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 Season 1

Episode 58

(Is John so weak)

Inside the office    

Nina was elegantly sitting at the table, and writing a self-criticism report leisurely, while John was standing gloomily aside, biting a piece of tissue with fresh red blood smeared on it.   

 'Is the little girl a hot chili pepper? She is becoming too hot and spicy for his taste.'    

John had tried his best to protect himself from being beaten by her. But time and again, he had failed in the end. This time, Nina was able to bite him hard on the lip.  

  The skin of his lip was bitten off, and his mouth was full of the strong smell of blood. He had no clue as to how to stop the bleeding. It would even be worse after the bleeding had stopped, because a scab would form on his lip. It would badly affect his usual stunning appearance.    

The two of them were in a deadlock stalemate. Neither of them uttered a word. One looked tensed with anger, while the other one looked placidly relaxed.  

About ten minutes later, Nina had carefully finished writing down a full page of report, and read it again to double check. She was satisfied with what she had written, and handed it over to John.   

 After finishing the report, she put the pen she had used into her bag out of habit.    

John didn't notice her action.  

  "Sir, here is my self-criticism report that you asked for,"  Nina said. She was proud, but she didn't dare to show it on her face lest it antagonize John. After all, she had something to ask for later. She wanted to help her classmate who stood up for her.    

John grabbed the self-criticism report from her hand without further ado, and roughly glanced at its content. The report in itself was not bad, and the handwriting was good.    

Her handwriting style was really characteristic of her, and depicted her personality to a tee.    

"Well, you may go now,"  he instructed her. John had, in fact, already hatched a plan in his mind.  

He knew that Nina wouldn't leave right away, especially when she had a favor to ask of him.   

 Knowing her, he was sure that Nina didn't like to owe others a favor. If and when she really did owe someone a favor, she would definitely pay it back.    Just like when he had bought her a phone, he had soon received a phone of the same model right after, accompanied by a card with the words "Thank you. I don't like to owe someone."  

  After momentarily giving it some thought, Nina courteously asked like a docile student, "Sir, are you really going to deduct the credits of that classmate?"    

As predicted, things happened just as John had planned, and Nina fell right into his trap.    

With a smug smirk on his handsome face, he answered firmly and decisively, "Yes, I will."   

 "Well, can you please give it some more thoughts and reconsider?" she inquired hopefully. Although she had already guessed that he would give her such a negative answer, she still wanted to try and fight for it. "How about deducting points on my credits instead of his?"  

It was a rare occasion for her to plead with him.    

But somehow, John was unsatisfied and felt a little uncomfortable hearing Nina intercede for another man.    

If her credits were to be deducted, she would have to attend the class again next year, and she would have more opportunities to meet other male classmates. With this reasoning, he couldn't deduct points on her credits. If points had to be deducted, it would be from the male classmate, not hers.    

"Definitely not,"  he resolutely refused again.   

 "If so, tell me, what do you want?" Nina asked in a straightforward manner. "What must I do to avoid credits from being deducted from him?"   

 All of a sudden, it occurred to John that Vivian's birthday party would be held in a few days' time. Since the conflict between John and Kristina had been settled by his sister, he had no option but to go to this birthday party, even if he didn't want to.  

As such, he would need a suitable female partner to bring along.   

 And Nina was undoubtedly the most suitable partner there was. She was as beautiful as flowers, and a little dressing up would make her even more beautiful and enchanting.    

He wanted her to stand by his side and to show her off proudly.   

 "I agree, but it will be under one condition, and that will be equal to one credit for him,"  John offered.   

 "We have a deal,"  Nina agreed without any hesitation, not bothering to even ask what the condition was.   

 Definitely, John wouldn't ask her do illegal things, would he?    

With her purpose accomplished, Nina walked out of the office. In passing, she informed Henry, "Henry, please call a doctor for John."   

 John had always put his image first and foremost, and cared about his face and appearance the most. Now that the skin of his lip was broken and badly bruised, it might affect his handsome look.  

When Henry heard Nina's words, he was stunned and rooted to the spot. His feet trembled. Silently, he mused, 'Is Mr. Shi so weak?    

Mrs. Shi comes out, perfectly safe and sound, whereas something untoward happened to Mr. Shi? This is so unbelievable!'    

