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 Season 1

Episode 55

(The fatuous man)

Kristina was in a foul mood, and as her friend, Jessica personally went to John. "We really can't let it slide that Miss Zhang had used James. Kristina absolutely agrees with you when you cracked down on the Zhang family, but you should stop now. If Kristina wants to buy out the Zhang family's company, you should let her purchase it. Both of our families are quite powerful. We should be friends, and work together, instead of becoming enemies..."    

But despite Jessica's painstaking efforts to persuade John, she was not able to convince him. The least compromise John could give was when he said he would give it some thought. In the end, John decided not to interfere in this matter anymore, because he had accidentally heard Nina saying to James that the way he dealt with the Zhang family was a little cruel.    

He did all these for her sake and to get her revenge, but she was not thankful, and even thought that he was cruel.  

Just the thought of it made John's anger rise, and he didn't want to talk to Nina. 

As a result, the atmosphere in the Time Group was subdued, and all the employees in the company were in panic mode. All of them had their eyes fixed on Henry, hoping that he could give them a timeline as to when John would be in a plausible mood.    

Unbeknownst to them, Henry himself had been trembling in fear for several days now. He was trying to find a way to solve the problem in a discreet manner. James' initial reaction, on the other hand, was to not get himself involved. He just took Michelle away from Nina every day, and didn't let her spend her free time with Nina.    

In contrast, Adrian's solution was to introduce more beautiful women to John. He surmised that John would be kept very busy by those women and wouldn't have the time to be angry. Upon hearing this, Henry was so enraged that he almost vomited blood and died that very instant.    

Finally, it was Jason who was the most reliable of them all, and made a reasonable suggestion. "Let John take my place and give an optional class in the university. Nina is enrolled on some of my courses, The Art of War."  

"Lecture on a class? Uncle Jason, are you serious? Uncle John is not good at teaching. I fear that he will only mislead students, let alone have him teach something as complicated as The Art of War,"  James couldn't stop himself from complaining.    

"You know nothing. Your uncle John not only majored in this course, but he is also applying the knowledge in real life situations. So far, he has reached for the highest achievement. Otherwise, why do you think he is able to sit in the highest position?" Jason reasoned back.  

After thinking for a while, Henry thought it was indeed a feasible idea. He turned around, and ironed out the plan. In less than ten minutes, their strategy was in place, and John agreed to adapt it into action.    

Soon, Wednesday came.    

The fifth and sixth classes in the afternoon were both optional courses. Nina went to the classroom of the school of literature without carrying any books with her. She sat at the back of the classroom inconspicuously, and immediately fell asleep.  

Nina hadn't seen John for a few days, and she hadn't received any WeChat message from him either. Somehow, she always had a nagging empty feeling in her heart. The inexplicable feeling of emptiness was even stronger and it was most prominent especially at night.    

She would toss and turn, unable to fall asleep. To pass her time, she could only study the two suicide cases. Based on the clues and inference she had made, Nina speculated that there should be another suicide case in the coming days. But it had been more than 30 days since the hotel suicide incident on February 27th, and there was still no new suicide case in the news. This made her confused.    

She would study and analyze the two suicide cases throughout the whole night, so the only sleep she could get was during these optional courses.    

As soon as John stepped into the classroom, he looked around like a radar in search of Nina. It was not until he went to the platform that he saw his little girl, who was sleeping quietly in the corner. He was angry for having been ignored, but upon seeing her sleeping soundly, he couldn't help but smile.  

Was it because she had been missing him so much that she couldn't fall asleep all night?    

Seeing that she was sleeping so peacefully, John really didn't have the heart to wake her up to begin their lessons. Rather, he wrote something on the blackboard: self-study.    

Then, he just sat there elegantly, and said nothing.    

Discreetly sitting in the back row, Henry couldn't help but curse in a low voice, "What a fatuous man!"    

John was definitely a fatuous man!    

Seeing that they had a new teacher before them, the students began to whisper among themselves. Some boy said with astonishment, "Self-study? 

Doesn't he have to call the roll first? Professor Fu used to call the roll in every class. If we have known beforehand that this new teacher won't call the roll, we wouldn't have come today."  

"Yes, I agree,"  another male student echoed.   

