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Jessica was John’s elder sister by two years. Out of all his siblings, he had the closest relationship with her.

Jessica pushed the door open and came into the office, holding Vivian’s hand. She said with a smile, “John, look who I’ve brought.

Do you remember Vivi? When you guys were kids, she used to follow you everywhere and call you Brother John. You haven’t seen each other for two or three years by now, right?” With a sneaky smile, Jessica nudged Vivian, who looked shy.

“When you left two years ago, she tried to come see you off at the airport but didn’t make it in time. Since you came back, she’s been wanting to see you again, but could never get an opportunity. So I brought her here.”

John looked up and saw Vivian standing in a beautiful white dress. He glanced over at Jessica to see her looking around the office. He stood up and sighed before making Jessica a cup of coffee.

He very rarely did anything for other people, but Jessica was an exception.

“The coffee smells great. I haven’t been treated so well in a long time,”
Jessica joked, taking the coffee.

“It’s not funny,” he said in a low voice “Humph!” Jessica rolled her eyes and took a sip of the coffee. She was well taken care of by John and her husband. She lived a wealthy life in the Shi family with very minimal stress. She basically had everything a woman could dream of.

She was sometimes a little spoiled though and forced her ideas on others. Jessica just assumed naively that others liked what she liked.

In Jessica’s opinion, Vivian came from a respectable family with a good character. She was a fantastic pianist, danced well and looked great.
Vivian knew how to please Jessica. Jessica liked her since their first meeting. Even back then, she wanted Vivian to marry John.

“Vivi, why are you so quiet? Are you too flustered to speak now? Has it been too long since you’d seen him?” Jessica winked and laughed at the blushing Vivian.

“No, you’ve got it all wrong. I just don’t know what to say.” Vivian pursed her lips and blushed. She was just way too excited.

She was still a little sad recalling John flirting with Nina back in HD Square. She thought about that whole incident for a really long time. She had been watching him closely and studied his relationship with Nina. She concluded that they had gotten to know each other after he had come back from abroad.

Jessica wasn’t impressed with Nina. She found out that Nina was an orphan with no family background and she was somehow also married. She didn’t think John would love such a woman.

Vivian always knew that John was close to Jessica and obedient to her.
She was sure that as long as Jessica liked her, she would be able to marry John. Jessica would definitely look down on Nina if she knew her history.

Everything looked stacked against Nina. She was bound to lose this battle.
“If you don’t know what to say, just say that you miss him.” Jessica didn’t hesitate to speak her mind. She was so insistent on setting them up. She was so determined that she didn’t even notice the gloomy look on John’s face.
“Jessica!” With a sullen look in his eyes, he glared at Jessica.

Jessica mistakenly took John’s anger for shyness so she sat back leisurely, disregarding the severity of the situation.
John looked at Vivian with his deep eyes as if he looked straight through her. He said calmly, “You told her that we hadn’t seen each other?”
Vivian’s heart jumped. She shook her head and denied, “We have met once in HD Square, but I forgot to tell her.”

If Vivian told Jessica what happened in HD Square, she would have had to talk about Nina. Vivian didn’t want to be the one to bring Nina up. Otherwise, John would get angry.

Vivian was going to wait for someone else bring to light that John was mesmerized by a married woman.

“You forgot?” John wasn’t the type of guy to let a pretty face control him.
He couldn’t even partially believe her.

Vivian felt nervous and explained timidly, “Brother John, I really just forgot.”

“John, what are you doing? You need to learn how to be gentle with women. You need to stop being rude all the time.”
Jessica stood up and lightly slapped his shoulder.
Jessica knew what kind of a man John was. He was surrounded by men, so he wasn’t used to being kind and gentle to women.

“She is just a little girl. You shouldn’t talk to her like that. You need to care for her. No wonder you don’t think about marriage, even at your age. You’re more than thirty now, it’s time to think about it.

I don’t understand why Dad isn’t worried about your marriage now.” Jessica really did care for and worry about John. She couldn’t wait to see him get married, but to no avail.

And in all honesty, Vivian had been waiting for him for the past two years.
“Jessica, please don’t blame him. I forgot to tell you that I met him in HD Square.” Vivian smiled gently, trying to stand up for John.
This at least alleviated some stress from Jessica. Vivian really was the best choice for John.

John said a little intrigued, “How do you know that Dad doesn’t care about my marriage?”

His father definitely still cared. He had secretly married John to a woman he had never met before.

“Dad really doesn’t care about it. I told him several times to ask you to get engaged to Vivi, but he just snorted at me and asked me not to interfere with your marriage anymore. He must not care anymore, right?”
Well not really. She didn’t know about the secret marriage.

‘He just can’t marry me off while he’s already married me to someone else.’
He still couldn’t find the woman he was married to though. How would he ever marry Nina? What was he going to do?

He had already planned his life with Nina in it. He completely disregarded the possibility that he wouldn’t end up with her.
Vivian was struggling to control her excitement. Just hearing Jessica urge John to get engaged to her, was enough to drive her to ecstasy.
John was hers. He must be hers.

Jessica patted Vivian’s hand, hinting that she should calm down. John liked reserved women.

It was also a sign that she was going to help her and that she was on her side so there was nothing to worry about.

Not wanting to see these women anymore, John waved his hand dismissively and said, “I have work to do. You two can leave now.”

Jessica knew John was working himself sick. As a caring sister, she worried about him quite often. She needed to get him a good wife like Vivian to help him relieve that stress.

“Okay, we’ll leave.”

The two women got up and left, but Vivian very clearly didn’t want to leave John. Jessica comforted her, “Don’t look back. When you marry him, you can stare at him all you want.”

“Sister,” Vivian pouted while blushing sweetly. She was really quite an elegant woman.

“You get shy so easily. How are you going to spend the night with John when you get married?”

The two of them talked and laughed as they got in the car. Standing at the entrance of the Time Group, Nina was in a daze, feeling distressed.
She overheard what Vivian and Jessica were talking about.

Vivian was John’s fiancee!




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