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 Season 1

Episode 56

(The abuse of power)

Skipping classes was hardly an anomaly in the university. Usually, the other students would always cover for whoever was skipping.    

This particular time, someone bravely shouted, "I thought you said there wasn't going to be roll call today."    

"Yeah, why are you doing it today? Are you going back on your word?"    

"Yes, yes!"    

John, on the other hand, said calmly, "This is the first class that I am teaching you. All's fair in war."    

The man's deep and pleasant voice was loud, and there was a hint of cunning in his eyes. He was still somewhat new to these students so there was no familiarity yet.    

He heard hurried footsteps coming from outside. It seemed that the students who skipped the class were rushing back.  

"I'm sorry. I was in the toilet."   

 "Me too. I ate something spoiled."    "I...I..."    

Everyone seemed to have an excuse. John wasn't a fool though. He knew why they weren't actually in the class, but he wasn't going to argue with them now.    He frowned at the crowd, searching to see if Nina was among them. "Is there anyone else?"    

"No, no, no,"  some of the students answered. They forgot about Nina as she often slept in classes.   

 "Start the roll call." As expected, John picked up the register and began to make a roll call. Seeing Nina's name below, John skipped several names in the middle.    

He just wanted to see where she was. 

   "Nina Lu."    

No one answered. There was only John's deep voice and students' hush whispers.  

Nobody expected John to do a roll call. However, since they were classmates, a boy raised his hand and tried to cover up for Nina.    

"Sir, Nina has a stomachache and she asked for leave." He didn't actually know Nina in person, but he had a crush on her, so he wanted to stand up for her.    

Another student suddenly whispered something to his friend and started laughing.   

 John realized that this boy had an obvious crush on Nina.    

John really wanted to confront this boy at some point. Nobody was allowed near his woman.    

"She was sleeping in the last class, and now she's sick?" John asked.    

The boy trembled at the sight of John's cold stare. This boy liked Nina so much that he couldn't bear letting her get in trouble. He continued, "She is a girl after all. She probably just doesn't feel well right now. You understand."  

John had made this mistake before. He had flashbacks of the last time Henry had to explain this situation. The boy was hinting that Nina was on her period.    
He should know better than anyone about Nina's time of the month.    

This boy dared to lie to him!    

"No, I don't understand." John sounded calm but his rage was undeniable. The students could see it building inside him as his face turned slightly red.  

  The students looked at each other in shock. They couldn't believe that the substitute teacher would be more ruthless than Jason. Whenever someone used that excuse in the past, Jason was more than obliging and let the girls take the leave they needed.   

 The whole class sat in a petrified silence.   

 Finally Nina's voice broke the eerie silence.   

 "I'm sorry, sir. I just..." Nina only saw the message that there was a roll call when she was already outside of the school.  

She didn't want to get any deductions so she sprinted as fast as she could back to the class. She wished she had some sort of superpower so she could just be there in an instant.    

Nina was exhausted. She hunched over and stood with her hands on her knees. Sweat trickled down her face as she struggled to catch her breath.  

  Even though she got to the class, she hadn't thought up an excuse yet. With all that was going on, she was too flustered to think of anything.   

 While gasping for breath, she cursed over and over in her head. 'This new teacher is ridiculous. How could he do such a thing? This is garbage.'   

 "Sir, I..."    Seeing that she was struggling to even string a sentence together, John said sternly, "A classmate just said that you were in the toilet, right?"    

Everyone was speechless.  

Was he trying to fool her?    

'Don't fall for the trap, Nina!'    

"Yes, yes." She wasn't expecting such an easy bail out. Even though this excuse was a little played out, she didn't mind using anything at this point.    

As soon as she said that, the students looked at her sympathetically. Some even held their heads in their hands.    

Noticing that something was wrong, Nina straightened up to see what was happening. She looked at the boy who tried to cover for her. She didn't even notice the teacher or even Henry sitting at the end of the row.    

The boy said, "I'm sorry, campus belle!" The boy lowered his head as if he had completely failed her.   

 "What?" Nina was confused. She didn't know this boy. Why was he apologizing?    
Standing at the platform, John snorted, "This boy just said that you asked for leave.  

So why did you say that you were in the toilet?"    

John was a really sneaky man.   

 He really managed to trick her.   

 Nina realized what had happened and she was furious. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.  

  The last time she was this angry, it was because of John. Who was the instigator now? Who the hell was he?   


  That voice. Why is it so familiar?'   

 When Nina finally recognized the teacher's face, her jaw dropped and her pupils narrowed.    

'John? What is he doing here?    

What kind of joke is this? Isn't he the CEO of the Time Group? Isn't he the famous Mr. Shi?    

Why is he on the platform in L University?  

Does his company finally go bankrupt?'    Nina was shocked beyond words. "Are you the new substitute teacher?"    

"Yes, I am." He stood in front of the class, dressed well and looking sharp. He smiled at Nina's complete amazement when she recognized him.    

Nina couldn't believe her eyes. This couldn't be true, right?    

Her classmates nodded, suggesting he really was the teacher.   

 Nina took a deep breath, trying to calm down. She looked around the room and finally saw Henry. She finally believed it. John really was the teacher.    

She wasn't going to be a liar. She'd rather gain some respect by just coming clean. "I'm sorry. I skipped the class."    

"Why did you skip?"    

"I wanted to sleep."    

The students gasped. She was so bold. 

 John didn't expect her to be so straightforward. He was a little stunned and glanced at the boy who was still standing there. John's eyes were cold. 

"You! You covered for your classmate. I'm going to deduct your credits."    

His eyes fell on Nina again.   

 "Nina, stand there for the whole class. I am expecting you to write a criticism of your behavior after school."   

 The boy sat down sulkily without any complaint. Other students chimed in to stand up for him though. "Sir, why are his credits being deducted when Nina only has to stand and write a criticism later?"    
Nina was also confused. She expected the brunt of the punishment, not what seemed like just a slap on the wrist.    

"I'm the teacher." His voice blared throughout the room, uncontested.    How could he do this?   

 It was such an abuse of power. 

   Henry was appalled. He cursed in his head and really regretted this whole thing.  

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