Henry got so frightened out of his wits that he called the family doctor in a hurry. Thinking it was an emergency, the doctor came in an ambulance. However, to Henry's chagrin, it was him who had to ride the ambulance.   

 The reason was that John gave him a kick.    

Lying pitifully alone in the ambulance, Henry could not help but burst into tears. John was becoming more and more like Nina. He had now learned to beat people up.    

In the Time Group    

Adrian, who had always been obsessed with beautiful women, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He glanced probingly at John and inquired, "Is it true that you kicked Henry and hurt him in the process?"  

"So, are you blaming me?" John didn't even raise his head, and continued to deal with the documents on hand. "Don't you two dislike each other?"    

As far as Henry was concerned, Adrian was just a spoiled rich man who was indulgent in flirting with women, and did nothing important and serious. Adrian, on the other hand, was thinking of the exact opposite about Henry, and felt that Henry was as abstinent as a monk.   

 No matter how Adrian mocked him, Henry never argued with him. However, Adrian got really angry when he thought that Henry was indifferent and was ignoring him.    

Never before had Adrian ever offended other people, but when it came to Henry, he was always a little aggressive. Henry yielded again and again, to the point that people who didn't know both of them would think that Henry had stolen Adrian's woman.   

 "I don't dare to blame you. I just want to know what really happened." Adrian grinned with mischief.  

"Well, I have something to ask you for help, if you will allow me,"  he added as he sat down with pleading eyes.    

"Go ahead,"  John answered. For him, Adrian was not only a good friend, but also a benefactor at the same time.    

Adrian had saved him once before. When John was ten years old, an accident happened. It scarred John, and made him have a phobia against water. As a result, he became very afraid of places like pools, fountains, and swimming pools since then. When he was twelve, he went to the Song family and lost his way. He accidentally fell into a swimming pool. Adrian was only about eight years old by then, but he went ahead and jumped into the pool to save John.    Later on, John found out that Adrian didn't know how to swim at that time. As young as they were, the water in the swimming pool was very deep for children at their age. Had they drowned in it, they would have definitely died from drowning.    

Out of curiosity and disbelief, he asked Adrian why he dared to save him. Adrian timidly replied that if he didn't save him, he would have died. There was no one else around at that time, and only he could save him.  

But in fact, when John was struggling in the water, he clearly saw Albert and a servant nearby. The servant wanted to come and save him, but was vehemently prevented by Albert.    

Adrian jumped in to save him, even at his own peril, while Albert was watching with indifference not far away. He was not in any hurry whatsoever. On the contrary, he rather seemed to be watching an insignificant life game with excitement and pleasure.   

 Whenever he thought of this incident, John had a complicated mix of emotions.    

"Albert told me that I should also take an active part in the management of the family business. He asked me to be in charge of a branch company to learn how to run it on my own. I'm afraid I can't do it well. As you know, I only like playing around,"  Adrian explained. He narrowed his beautiful eyes slightly in dismay. The truth was, he really didn't want to take over these things and had no ambition to do so. Anyway, Albert was able to do it astonishingly well on his own.  

"So, I want Henry to help me for a while, and teach me how to manage the company. As long as the branch company don't go bankrupt, and there is a little profit made, it will be enough. 

That would be best for both of us. That way, I won't be a threat to Albert,"  Adrian surmised. Albert was Adrian's younger brother. Adrian had never dared to disobey Albert before, nor did he even dare to have any outstanding performance that might outshine Albert.    If Adrian wanted to live a peaceful idyllic life, he could only idle the days and be a useless bum throughout his life.    John was keenly aware of something about the Song family. At present, everything about the Song family was under Albert's control.    

And Albert was a dangerous man that should not be trifled with.    

"Well, Henry should be out of the hospital soon,"  John agreed to Adrian's request, since Henry didn't have much on his plate anyway, and it was not very busy these days.  

When Henry was made aware of this set up, he had misgivings and couldn't accept it. He almost knelt down to beg John, but before he could voice out his protest, he had already been forcefully dragged away by Adrian.    

Looking at how these two men were behaving, John had slight a feeling of deja vu, as if seeing him and Nina in them.    

He, however, was not as coward as Henry was.    

After the two of them had left, his sister, Jessica, suddenly came unannounced, with Vivian in tow.  

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