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 Episode 24

(Adventure 5, Wedding jitters)

"I can't believe a few hours of event can take this pain in the ass of preparations!" Anna sighed as she slumped down on the soft cushions of her sitting room. 

She moved out of her parents' house when she turned eighteen to live life on her own. Being the youngest and only daughter of her family was very much suffocating for her. She has an over-protective dad as well as her twin brothers, who are older than her, and it makes them even more decisive when it comes to her safety and just about everything. 

She had lived a life in total comfort and pampering that she had never had such a long day as she had today. She was helplessly smiling at the thought of everything happening.  

 "You must be exhausted." Jayson sat next to her. He was tired too, but he was sure she was more tired than he was feeling right now. 

There are still a few things on their schedules. She was feeling even more tired by even just the thoughts of them. She didn't really have to do any of these things. 

These tiring preparations for her big day. Her family can hire the best service provider in the country, not just the city. But she wanted to get involved. She wanted to be part of this memorable event in her life. And so, she cannot totally complain.  

The soon-to-be husband and wife were tired of trying out clothes and dresses for their wedding. It wasn't easy trying on which one looks best on them, which one do they feel comfortable and which one needs alterations or adjustments. 

Especially when there are so many to choose from, she cannot decide quickly which one makes her feel the best and which ones make her feel least. Some of the dresses have their own charm that attracts her. But she cannot choose which from the ones she liked trying and fitting. There are only a few days left. 

They have to finalize everything. There are people who are helping them prepare things, but there are still those things that need personal touch and decisions. Anna was physically exhausted, mentally busy, and emotionally in chaos. 

Yet, she wasn't feeling too free to express herself. She didn't know how to anyway.  The elders in the family arrange this marriage, the groom's and hers, that she doesn’t have much of the chance to disagree and just go on with the plans. 

But even though this wedding isn’t her choice at all, considering it will be her future, she wants to embrace it with good hopes that it will be a new door to a bright and happy beginning of a family. 

Her own family. She met the soon-to-be groom a few times before they decided the date of the wedding. They tried building a connection with each other through spending more time together. They take turns buying each other meals, lunch, or dinner. The guy, Jayson Lebedev, didn't want to agree with her buying him a meal at first. 

"If you don't let me do this, I don't think I will want to accept any of your invitations in the future." Anna Jacobs, the bride-to-be, decisively declared. The message was clearly delivered. 

She wasn't just playing hard-to-get, and he was startled. He didn't take her as a pushover or submissive, but her strong character wiped him off his feet. He had no choice but to oblige. And so ever since then, she would pay for the next meal they have together after he paid for the previous one.

 And for the formalities of their wedding plans, they get to spend more time as they both are attending counseling, seminars, and other prerequisites before the wedding, and through it all, they are building a connection. 

Slowly accepting each other’s personality as well as getting to know better about one another.  When they first met, the man doesn’t know her at all. Likewise, she doesn’t know the man even a bit. But now, they feel comfortable with each other. The guy is caring and understanding. He can be said to be doting on her, especially after she demanded to have her take turns in buying meals. 

It was not about the money that he admired her. It was the self-respect that radiates in her as she firmly stood on her belief. Her self-respect seemed to demand him to respect her as well. 

Indeed, what you expect others to see and treat you should first show within you. So if you expect people to respect you, that respect should start and shine from within you. Jayson also got to understand more of her personality clearly. She is sweet and compassionate.  

The guy dotes on the girl. The girl respects the guy. Everyone around agrees they would make a good couple. Everything seems to flow smoothly. Everything seems to be in place and ready.  

Days went on...  

The jitters or nervousness about the soon to come wedding was becoming stronger and overwhelming for the bride. Her friends had organized a bachelorette party for her, but the guy who was supposed to entertain her ended up pleasuring one of her friends because she strongly rejected. Her friends did not have the choice but to respect her wishes.  

Today is the day before the wedding. 

The couple was resting in the hotel room they rented to spend the night after the wedding. They just dropped by to check the place, and they are supposed to be at dinner with both family sides, the bride’s and the groom’s family. They just came from the photo studio to finalize the prenup album, but they still have a few hours before dinner, so they decided to rest in the hotel and go straight to the restaurant later. 

They just came from the photo studio to finalize the prenup album, but they still have a few hours before dinner, so they decided to rest in the hotel and go straight to the restaurant later.  

They were on the sofa. Jayson held Anna’s feet on his lap. He knew she was tired of walking around, so he was gently giving her a simple massage to soothe her calves. Anna felt good but embarrassed at the same time. She felt like she is enslaving Jayson by making him massage her calves, so she tried to stop him, but he said;  “No, let me help you this way.’’ He gently answered. 

Anyone can see that there is no malice with his actions but pure care and love towards her. Anna was touched but suddenly thought, ‘how can he be so formal around her even if they are alone?’.  “Jayson, are you sure you wanna marry me?”  

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