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(My pet Elk Bit It)

At school, Nina had accidentally taken John’s pen and only realized when she was already almost home.

She studied it closely to see that it was a Cartier pen. She had seen it in the billiards hall with its golden tip, golden cap and black body. Perhaps the most distinguishable detail was John’s name engraved on it.
Nina drove to the Time Group. When she arrived, she happened to see a woman who looked exactly like John walking out, arm in arm with Vivian. The two of them were talking and laughing.

Vivian happened to notice her and politely smiled and nodded at her. She then affectionately called the woman, “Sister.”

The woman’s resemblance to John was uncanny, so it must have been his sister. It took Nina by surprise when she heard that Vivian was going to get engaged to John.

Nina’s heart seemed to crack at the sound of this. She hadn’t experienced this type of pain before. She was so disappointed that she couldn’t bear to think about it anymore.

As soon as Nina entered the Time Group, she saw three women gathering at the reception desk, talking happily.

“Did you see that? Just now, Mr. Shi’s elder sister came with Miss Ye. They seemed very close. Miss Ye even called her ‘Sister.'”
“I’ve told you that Mr. Shi will marry either Miss Song or Miss Ye. Aren’t I right?”

“Well, you’re right. Oh, I’m lovelorn. Mr. Shi is my Prince Charming. How I wish I could sleep with him.”
“Stop being ridiculous. He is never going to fall in love with you.”
“Miss Ye is so lucky. She’s already so beautiful and now she gets to marry such a handsome man. I’m so jealous. We just cannot compare to her.”

“I don’t think she’s that beautiful.” When the receptionist saw Nina coming
over, she immediately patted the two women beside her. “There’s a much more beautiful woman coming. Look!”
“Who is she? Where is she?”

They all turned around and looked in awe at Nina.
“Who is she? Look at her skin. It’s so radiant. How does she take care of it? I’m so jealous.”

“She has quite the figure too!”

“She’s astonishing and she has the face of an angel.”
“Keep quiet. She’s right here.” The receptionist nudged the other woman who were still gossiping and they all scattered and pretended to be busy.
Nina walked over gloomily, not looking up at them and set the pen down on the desk.

“Excuse me, what can I do for you?” The receptionist picked up the pen and saw John’s name on it.

“John’s pen,” Nina said abruptly.
The receptionist was completely flustered. Her hands trembled so much that she fumbled the pen around like it was on fire.

‘Gosh! This is Mr. Shi’s pen.
I don’t dare to touch his pen.’

She dropped the pen several times, daring not to take it.
Nina looked at her strangely. Wasn’t it just a pen?
Nina picked the pen up and said, “His pen is probably very expensive. If it breaks, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to replace it.”

‘I don’t know what to do. I’m so nervous that I can hardly breathe.’ The receptionist couldn’t believe that it was actually John’s pen. It was a one of a kind. The only Cartier pen with his name on it. How did this woman in front of her have it?

John specially used it to sign documents. Why did she have it?

“Miss, is this Mr. Shi’s pen?” As soon as the sentence fell out of her mouth, the other two women’s eyes widened as they stared at Nina.
Why did she have John’s pen?
They really wanted to know.

“Yes, it is. Please give it to him.” Nina smiled and handed the pen to the receptionist, but the latter didn’t dare to take it.

Everyone in the headquarters knew that John hated when people touched his things.

Who would dare take it?

The receptionist had to take it though. She found an empty box from the cabinet and covered it with a layer of tissue. Then she said, “Please put it in.”

“Okay.” Nina wasn’t in the mood to figure out what was going on in her mind. She just put the pen in, turned around and was about to leave.

The receptionist stopped her and asked, “Miss, may I have your name?”
“Nina Lu.”

“Lu? The Lu family in Lexingport City?” the receptionist muttered, as Nina walked away.

The other women rushed to the desk to look at the pen lying in the box. They trembled at his name engraved on it as if John stood before them.

“Who is that beautiful woman? Why did she have Mr. Shi’s pen?”

“Was I wrong? Is she going to end up with John?”
The receptionist shook her head and reached her hand out. “I don’t know. Well, let me call his office.”

“Mr. Shi, a lady named Nina Lu has just brought your pen. Should I send it to you now?”
There was only silence on the other side. Then John hung up the phone.

The receptionist sat stunned. “Did Mr. Shi hang up?
Was I wrong again?”

“Well, whoever is his mystery woman, he will always be my dream man.”

The other two women’s eyes widened as they stood up and straightened themselves up. Someone was coming out of the private elevator.
One of the women shoved her to snap her out of her daydream. “Stop fantasizing. Your man is coming.”

“Mr. Shi actually came down himself!” They were all astonished. It had only been a few minutes since he hung up the phone. How was he so fast?
It was like he flew down there.

“Mr. Shi.” They all greeted politely.
He scoured the area but couldn’t see Nina anywhere. His eyes widened as he barked, “Where is she?”

“Miss Lu left after leaving the pen here,” the receptionist answered quickly under the pressure as she handed him the box. “She left?” John’s heart sank as the disappointment seeped in. He reached out and took the pen and placed it in his suit pocket. He hurriedly composed himself and returned to his indifferent expression.

Why didn’t Nina tell him she was coming?
She just dropped off the pen and left.
One of the three women saw the wound on John’s lower lip and asked, “Mr. Shi, what happened to your mouth?”
A sudden shock filled them all. Shock was swiftly replaced with unbearable nervousness.

Was she crazy? How dare she pry about him! Didn’t she know that it wasn’t her place to ask?
John glanced at the three of them. They all lowered their heads, sweating.
“My pet elk bit it.” Although John’s voice was cold, there was a warm happiness in his eyes when he thought of the Nina biting him. He couldn’t help but blurt it out, completely ignoring whether the others understood him.

After he left, they raised their heads in horror.
The receptionist asked, “Did Mr. Shi actually answer me?”
“Yes.” The other two nodded in disbelief. “Does Mr. Shi have an elk at home?” The receptionist didn’t know what to believe. She knew that wealthy people could have anything, but an elk was far from what she expected.
The story soon spread around the company.

Not only did John have an elk, but it also bit him.



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