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Season 1

Episode 57

(Self criticism)

Nina knew that John was going to follow through. That boy's credits were as good as gone.

She didn't know that student but she was so glad that he covered for her.

Guilt slowly crept in.

"Sir, I have something to say." Nina's clear and pleasant voice attracted everyone's attention. The whole class turned and faced her.

Nina nodded gratefully to the boy. The boy blushed uncontrollably. He awkwardly touched his hair as if he had no idea how to cope with the embarrassment. The person beside him teased, "The campus belle is smiling at you. It seems your luck has changed. Maybe you're her knight in shining armor."

Although they spoke softly to each other, Nina heard them clearly. She frowned and brushed their comments off. She was used to these types of jokes.

John, however, didn't want anyone talking about her like that.

He hated the idea that he was being painted as the bad guy and someone else saved his girl.

The boy was lucky they were in a classroom. Otherwise John would have put his head on a spike. He was a teacher though, so he had to behave himself. He couldn't lash out for no reason.

John had to internalize all of the anger and try not to burst.

"If you have something to say, say it after class. The class has now begun." Although his voice was calm, it was stern and powerful. He was born to hand out orders, like a general in an army.

Nobody was allowed to question his authority so the class swiftly began. Nina could only shut her mouth and stand there quietly attending the lecture about The Art of War.

John seemed to have a knack for this subject. After being such a successful businessman, he had come across cases like these many times to the point where his logic was undeniable and his execution was perfect.

The students listened carefully. Nina even heard someone whispering that John's class was actually more interesting and easier to understand than Jason's.

Nina, rather reluctantly, agreed with that student while she continued listening. She was still exhausted though, because she hadn't been sleeping well recently. She edged closer to the wall, leaned against it and half closed her eyes.

She was in such a daze that she didn't even realize that the class had ended. All she noticed was the buzzing of conversations and the rustling footsteps moving around.

"Campus belle, class is over."

Nina was woken up by a boy's voice. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw a boy with a simple smile on his face. He was the one who covered for her.

"Hello. Thank you for covering for me today." Nina came to her senses and bowed slightly with an elegant smile as a sign of gratitude.

She felt so sorry for him. He wasn't going to have enough credits now, so he would have do it all over again next year.

"It was nothing." The boy's face turned a little red. He was so shy that he couldn't even pluck up the courage to look Nina in the eye.

Nina had never seen such a shy boy. He was pure and honestly, quite handsome. She promised him, "Don't worry. I will try my best to get your credits back. After all, it's not your fault. It's..."

She hesitated and realized that this was John's fault. He probably targeted this boy for a personal reason.

"It doesn't matter. As long as you don't lose your credits, I'll make up the course next year." Her kind words only enchanted this boy more. Not only was she beautiful, she was also incredibly gentle.

Nina could tell instantly that he had a crush on her. She thought that it was probably because of her beauty.

"Hey, I..." She was suddenly interrupted. "Self criticism!"

John interjected sharply before Nina could finish her words.

"Sir, campus belle, I'll be leaving now." The boy hurried off as soon as he saw John.

After watching him leave, Nina breathed a sigh of relief. John however, thought that Nina was sighing because she didn't want him to leave. This only fueled the rage in his heart as he stared menacingly at her.

"I'll write it immediately," Nina said sourly, but she couldn't find a paper and pen. She didn't actually bring any in all honesty.

This course didn't require any books or notes so nobody brought anything most of the time. Nina looked at John to pass her something but he didn't have anything either. They both turned to Henry's briefcase.

"Henry, can I borrow a piece of paper and a pen?" When Nina turned to others for help, she was always very polite and knew how to use her smile to attract them.

In Albert's words, she was good at using the resources around her.

When Nina called him Henry in a sweet voice, his heart trembled and he received a sharp gaze from John.

'Mr. Shi, please understand the situation!

Mrs. Shi called me. I didn't insinuate anything. Why are you looking at me? My knees are already giving way with all this terror.'

He didn't dare move so he waited for John's orders.

Nina realized that Henry worked for John and would only do things when his boss told him to.

She wasn't going to give in to John though.

Up to now, Nina was still suspicious that John deliberately punished her today. He had deducted the credits of another student, but didn't deduct her credits. This was bound to create some rumors around school.

They were definitely going to say that she used her beauty to seduce him and that was why she only got such a minimal punishment.

This was all garbage though.

She would never seduce anyone to get out of trouble.

"Since there is no pen and paper, I'll go back and write it and bring it here next class." She was about to leave but her heart was telling her to stay. She hadn't seen John for several days.

Recently, Michelle was constantly busy. Sometimes she was trying to sharpen her gaming skills, and sometimes she was with James. Nina was alone with not a soul to talk to.

When she met John, even quarrelling with him seemed interesting.

She was never one to need people around her and she actually quite liked being alone. Since these people appeared in her life though, it was really difficult to cope when they all left at once. Being alone was suddenly not as enjoyable as before.

As the saying went, "You only know what you have when it's gone."

"Should I just get a pen and some paper from the next classroom and write it in front of you?" Nina made a sincere suggestion. She tilted her head slightly and smiled. She looked quite lovely.

John was staring at Nina. Didn't she want to leave just now? Why did she want to stay all of a sudden?

She must be reluctant to leave him.

"Office." He spoke a single word, put his hands in his pockets and led Nina to his office. He smiled from time to time, unable to control himself.

Nina was a little excited. However, when she realized what she just did, she got annoyed that she liked this man so much.

'Nina, what are you happy about? You're being punished!'

However, she still followed John to his office. As soon as she arrived at the door, she saw him turning around. The next second, he pulled her in.


He flung the office door shut.

Henry jerked back as the door was shut in his face. Fortunately, he stepped back quickly enough so he wouldn't get hit by the door.

Looking at the tightly closed door in front of him, he heard Nina's scream followed by some silence.

He feared that this visit was costing a lot more than a little punishment.


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