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(Misery (3)

Theres nothing I can hide from you. He did not hide it and smiled as he held her and walked into the house. He quietly put the umbrella away, then the husband and wife went upstairs.

I found out from Li Si about Morrison being hospitalized, Mr. Mu. Thank you. She poured him a cup of warm water. Because her hands were still bandaged, she dared not pour the cup too full, then she carefully pushed it towards his hand.

He leaned on his side and gently held her hand. Alright, be careful. Otherwise, its going to take a long while to recover. Didnt I tell you not to thank me anymore? His tone sounded like it was upset, yet there was not a hint of anger.

Its fine. It was treated in time. Im already very lucky that it didnt get infected, she said as she leaned against him to sit. She turned to look at him, her eyes filled with a spark. Arent you planning to tell me something?

He frowned slightly, lowered his head to drop the water in hand, and then set the cup aside. I went to see Qi Feng and found out about some things from years ago. Its not something to be happy about, so why talk about it?

Qi Feng? Because of the incident with Gu Lingsha and Morrison? Xi Xiaye looked at him, a little surprised.

Mu Yuchen smiled calmly. Hes not dumb. He obviously knew that Id done those things, but he just doesnt have evidence of it. But now that the incident with Gu Lingshas been getting around, everyones talking about it. It was even reported on television. Knowing them, Im afraid they wont let go of this so easily, especially since its also a very critical time.

Xi Xiaye frowned and could not help but look worriedly at Mu Yuchen. Mr. Mu, Im regretting it slightly now. Maybe I shouldnt have incited you to get back at them for me.

When he heard that, he could not help but shoot her a side look. He cleared his throat and said softly, Ive already done it, so why cower? Dont forget your lesson from before, he never planned to let you go, even if the incident with you didnt happen, something else would have.

Did he threaten you or say something to you? You dont look good

He took a deep breath, and suddenly lowered his gaze. Then, he thought about it and said, Ill tell you again when Ive arranged my thoughts. What he told me might not be that reliable either, hmm?

She nodded gently too. Alright, sleep first since you look quite tired. Ill wake you up when its dinner. Thats enough talking! Ill go pour you a cup of milk.

She did not continue asking him about it, she said considerately, as she got up, and before he could respond, she had already turned to walk out the door.

As he watched her slender figure slowly vanish out the door, Mu Yuchen smiled calmly. Her faint warmth was still in his hand. When he thought about it, it seemed like it was not too bad, so he should not be held back by these moods.

Even though Qi Fengs words held some truth in them, he was more willing to believe Lingtian. After all, he was still his brother, and that still held some weight. At least, previously, he had hesitated about it

After a while, Sis Wang brought over a cup of warm milk which Xi Xiaye made him drink, and after a simple wash up, she made him lie in bed to rest.

Xi Xiaye covered him well in the blanket and was about to pull her hand away when he held her by the wrist.Dont go. Wait for me to fall asleep before you go.

She paused, then nodded as a crescent curve flashed on her lips and she silently looked at him. Alright, dont be like our son now. Im right here. Sleep.

Youre my wife, my woman. Can our son even compare to you? He chuckled. Upon seeing her sit without moving at all by his side, he slowly closed his eyes. Xi Xiaye just rolled her eyes and let him hold her wrist underneath the blanket.

It was rare to see him acting all like a delicate prince. She sighed helplessly while her other hand covered the back of his hand as their hands interlocked.

Suddenly, he called out softly,Xiaye?

Hmm? Yes? she very quickly answered, and when she looked at his handsome face, she realized that his eyes were still closed.

Its too quiet. Sing a song for me.

Xi Xiaye raised her brows in surprise. She was about to say something, but upon seeing him still frowning, she thought about it, then asked, What do you want to listen to? I dont know how to sing many songs and you know that.

Anythings fine.

When she heard that, she frowned. In a lowered voice, she gently hummed, Remember the room number of that hotel, smiling as you left; the entire city was so lively then

Her melodious singing was heard, and he enjoyed it. Even when he succumbed to sleep, he could feel that her presence had never left, so he relaxed, and after a while, he was snoring gently.

Xi Xiaye did not immediately get up after that. She sat with him in silence for a while, and upon seeing his frown smoothen out, she let out a sigh of relief.

Sometimes, I wish I could become half of your heart. That way, I can help you take on some kind of burden like a fool whos willing to bear the burden! she murmured softly, then gently took away his hand that held hers tightly. She fixed the blanket for him before carefully leaving the bedroom and closing the door.

After she walked out of the bedroom, she was still worried, so she called Ah Mo.

When he received Xi Xiayes call, Ah Mo was still on the way home.

Hello? Sis-in-law? Ah Mos voice was a little anxious because he was worried that something had happened on Mu Yuchens end. The incident earlier had made him break out in cold sweat. He was also thinking about whether or not he should tell Xi Xiaye.

Ah Mo, whats wrong with your brother? He doesnt look that great, Xi Xiaye asked uneasily.

Sis-in-law Ah Mo could not help but sigh, then he could not help but tell her about what happened the entire day. As Xi Xiaye listened, her expression changed.

Dont worry too much, Sis-in-law. Just take good care of Brother. Dont let him go to work in the next few days, and get him to just stay at home with you. Brother will only listen to you. Advise him and hell listen, Ah Mo assured.

I got it. Dont worry, Xi Xiaye responded, then hung up.



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