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They both kept quiet while the air around them became harder to breathe in.

Qi Qiming shouldve realized they cant afford to have any infighting right now, but do you really believe that Qi Qiming and Qi Lei could come to an agreement? Gu Qiwu turned to Gu Lingsha and asked.

Gu Lingsha closed her eyes and imagined it, but she shook her head soon after that. I dont know. Ive tried to convince Qi Lei to reconcile with Uncle Qi, but he always reacts intensely every time I mentioned it. Hes also been blaming Uncle Qi about what happened to Wang Qin. Ah Feng tried to force him to go to the hospital with his bodyguards, but it didnt work as well.

Wang Qin posed as an uncrossable realm between the two of them, but like what you just said, Qi Qiming has changed his attitude towards Qi Lei. Exactly what was different?

I feel that Uncle Qi has been quite defensive of Qi Lei during company meetings. Ever since he was discharged from the hospital, I dont quite understand why hes changed. The two of them would usually argue during meetings, but it didnt happen this time! Uncle Qi was oddly patient with him as well, Gu Lingsha recalled.

They must have some kind of deal with each other. Gu Qiwu pointed out very quickly as understanding flashed in his eyes, Qi Lei is Qi Qimings son after all. Theres no way he could just give up on him so easily, no matter how much he favors Qi Feng.

Gu Qiwus eyes suddenly darkened. As he suddenly thought of something, his hands shuddered slightly. Then, he raised his head and looked far ahead.

Gu Lingsha felt a little awkward in the quiet situation. She then noticed that her father seemed dazed. As she was hesitating to speak, his voice reached her. You have to remember, you can forget about him once youre sure hes lost the ability to reach that position. You guys should agree with whatever methods Qi Qiming thought of compensating him with.

Gu Qiwu was surprised that he would come up with this, but it was even more surprising to Gu Lingsha who had been thought to be ruthless!

For some reason, Gu Qiwu started to think about Mu Lingshi, his other daughter, the one that he had never given any care for.

He could not imagine the storm that would explode if this was exposed one day!

Mu Yuchen must have realized it, hence his decision to compromise, but Gu Qiwu had no idea how he could face the storm. He also did not know how he should face Mu Lingshi. He should have had a son as well, but he had died

Who should he blame that accident on?

Mu Yuchen?

Gu Lingsha?

Or Qi Feng?

Or himself?

All of this could not be sorted out clearly. In order to make himself feel better, he chose to believe that everything happened because of Mu Yuchens cruelty. He did not want to see the sisters fighting between each other, but he knew that the chances of having a peaceful day were extremely low once the truth was exposed.

Father, whats wrong? Gu Lingsha noticed that something was not right.

Gu Qiwu quickly came back to his senses when he heard her voice.

Just do what I tell you. Ill be heading back to City B these few days. A lot of work has piled up back at the company, so I can only return in a few days. By then, I hope this crisis will be already left in the past when I come back. Qi Feng and you will become a registered couple. You have my blessings. Gu Qiwus voice was filled with happiness and he seemed to be looking forward to it.

Yes, Father! Gu Lingsha nodded.

Gu Qiwu stood up from the rattan chair. Lets go. Stay here for dinner tonight. Ill have the chef cook some of your favorite dishes.

Let me cook for you. Ill go and take a look at the ingredients in the kitchen. With a smile, she grabbed her handbag and clung onto Gu Qiwus arm as they both walked into the house.

The evening afterglow covered Maple Residence in peace and serenity. The whole place felt really tranquil.

In the study room on the second floor of Maple Residence, Xi Xiaye was reading through the documents before her with several other documents spread out on the table. She typed on the keyboard from time to time, keying in some data and creating a chart.

As she was busy working, the man was sitting on the rattan chair with his eyes closed. He was bathing in the afterglow of the evening sunset.

Xi Xiaye looked through and did not find the data, so she asked the man beside the window, Didnt the Commerce Department hand in the data for New Era Plaza? Why do I only have the data for Imperial Sky Entertainment City?

I left it in the office. Ill ask Li Si to deliver it later. His eyes were still closed when he replied.

Frowning, she glanced at the time at the corner of the laptop screen. Its past working hours now. Never mind, Ill call him. She had already picked up her phone and called Li Si before he could say anything.

In the past two days, Xi Xiaye forbade Mr. Mu from doing any work and told him to just rest. She did not even let him touch any documents. She used some of her free time to help him do anything she could. At night, they would just stay at home for a movie or go out for a short walk after dinner.



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