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(Sad (2)

Zhou Zimo was shocked. He could not believe what he had just heard.

Thats impossible! Zhou Zimo yelled, How is that possible? Lingtian isnt someone like that! Hes not!

Mu Yuchens eyes looked a little lost as well, but he looked at him calmly. You cant believe it either, can you?

Zhou Zimo straightened his back and frowned as he looked straight back at Mu Yuchen. From what I know about Lingtian, I doubt hed do something like that. Lingtian isnt greedy like Qi Feng. Isnt he just trying to throw you off?

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened. He drank some bitter tea before speaking, I really dont know how to verify Qi Fengs words. After all these years, I kind of realized that I might have failed as a brother. At least, I dont think I really know Lingtian, dont you think? He glanced uncertainly at Zhou Zimo.

Zhou Zimo quieted down and was deep in thought. His expression seemed hesitant when he looked up again. No matter what, it doesnt sound possible! Lingtian isnt that kind of person. Its very likely that Qi Feng is playing mind games with you. Dont fall for it!Zhou Zimo sighed.

Mu Yuchen had a feeble reaction since he had calmed down after thinking about it for several days. He straightened his back and put the teacup back onto the table. Maybe its because were too trustful, it might be difficult to believe the truth. Ill never know Lingtian any better than Qi Feng. I know he had some issues with me. He was probably closer to Ah Mo than to me. It might not be too difficult to verify the truth since we can find out by asking my parents.

Uncle Mu? Zhou Zimo raised his eyebrows and looked at Mu Yuchen in surprise. How is this related to them?

Mu Yuchens fingers brushed past his eyebrows as he replied, Qi Feng said my parents know this the best, so I wanted to verify it with them, but then I realized it wasnt really necessary. It doesnt matter what the truth is because the war between Qi Feng and I has already begun.

Hes disabled. I doubt he can fight against us! Zhou Zimos expression turned cold.

Its good to be confident, but I wouldnt have to make so many plans to go against him if hes that easy of an opponent. Im not worried about him coming at me or Glory World head-on. Instead, Im worried about Xiaye and the others. Things havent been so peaceful lately, and it might get even more dangerous in the future. Mu Yuchens tone sounded grim.

Just do your best. Dont let your worries limit you, or else youll cease to be the same Mu Yuchen as before, said Zhou Zimo as he patted Mu Yuchens shoulder.

Mu Yuchen smiled and looked at the hand on his shoulder. The old me ceased to exist a long time ago

He turned his head and looked at the busy woman working around in the kitchen. A warm smile appeared on his face as he continued, I need to pay a price to get something I want. Im happy with my life right now. Im happy with myself right now.

Im not going to comment on that. Youve probably changed the most among the three of us in the past few years! Whatever, but Im still going to remind you again, let me know if you need help with anything. The system for Qi Lei has been completed. Hes quite a capable man. He sent in a lot of forces over, many of them consisting of higher-ups from Qi Kai. People will probably gossip that you poached them, and youre going to have to bear the burden again. Zhou Zimo stared at Mu Yuchen helplessly. Seriously, you dont look like someone who would be bullied. Why would you do so much for Qi Lei this time?

Mu Yuchen replied, Im expecting returns although theres no guarantee. If Qi Lei is indeed capable, hell produce results after I leave Chenye Movies and Televisions in his hands, and hell prepare to start his own company at the same time. It might be a big win for both of us. Do note that although Glory World is resourceful, we cant be on par with Qi Kai in the showbiz. The fact that they could revive the near-dead Yueying to be successful again is an amazing feat.

Zhou Zimo nodded in agreement. Thats true, especially the part Wang Qin was in charge of. They are really focused on the movies and television industry, so is thiswhat makes you think Qi Lei can be a great partner?

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath in. I wont deny that I had those thoughts before, but when Wang Qin passed away, she asked Xiaye to take care of Qi Lei. Xiaye made a promise that wed treat Qi Lei like a younger brother. Although Im not a kind savior, I dont want to make Xiaye break her promise to the deceased.

Afterward, I realized Qi Lei wasnt as much of a b*stard as the rumors made him out to be. Like Xiaye, he has a brave heart hidden under his protective surface. He just needs some help, and I can help, so why not? Mu Yuchen was being totally honest with Zhou Zimo right now. I hope that you and Su Chen can at least think of him as a friend. This matters not only right now, but in the future too. Its always better to have more friends anyway.

Zhou Zimo paused before nodding. Alright, I got it. Actually, Im quite fond of him. He can fit in with us just right!



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