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Episode 23

(A chance for second time)

"I love these soft babies you have here," Mike gave them equal attention. Groping, kneading, and savoring the sweet taste of her smooth and soft pink pebbled breasts. Nicole grabbed his head. 

Clasping her fingers on his hair as she arched her back to offer more of her chest. She wants more of what his sinful lips can give her.  

"And I love the way you love them!" She held her boobs on their sides to offer him to his sweet-talking lips. One after the other. He slowed his movements downwards to focus on complimenting her lovely bouncy boobies for quite a while. Nicole was a moaning mess at how Mark plays with her tits with his tongue and his hands. 

He licks on them, suckles, playfully bites, and squeezes them before pinching on the nipples, making them hard as diamonds with so much pleasure. Nicole could feel herself gets even wetter from mini orgasms that seemed to be her body's response to his passionate touch.

 His hands and his tongue seemed to know where and how to bring pleasure to her body like he knew more of her erogenous zones than herself. Well, she never touches herself the way he does, so she wouldn't really know. But even with his slightest touch, she would become so sensitive, giving her divine feeling of euphoric bliss that she feels like she is being brought to the unreachable heavens. 

 Mike sat up to look her in the eyes, running his hands around her thighs as her hands replaced his lips on her tits, squeezing, pinching, making sure they are being given attention in a similar manner like everything else.  “This view is amazing, baby." He loved the way she struggles to keep her breast from bouncing wildly due to his strength banging her body. "Keep your hands on your tits, tease them more. Lick on them, too, if you can." 

They were quite large, and with her body lying on her back, she can possibly do it as he told her to." And she did. She licked her nipples with her tongue pointed, doing its best to suckle. 

"Yes, fuck! Bite that one playfully for me. Play with my babies for me.” Mike commanded one after another, enjoying how she is complying and doing everything he says. 

"You're so fucking sexy," his hands crept down to her pubic bone area. He spread her pussy lips, revealing her swollen clit glistening with her cum, deep red in lust. He moved his right thumb to her inviting nub and playfully drew circles around it, not really touching the clit itself. 

Nicole can feel his hands around her tiny button of pleasure, but she is frustrated that he ain’t touching it. Impatience won over her that she threw her right hand to her clit before slapping his hands away.

But Mike held both her hand above her stomach using a single hand, and with invigorated speed, she strummed on her clit with the other hand to oblivion.  

“Fuck! Fuck! Ahhhhh!!!’’ Her whole body shook more intensely than when he ate her a while ago.  “Yes! Squeeze me inside you, baby. Fuck, you’re so fucking hot!” Mike groaned as he felt her walls pulse around his cock. Her pussy felt like sucking the life out of him, making him feel himself at the brink of completion.

 He chased on his own climax. Faster, deeper, more powerful, while his fingers on her clit strummed her like a guitar string should be strummed playing metal rock music. Prolonging her orgasm to nonstop, her inner walls kept squeezing him tight like a vice grip.  Nicole couldn’t stay still from his grinding hands that she thrashed beneath him, wound her both legs to clasp his hips still above her. 

“Fuck! Baby, where do you want my cum?” With a strained will to let her choose, he held his orgasm at bay. 

Nicole saw his determination to stay rational despite his threatening, mind-blowing orgasm. 

 She pulled him over. “Kiss me!”  He lustfully complied, still holding on to his weakening willpower. He kissed her hard. Hellish. As if he was in desperation. He was indeed desperate. He wasn't confident he could keep holding back. He was about to decisively pull out when she answered.  

“Come inside me,” Nicole bewitchingly whispered, looking straight into his hooded eyes. She decided she can take a morning pill after this. She wanted to see him undone while her tightness grips his more than satisfying because it seems to be addicting hardness inside her.  

As if a dam broke, Mike groaned loudly, stiffening inside Nicole's still clenching folds, his sticky cream painted her womb walls. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Ahhhhh!” Mike stayed latched in her post-orgasmic pussy grip until he felt all his balls were totally empty. He bent down to kiss her. 

A profound kiss accompanied by different emotions. He was feeling heavenly. And she accepted his kisses passively. Not that she didn't care, she was still drunk in a glorious rapture that she didn't have the strength to be as passionate as he was expressing.

 They stayed lying there for a while. Mike was savoring the moment, while Nicole was feeling herself if she can make it to stand. She never thought she would have her first time at a school gym. She shook her head in self-reproach. 

 “Did I keep my promise?”He worried she would still be traumatized for her first time. He gently asked while helping her get their clothes back, covering their nakedness. They were dressed back like they didn’t just come down from a soul-shattering orgasm.  

“I am not quite sure yet. Let’s see if the next time won’t hurt anymore. Then I will let you know if you kept your promise or not," with a smirk, Nicole answered him. Not even looking at him. 

Mike was stupefied. Does he get a second time? He won’t say no to such a delicious offer.

  “Just let me know when, babe. I will come running.” He kissed her torridly before leading her out of the gym.  

It was almost dark when they came out of the gym. The bodyguards, who were 5 meters away from the door, didn’t know what happened. They were astonished to see Mike leading her gently out, and she was accepting his gestures with no resistance at all.  

“What is going on?” Ask one to the guy next to him. 

 “You tell me," was his only answer. Oh, what would they give just to know the details, but there is just no way to know. Seeing Nicole with a complacent face is way much better than her always angry expressions.  

Mike sent her to her ride, watching her left before he headed home. His brother must still be at the pool for his evening classes. 

“Not bad for my first day of school.” And he is smiling like a silly boy walking down the road.  

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