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(Warm Night (2)

Ill see if you can satisfy me, hmm? He chuckled gently as his hand slid down her arm to her waist

Mr. Mu, this suddenly makes me think of when we planned our wedding on the West Coast of America. When we first went over, Aunt Susan welcomed us with a similar scene.

He pulled at her, and when he leaned against her, he said softly by her ear,Of course, I remember. We were a little younger then, and things were a little simpler.

Its been over a year now. Actually, I always think of those timesthe way you were, the way we were, and our wedding

Do you want me to marry you again? He held her slender waist, and with a fluid dance step, she turned. Her skirt made one beautifully elegant curve after another. The two of them seemed to be one in that instant. Anyone could see that the husband and wife complimented each other harmoniously with pure chemistry!

One wedding is enough. I only wanted to have a wedding like that in my lifetime, and youve already given it to me. We still have a long way to go from here. We just need to reminisce it, appreciate it, and cherish every moment we have, she said calmly.

In that instant, he hugged her tightly by the waist and leaned her backward. With one long leg hooked around him, she threw him a seductive look with her charming eyes. What do you think, Mr. Mu?

My Missus is really easily contented. Im so lucky!

He chuckled and his arms that were around her waist tightened. Xi Xiaye was practically on his chest. As his calm lips brushed past her ears, he inhaled her wonderful scent again. In his deep voice, he chided, But, Missus, youre too easily contented. This puts me at a loss.

Thats yourmale chauvinistic side talking! Her pink lips pursed as she smiled and reprimanded him slightly. She wanted to struggle out of his embrace, yet he already stopped what he was doing and carried her up by the waist.

Hey, put me down!

In your dreams! Do you think youll be able to get away with teasing me like that?

He was already in the negatives when it came to being immune to her, not just when it came to that look of hers. Even if it was just getting a whiff of her faint fragrance and her elegant demeanor, he was already certain that he was a beast that wanted to gobble her up.

He carried her all the way back to Maple Residence. The husband and wife made their way upstairs in a frenzy

Thankfully, there was no one else at home apart from Sis Wang. In fact, without the permission of them, Sis Wang would not enter their room. Otherwise, Xi Xiaye would die of embarrassment.

The husband and wifes clothes were tossed all over the place from the door to their bedroom

After a few rounds of tussling under the sheets, Xi Xiaye panted as she held the blanket to her chest. She breathed heavily and turned to look at the man beside her. She noticed that he was lying down calmly with his eyes gently shut. His noble and handsome face had regained its tranquility as if he was not that beast-like person earlier. Xi Xiaye was annoyed at this sight, so she quickly kicked him.

He then half-opened his eyes and squinted at her before he reached out to pull her in his arms again as he comforted her, I couldnt control myself. Alright, lets sleep then since were tired.

But I want to wash up

Tomorrow he said softly, then hugged her tighter.

The next morning, when Xi Xiaye woke up, it was already past 9 a.m. and he was gone from her side, but faint traces of his warmth remained in between the sheets.

When she was done washing up, she went downstairs and saw that a few men were seated in the living room.

They were Mu Yuchen, Ah Mo, Li Si, and Zhou Zimo!

Xi Xiaye subconsciously trodded gently, yet the people on the sofa noticed her.

Good morning, Sis-in-law!

Good morning!

Good morning, Missus!

The few of them greeted Xi Xiaye almost at the same time, so she smiled and said, Good morning. Why are you all so early?

We have some urgent matters we rushed over to discuss, Ah Mo answered.

Xi Xiaye nodded calmly. She looked to her man who responded with a calm gaze. He said in his deep voice, Go to the kitchen and see if Sis Wangs done with the breakfast.

Mmm, sit around then. Ill go take a look. Xi Xiaye did not disturb them as she picked up her steps and walked towards the kitchen.

Bro, I just received Chief Chens message. Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha have just registered for their marriage this morning. Right now, the two of them are considered husband and wife. In fact, they seemed to have been caught by the reporters. Ive already verified that the news is true, Ah Mo updated.

Upon hearing that, Li Si exhaled in regret. It wasnt easy to pull Gu Lingsha down. Are we just going to let her go? When I think about that woman, I just

Ah Mo felt a little sullen about it too. Xi Xiayes hands were still recovering, and it was all thanks to that woman!

Enough, no more complaining. That just shows that Qi Feng and the rest arent dumb either. Well just have to see what happens after this. Nevertheless, the incident this time has really shown Qi Feng and Qi Qiming something. Next time, let your Master do a few things himself. Let him exhibit his Prince Charming tricks, and Gu Lingsha will be pinned down for sure. I think that shes admired you for a long while now, eh? Zhou Zimo smiled faintly and looked at Mu Yuchen.

When he finished, he immediately got a cold glare from Mu Yuchen, so he subconsciously shrunk and shrugged. He covered his mouth and looked innocently at Mu Yuchen, indicating that he had nothing else to say.

Li Si fell silent for a while, then said, Master, I do think Master Mos ideas not bad. If you want to drive a wedge between Gu Qiwu and Qi Qiming, you have to let them doubt each other, and we might have a way of getting in between them.

Without responding to Li Si, Mu Yuchen said, Im looking forward to seeing what Doris thinks about the marriage between the Qis and the Gus.

Doris? Gu Lingshas mother? Zhou Zimos handsome brows were raised as he muttered out loud.



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