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(Warm Night (1)

Mu Xiaocheng was brought back to the Mu residence since Zhuang Shurong had called and said it had been a few days since she last saw her precious grandson. Wang Hui and Mu Yinan missed their plants as well, thus they all went back for several days.

Xi Xiaye agreed. Mu Xiaocheng was more comfortable around strangers now since many different people took care of him.

Youve completed all my work scheduled for next Monday, Mrs. Mu. I have to say youre not all that stupid! Youre really efficient at handling work.

Im giving you the experience of being a Master at home as Ill be personally serving you, she teased him with a smile on her face. Then, she lowered her head and started arranging the documents.

While she still needed to bandage her arms, her condition was well taken care of and the pain had reduced significantly compared to two days ago. She could type now, and a scab had formed on her forehead wound which she covered up with her bangs.


He opened his eyes instantly when he heard the phrase. With a smile, he said mischievously, Dear, why dont we play a game of Master and his little servant tonight?

She rolled her eyes at him. Why dont we play the lady and her butler, or the queen and her servant? Doesnt that sound better?

Ive decided. We will settle which game to play by playing cards. He stared at her intently.

Im not playing cards with you. I always lose. Whats the point? She frowned.

Isnt there a bonfire dancing event tonight? I sponsored half of it. Lets go and take a look.

He knew that she would definitely be bored after being stuck at home for several days. When he saw the advertisement yesterday on their walk, he quickly called the organizers and provided sponsorship.

The residential area would organize these sorts of events from time to time since most people staying in the area were people with high social status and liked to mingle around, but the two of them had not participated in any of these events before.

They were pretty busy at work and usually spent their weekends resting at home or were busy working on something else. In conclusion, they did not know a lot about their neighbors.

A bonfire dancing event? Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows. She then remembered the advertisement they had seen yesterday. No wonder he made a quick phone call then!

Since when were you interested in such events? She looked at him in surprise as he stared back at her and walked towards the door.

Why not? Go and change now. Itd be great to get to know our neighbors. He then disappeared out of the door. She shrugged and quickly cleaned up the table before leaving the study room.

The man had already changed into a suit when she entered the bedroom. There was a long purple dress on the bed. His intention was obvious.

What are you looking at? Get changed quickly! I guess it has already started, he reminded as he straightened his sleeves when she just stood by the door quietly.

Xi Xiaye looked outside the window and noticed that the sky had already turned dark. The streetlamps started to be turned on as well. With a nod, shewent into the bathroom with the dress.

When they were ready to leave, it was 8 p.m. The event was being held at the Grand Waves Villa center plaza and had already started when they head over.

The huge bonfire was burning brightly while joyful sounds of cheer and laughter came from all around as everyone was having fun. Xi Xiaye was affected by the atmosphere immediately and seemed to be enjoying it.

It was a dance and buffet party. Because Mu Yuchen was pretty famous in the neighborhood, many people came over to greet them, so they smiled and made conversation with them.

Xi Xiaye felt a little tipsy after having some drinks. As she wanted to drag him aside to take a short break, the slow music suddenly changed into a fast-paced tango, exciting her slightly when she heard the gentle melody.

The crowd quickly joined the dance floor in twos.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows when she saw people dancing around freely. She carefully glanced at the man beside her, and unexpectedly, he was looking at her too.

She smiled and emptied her glass of wine. Then, she carelessly threw the glass into the bonfire and extended her arm towards Mu Yuchen as the bonfire burned brilliantly behind her. Her smile just looked so sweet and seductive to him, making him fall for her again

He grabbed her hand without any hesitation, pulling her close and smiling as he whispered beside her ear, Ive forgotten the last time we shared a dance. If you can give me a merry dance tonight, Ill reward you!

How so?

Xi Xiaye danced along to the music, spinning around and executing a tricky move as she stayed perfectly in sync with him.



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