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(Sad (1)

Right now, Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha arent who we should be worried about.

Mu Yuchens deep voice was heard as he lowered his head to take a sip of tea and pondered before he continued, Instead, we need to be fighting for extra time for Qi Lei. If he wants to move some things in Qi Kai, hell need a few months, half a year, or even longer doing it by himself. Its probably impossible. I can only help him up to here right now, and hell have to take care of the rest.

Master, if we want to do these things in a hush-hush way, Im afraid it wont be so easy. After all, Qi Feng and Qi Qiming arent fools. Doing so will definitely be quite a big move that theyll definitely notice, Li Si quickly pointed out his view.

Then, well have to see Qi Leis capabilities. The reason I used these scandals to set up a hindrance for Qi Feng was also to buy Qi Lei more time. Besides, our chess piece, Xi Xinyi, should begin to work. If we want to distract Qi Feng and Qi Qiming, it wont be something that Qi Lei can easily do alone. When Mu Yuchen said this, his dark eyes seemed hard to read.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Zimo found it hard to believe, but Li Si and the rest understood what he meant very well.

Xi Xinyi had long been a nail that Mu Yuchen had hammered into Qi Kai. Previously, Li Si was even doubtful about the reasons his Master would do so, but now that he thought about it, he really admired the mans foresight.

Xi Xinyi had been busy with promoting the South River Project No. 2 recently. In fact, it sounded like she had been doing quite well. Gu Lingsha had begun to put her in important positions, even more so because of Xi Xinyi and Xi Xiayes relationship. Furthermore, Xi Xinyi had the Yue family behind her with another rather capable Vice President in Qi Kai, Yue Hai!

With the information that Xi Xinyi had from Mu Yuchen, she was meant to get close to Gu Lingsha so that the latter would put her in important positions! In fact, the Xi Xinyi right now was no longer the same woman from before. At least, she was now cleverer.

Upon hearing that, Ah Mo and Li Si exchanged a knowing look while Zhou Zimo looked confused. He widened his eyes at Mu Yuchen and waited for him to explain, but Li Si leaned close to him and gave him a brief explanation.

Zhou Zimos eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he stared at Mu Yuchen in admiration. Then, he laughed and said, You really are skillful! So skillfull! But I heard that Yue Hai is Qi Qimings trusted aide. Do you think hed be on your side? Why would he?

Because once Qi Lei manages to evacuate his people, hell give his 50% of shares to him! Between his so-called loyalty and such a huge benefit before him, what do you think hell choose? Mu Yuchen said, then an indifferent curve flashed on his lips. His smile was a little sinister as he gently put his teacup on the table. In fact, based on what I know, Yue Hai hasnt been too happy with Qi Qiming recently, especially with the South River Project No. 2 promotion. Qi Lei stood up to defend Xi Xinyi, so both of them should probably be leaning towards him a little more.

Previously, because of Qi Lei and Qi Qimings scandal, Qi Kais shares were severely affected. Many people in Qi Kai had been against Qi Lei, but Yue Hai and Xi Xinyi were smart. They chose to watch from the sidelines.

Master, thats because Xi Xinyi knows youre around! She obviously wouldnt dare be reckless! Li Si piped up.

Ah Mo nodded in agreement. Bro, since you already have it all planned out, after this, just leave anything else for me to arrange!

Mu Yuchen did not say anything and just leaned back against the chair as his dark eyes shifted. They did not know what he was thinking. Moments later, they heard him say, Ah Mo, just be with Lingshi. Ill handle things on my end. Li Si, meet Xi Xinyi for me. Remember to go in secret. You should know what to say. Also, help me make an appointment with Qi Lei. Get him to come to my office tomorrow or the day after!Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

Upon hearing that, Ah Mo and Li Si exchanged a look. They nodded together and then got up.

Alright then, well leave first!

Mu Yuchen nodded gently.

Brother, watch your health. Dont be

I got it. Dont worry.

Upon seeing that Mu Yuchen looked much better, Ah Mo left, feeling assured.

Zhou Zimo lay down on the sofa leisurely as he watched Ah Mo and Li Sis figure slowly vanish out of the doorway. Averting his gaze after a while, he thought about something, then his gaze stopped on Mu Yuchens handsome face.

I heard that Qi Feng met you. Whats the situation? Dont you plan on saying something? I heard that youve been in bad shape these past few days. Even though Ah Mo was stammering when I asked him, Im guessing that there mustve been some problems. Otherwise, he wouldnt be so worried! Also, what does being in bad shape mean? It didnt sound right to me, so I came over to take a look, Zhou Zimo expressed the reason he had come.

Qi Feng

When he heard the name, Mu Yuchens eyes clouded over slightly. He looked at Zhou Zimo from the corner of his eye and asked, What did Ah Mo tell you?

Zhou Zimo shrugged while concern filled his elegant face. Of course, he didnt tell me anything. Would I need to come here just to ask you otherwise? Su Chen will be home soon too. Hes landing tomorrow. If he knew about this, hed probably be as curious as me.

When those voices of concern entered his ear, Mu Yuchen found it comforting. However, he had only felt depressed and pained then. Right now, he felt much better and was more open about it.

We did meet on a weekend morning. It was even raining, and we were in front of Lingtians tombstone, Mu Yuchen answered calmly.

What did he say? Did he tell you why Lingtian did what he did? Zhou Zimo clearly cared about this question very much too.

Mu Yuchen breathed in slightly and lifted a hand to massage between his brows. He said that Lingtian agreed to help them run away because Qi Feng had promised to get Glory World for Lingtian. Also, Lingtian died because he was protecting Gu Lingsha. In his final moments, she said that shed once liked him, and he believed it, so he willingly protected her and died.



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