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(Grandfather And Granddaughter (1)

Xi Xiaye was slightly shocked to only find Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo on the sofa when she came out of the kitchen with freshly made breakfast. Where are Ah Mo and Li Si? I made breakfast!

The two men stood up and walked to the dining table.

They had something to do and left earlier. Mu Yuchen pulled the chair out for her as Sis Wang served the breakfast on the table. Meanwhile, Zhou Zimo went to grab a bottle of sake and two empty cups.

Drinking so early in the morning? Xi Xiaye frowned as she looked at the two men.

Zhou Zimo finally noticed something was not right.Just a little. How come I dont see your son anywhere? Its quiet.

Master Mo, Little Master and Elder Chairman went back to the Mu residence. Theyll only return in two days. Heres your favorite dim sum. Try it! Sis Wang came over with trays of dim sum.

His parents missed their grandson, so they brought him back for a while, Xi Xiaye replied as she took the chopsticks from Sis Wang.

After a simple breakfast, Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo went out while Xi Xiaye went to the Shen residence for a visit.

Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna were busy since the holidays were coming and they had not been home for the past two weeks. With Xiao Rui going off to school as well, Shen Yue was left alone at home. However, Shen Yue was pretty energetic lately and would go out traveling sometimes. He frequently went back to Fuhua recently since Xi Xiayes arms were injured.

Shen Yue was playing the accordion by the window in the study room with Mu Ziruis exercise books piled on the coffee table right next to his glasses. He was probably checking his homework just moments before.

Grandpa, this thing is quite heavy. Why dont you try some other instruments like theerhuor a flute? I remember Grandma used to tell me that youre talented at a variety of instruments,Xi Xiaye suggested as she helped Shen Yue put the accordion aside.

Im so old. How am I going to learn right now? Shen Yue touched his own head gingerly and sighed.

Xi Xiaye smiled. You learn as you age. Its never too late! Youll live a very long life after all, and you have to fill your time up with new things to learn!

Wont I become a cursed being then? Ive already got one foot in the coffin. I dont expect to live very long. Im glad enough to see all of you living happily. Your grandma has been waiting for me for a very long time.

Grandpa Xi Xiaye could not bear to listen to the rest, so she quickly interrupted him, Youre going to see Xiao Rui and Xiao Cheng grow up. Please dont say things like that.

After having witnessed death a few times, Xi Xiaye was very sensitive now. There had been Xi Jiyang, Sis Lan, Deng Wenwen, and Wang Qin

Many things had left together with them, and her memories about them started to fade as well, but she would think about them sometimes like Deng Wenwen and Xi Jiyang

The sorrowful past had gone along with them, leaving only regrets behind. Their lives could have been happier, yet they had to be involved in this mess. Even when she thought she would never be bothered, she could not escape from it just like the matters regarding Xi Xinyi and Gu Lingsha.

Shen Yue noticed Xi Xiaye seeming a little troubled. He glanced at her forehead and arms. He then took a deep breath and said, We cant fight time anyway, can we? Ive heard about what happened to both Ah Chen and you in the past few months. Youve got to be careful.

Grandpa, Ive got something to ask you. Its related to those incidents. Xi Xiaye brought Shen Yue over to sit down on the sofa. Then, she also poured a cup of tea for him.

Whats the matter? Did you rush back here just to ask me some questions instead of visiting me? Shen Yue shot her a cold stare as he pouted slightly.

Of course not! I came back to spend some time with you. I wont ask if you dont like it then. Xi Xiaye looked at the petulant Shen Yue and smiled.

Shen Yues expression then softened. He drank some tea before looking at her. Speak up. Whats the matter?

Xi Xiaye coughed slightly and grinned. She quickly sat closer and grabbed his shoulder. Grandpa, youre pretty close to CEO Hua from Hua Heng, right? Although the land for South River Project No. 2 has been taken by Qi Kai, they are taking most of their materials from Hua Heng like those high-quality waterproof steel plates. Im hoping that you can convince CEO Hua to keep them for now. From what I know, those materials are going to be shipped over from City B. The Movie City thats being developed by Mu Yuchen and CEO Li in City B needs the same materials as well. I spoke with CEO Hua the other day and he said hell think about it.

Whats there to think about? Youre saving him shipping costs! I bet hes just waiting for me to talk to him! That old man! Shen Yue got a little irritated!

Movie City isnt your only goal, is it?

Shen Yue squinted his eyes at her, his sharp eyes were able to see through her.

Just want to have some integrity in our collaboration, also Qi Kai

Alright, Ill call Hua Heng later and tell him to give you the materials. However, although wed have saved him some shipping fees, youll have to negotiate the price with him. He was pretty upset with me regarding what happened to the land for South River Project No. 2 the last time, and he wont be satisfied unless he gets something back, Shen Yue reminded her.

Xi Xiaye nodded. Dont worry, Grandpa. We will give him a big reward if he agrees to give us the materials.

Hua Heng is a powerful company. You need to keep in touch with them. There arent many property developers that are as powerful as them. I probably wouldve fallen behind if I didnt work hard enough back in the days. Hua Heng has had roughly a century-long history in this industry. You have to learn more from Zilang and be keen on learning information so that you can make sound judgments accurately according to different clients.


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