 The girls, on the other hand, were not of the same opinion. They were mesmerized with John's handsome face and impressive figure, and were all talking non-stop about him.    

"Oh my God! Who is this new teacher? He is so handsome. Why couldn't he be a star instead? I will definitely be his die-hard fan!  

  "Oh my God, my heart almost stopped beating just by looking at him. Hold me, please. I have chosen this course because Professor Fu is handsome, but now, the new teacher is even more handsome! Oh, I have been so fortunate just by being on this class!"   

 "Me too. Go take a picture quickly."   

 When he heard that the girls were enrolled on this course mainly because of Jason's handsome face and popularity, Henry took a look around and found that two thirds of the students in the classroom were comprised of girls.  

By now, everyone was whispering, and the whole class became noisy.    

Nina slightly frowned upon hearing the clatter, covered her ears with her hands to muffle the sound, and continued to sleep soundly.    

John had been paying full attention to Nina's every move. Seeing that she was being bothered by the noise and could not sleep well, he finally uttered the first sentence he ever said on this class. It only consisted of two words.   

 "Be quiet."    

"Help me, I'm dying! Why is the teacher's voice so attractively pleasant to the ears?" All the girls present almost went crazy.    

But the teacher had ordered them to be quiet, so everyone followed and shut up obediently. Their eyes, however, were not closed, and it seemed as though they all wanted to pounce on John and devour him.    

Eventually, someone noticed the teacher's gaze was focused on the corner and followed it. The girls around Nina were so excited because everyone thought the teacher was looking at her. 

 Henry couldn't help but shake his head with disbelief and thought, 'If it weren't for Mrs. Shi taking this class, you might never be able to see Mr. Shi for the rest of your life. If it weren't for Mrs. Shi sitting there, you would never be able to get Mr. Shi's attention.'    

However, Nina fell asleep in class. It was a pity because John carefully dressed himself in front of the mirror for a long time before he went out. His suit had been selected from dozens of suits before he settled on what he was presently wearing.   

 "Alas..." Henry sighed disappointedly.    

"Well, isn't that Nina? Why is she sleeping in class? She won't have the opportunity of feasting her eyes on the handsome teacher."   

 "It's not a big deal. She has been sleeping throughout the class since she took this course."    

The discussion of the two girls had all been heard by Henry. When the class was about forty minutes in, Henry told John about it.  

After staring at Nina for a while, John's knitted eyebrows relaxed a little. 

Suddenly, a sinister smile appeared on his handsome face.    

John's signature sinister smile. Henry couldn't help shivering when he saw it.    Was he going to play a trick on Nina again? Henry was seriously worried!    

Looking at the time, John saw that there was still one minute left. He spoke the second sentence of the class.    

"I won't call the roll during my class."    

Right after the bell rang, the whole classroom was in a cheerful uproar. The boys were about to leave and skip the next class, discussing whether to play basketball or simply play games.    

The girls remained seated. With such a handsome teacher, why would they ever skip classes?    

However, not all girls agreed. There were also some who planned to skip classes in secret, and Nina was one of them.  

In a daze, she heard the teacher say that he would not call the roll. Consequently, she heard the bell ring, and some students were discussing where to go to play when the class was over. Because she was still half awake, Nina didn't notice how familiar the teacher's voice was, and went out with the crowd.    

Meanwhile, John was sitting in Jason's office and was looking at a peach tree out of the window. Peach blossoms were blossoming on the tree, and it made John affectionately think of Nina.    

Although the peach blossoms were beautiful, they were not as beautiful as his little girl and they paled in comparison.    

When Henry saw that Nina had left the classroom, he turned back and reported, "Mr. Shi, Miss Lu was among the students who had left."   

 "Okay. It's almost time for the next class,"  John said and stood up quietly, a complacent smile flashing across his bright mischievous eyes.  

When the bell rang, the first sentence John said was, "Next, let's call the roll. Students who skip classes will be deducted points."    

There was a dead silence and even a pin dropping could be heard.   


The next second, everyone was in a panic. They all sent secret messages and asked their classmates to come back as soon as possible.    

Earlier, the substitute teacher said he would not check their attendance, but now he suddenly announced that they would have points deducted if they were not present. With the number of students present, at least half of the students who went out would have to retake this same class next year! Such a bother!  

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