.

“I told you to leave,” he said.

“Yes sir but let me play just one,” I said and played on the key ‘La’ then another la and another la.

“The song goes this way,” I said and began to sing while I played the la key continously.

๐ŸŽถ”La…. la la la.

La… la la la”๐ŸŽถ


I watched her sing that happily as she played the only key she know how to play.

It was the voice….. She has this voice that could fit so perfectly in any tone, any beat, any key, any string.

But still, it wasn’t that unique voice I heard in my dream.

She’s still hiding her real voice..

She just want to sing casually and act like there’s nothing unique in her voice.

She continued to sing and play that same la la la la..

“Is that the few keys you say you can play?” I asked her as I looked at her.

She has this really pretty side face.

She chuckled.

“Yes sir” she said and stopped playing.

“Play it again,” I said.

“Of course sir” she said and began playing and singing it again.

“Don’t sing, just play,” I said.

She stopped singing and just played.

I began playing along in a different keys, matching them perfectly to her la.

“Woah! You are so cool sir!” she said and played on.

I played on and just then, it hit me.

We were playing the exact song from my dream.

I could remember the lyrics…

I couldn’t believe it so I sang it out.

๐ŸŽถ”Every inch of me want you always.

I’m so impatient, I can’t wait..

Let me take your hand my dear….๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถI’m not on this Love Boat alone…

Though the ocean’s so wide and long.

But I’ll sail on because you are here with me..

Love can make things work…yeah..I’m sure๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถ Because I see hope there in your eyes..

Your smile gives me strength to carry on

I’m so lucky to have you…I..”๐ŸŽถ

I stopped singing.

That was where I got interrupted by the tear gas incident that occurred in the dream

I stopped playing and she stopped too.

Next thing, she was clapping.

“Woah! Why did you stoppp! The song is so cool. Sir you are a genius.. You just composed a song right now.. How did you do it sir?” she asked.

“Leave now..” I said.

She raised her brows. “Are you okay sir?”

“Leave. Go treat your wound,” I said.

” I can treat it later,” she said.

“Get out now!” I said.

“Okay sir,” she said and walked away.

The door closes and I stared at the piano keys.

“What just happened?”


[Earlier on at Bujong. About Four Hours Ago]


I smiled as Jamie opened the door.

He tied a black bandana around his head and wore a blue T-shirt, black trouser and a blue slippers.

“Hi Jamie,” I said raising the pizza carton.

“Come in,” he said.

I did.

“What about your aunt?” I asked him.

“She’s my mom. She’s out,” he said.


(Minutes later)

We were sitting on the dinning and having an evening lunch of Pizza and juice.

I waited anxiously and nervously for what he has to tell me.

My heart was beating so fast.

Is this handsome boy going to ask me to be his girlfriend?

Many thoughts ran through Mt mind.

“..Have you heard the news?” he asked.

‘Why’s he bringing up a news?’

“What news?” I asked.

“About the gunshot two nights ago. There were arm robbers but luckily they’ve been caught by the police,” he said.

“Oh I haven’t… But that’s a good news. People should work legally instead of stealing from other people who work,” I said.

“Yeah you are right. The thing I want to tell you is that…”

My heart skipped and it began pounding so hard that I feared that he could hear it.

“…I’ll be leaving tonight,” he said.

I felt my heart sank instantly.

In fact I was broken.

“So…so soon? But…you said she’s your mom,” I said.

“Yeah she’s my mom but my parents are divorced. I live with my dad and my step mom,” he said.

‘Ohh my….’

“There’s another thing I gotta tell you. I school in Rocks High and I know Baby Edric.. We are classmates and we are friends too,”

“Wow and you pretended not knowing her?!” I exclaimed.

‘I’m in shock!’

“And….I have a crush on her.”


(Four Hours later| Loiu residence)

The knock sounded on my door..

“Alisa!” It was my mom.

But I pretended to be fast asleep.

The door opened and she walked in.

I closed my eyes..

“Alisa, did you have dinner?” she asked.

I kept to my presence.

I have no appetite to eat.

“I know you aren’t asleep Alisa. Get up,” she said.

I opened my eyes and rolled the blanket off me

“I’m not hungry mom.. I ate enough pizza today,” I said.

“Really.. but you don’t look happy.. What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I’m fine.. I’m really fine. I just want to find some sleep, tomorrow’s school,” I said and shut back my eyes.

“I know something is wrong,” she said.

‘Yes mom.. Something is really wrong. The boy I fell for has a crush on some one else and it’s just no one else but my best friend Baby.. I’m hurt… So I’m just going to cry a pool and then get over it..’

I covered my head with the blanket.

“The night’s hot.. You should take that off your face,” she said.

“Please leave me alone mom,” I said.


[Baby’s room]


I dropped on my bed and smiled out.

“He’s so cool”

He was nice to me for few minutes and the next thing, he becomes cold.

How could someone be so cool?

He could someone be so unique to compose a song without thinking so hard?

That was so amazing.

“But he seems so sad about something. I could see it written all over his face…”

I looked at my hand and smiled.

“He held my hand”

“He was nice to me. Could it be that he’s changing?”

Recalling the time we played the piano and the song he sang.

Oh my…he has such a perfect voice…

”Okay Baby you are thinking too much about him right now.. That’s enough that’s enough. Get a grip on yourself”

The landline rang.

I went for it and my heart skipped when I saw it was Romeo calling.

“Why’s he calling?”

I picked up.

๐Ÿ“ž”Hello sir?” I said.

๐Ÿ“ž”You haven’t dressed that wound yet, have you?” he asked.

‘Why’s he asking me?’

๐Ÿ“ž”N..no sir.. I’m just about to” I said.

๐Ÿ“ž”My bed need to be dressed. Have you forgotten your job?” he asked.

‘Now he’s turned cold again..’

๐Ÿ“ž”No sir I haven’t..” I said.

๐Ÿ“ž”Be here in two minutes,” he said and hung up.

I dropped back the landline and scoffed at it.

“Then why did you ask if I’ve dressed my wound? You’re so pathetic!”

I repacked my hair and left to his room.


I opened the door and slowly walked in and closed the door

He was sitting on one of the two sofas facing a table and on the table was a first aid kit.

‘First aid kit?’

I walked to him and stood by his right.

“I’m here sir..” I said.

He looked up at me.

I swallowed.

“Then is this the bed?” he asked.

I shook my head and pointed at the bed. “No sir, there.”

“Right…go there then,” he said.

“Y…yes sir,” I said and glanced at the first aid.

‘It’s probably not for my wound…here I was thinking he want to act nice again….then could it be that he’s hurt?’

I wanted to ask him if he’s hurt but the stern look he gave me made me turn and head to the bed….

“Ohh…I just recalled.. You’ll stain the bedsheets with your open wound. Those bedsheets are the most expensive bedsheets ever made, your 7million won can’t buy even the thread used to sew it,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Talk about making mouth’

“Here’s a first aid. Dress up your wound before going near my bed,” he said.

‘Oh I was right… He brought out the first aid for me but he needed to make out too’

‘Well that’s fine. I’m not angered’

I turned and returned back to the table.

“Sir permit me to sit on the sofa,” I said, pointing at the other sofa.

“Just get done with it and dress the bed. I need to sleep,” he said and stood up.

I decided to sit on the one he got up from.

“How dare you sit there?” he cussed.

“I’m Sorry sir but you got up so…I..”

“Just get done with it,” he said and walked to the suite side of his room.

‘Tch…he’s so cold..’

I opened the kit and took out a wiper and cotton wool, burn cream and a wound dress.

I was so focused on the wound I was cleaning that I didn’t see him return until he spoke.

I got a bit startled.

“You’re so sluggish… and you can’t even clean up a wound. You don’t know how to do anything,” he said and the next thing, he sat on the table, facing me then he grabbed the wiper and cotton wool from me.

I stared at him with eyes wide open.

Then he took my injured hand.

“You got a hot coffee burn few days ago on this same hand right?” he asked.

I nodded…

I think I was too astonished to speak.

“Don’t think otherwise. You can’t dress up a wound, it has to be perfectly dressed so you don’t stain my bedsheets,” he said and began cleaning my wound with the wiper..

I watched him with my fast beating heart.

He was careful and gentle.

A doctor would have fitted him too.

He’s just perfect in all ramification.

‘Once again, he’s acting nice’

Was he this nice?

Cherie told me he was a loving person.

My leg touched his and my heart skipped.

I quickly shifted my leg away.

But he said nothing about that. He was just focused on dressing my wound.

The hair which he usually leave across his side face fell to his face and I felt the urge to touch them and pull them to the side.

His thick eyebrows gave more beauty to his full and long lashes and his red lips got so attractive.

I stared it for a quite long time that I had no idea when I closed my eyes and began to imagine my lips meeting with his lips.

How would it feel to be kissed by Romeo?

Would it taste so cool?

I haven’t been kissed by a boy.

I wonder how it feels..

I know it would feel wonderful to be kissed by these soothing lips in front of me.

When our lips draw closer to each other…



And more closer..

And then our lips crash into each-

A hard touch on my lips jolted me out of my imagination.

I snapped my eyes open and Romeo had the burn cream bottle placed on my pouted lips.

I gasped and quickly took in my lips in shame.

He took the small bottle off my lips and let go of my hand.

I wasn’t expecting that so my hand dropped so fast, causing me a slight pain.

“Ah!” I gasped, grabbing my hand.

He brought his face closer and I took my face backwards.


“Keep imagining. That’s the best thing to do about something that’s never gonna happen,” he said, drew back and stood up.

“My pay for dressing your wound is your 7million which is in my account,” he said.

I gasped.

“I’m depositing it to the orphanage,” he said and walked away to the suite.


“Get that bed ready in two minutes,” he said from the suite.



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