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(Fury (3)

Shocked, Gu Lingsha bit her lower lip lightly as her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction when she looked at Gu Qiwu whosquinted at her angrily. Have you forgotten what I told you?

Father, Xi Xiaye provoked me! You just didnt see her. She left no room for me to breathe. I thought shed learn her lesson after her arms were hurt! We should get rid of her first. Mu Yuchen is really concerned about her. If we create some kind of accident Gu Lingsha was desperately searching for an excuse for herself.

Thats enough, Lingsha! I dont know how you became so stubborn. I already told you not to mess with them. Did you actually listen to me! Gu Qiwu was annoyed. Its a critical period right now. Qi Kai has just only stabilized, and your marriage with Qi Feng has barely been announced, yet youve stirred up this mess right now. Have you ever thought about the consequences of your actions? You know very well what could happen.

But, Father, I cant just let her

I dont know what kind of person Xi Xiaye is, but I do know you very well. You promised me you wouldnt do anything without consulting me. You must know whats important to us right now. Whats the point of getting involved with them at this point in time?! He shot her a disapproving glance.

Although Gu Lingsha could not accept it, she knew she was at fault, so she lowered her head and took a deep breath. Noticing that her father was so worked up, she apologized, Im sorry. I acted recklessly.

Gu Qiwu looked away and drank some tea from the cup beside him. Youve not been looking very well recently. Dont forget your purpose here! You guys dont even have the resources to fight Mu Yuchen right now. Qi Qiming is a cautious man as well. What do you think hes thinking now that this has happened?

Gu Qiwus tone was grim. He put the teacup down before looking at Gu Lingsha. Ive reminded you that Qi Feng is getting impatient as well. You understand your relationship with Mu Yuchen the best. Itll be horrible if the reporters manage to find out about the past. Why would you even be alone with Mu Yuchen?

Father, I didnt know he was on the veranda at the time. I felt a little dizzy after having slightly too much to drink, so I went out to get some fresh air and didnt expect to see him thereIts already too late to say anything now. Dont be too worried about it, Father. Uncle Qi invited some media portals to cover some news on my life with Ah Feng. Those rumors will go away on its own when people see how happy we are together! Gu Lingsha explained.

Do you take everyone as idiots? Only Qi Qiming could think of stupid ideas like that. Gu Qiwu was not impressed.

What should I do then? Gu Lingsha frowned and asked for advice.

Gu Qiwu leaned back in his chair. Register your marriage with Qi Feng right away and get your marriage certificate earlier. Try to leak the news to the media. You should also go to work as usual. They wont be able to get anything if youre innocent.

His thoughts were the polar opposite of Qi Qimings!

But Uncle Qi told me to stay at home for now, and Ah Feng agreed as well. Moreover, Weiwei hasnt been doing very well lately. Im worried Gu Lingsha frowned.

Youre making yourself seem guilty if you try to hide. Its a critical period for South River Project No.2 right now and people will take advantage of your incident, especially Qi Lei. You need to be constantly on your toes around him, understand?

Qi Lei? Beware of him? Gu Lingsha was puzzled. He doesnt seem suspicious, does he?

Gu Qiwu chuckled. Not suspicious? You should be vigilant of him simply with the fact that hes getting closer to Mu Yuchen.

Arent you overthinking this? Qi Leis forces have reduced significantly ever since Wang Qins death. Hes just a little project manager in the company right now who carries the empty title of Vice President. Uncle Qi doesnt really trust him, so itll be very difficult for him to get an important position. Uncle Qi also mentioned letting Qi Feng get used to the companys operations. He should be handing Qi Kai over to him soon.

Gu Lingsha did not think Qi Lei was a threat at the moment since Qi Qiming was probably very disappointed in him right now.

Is what you said true? Gu Qiwu squinted at Gu Lingsha. How come I heard that Qi Lei landed a big project?

A big project?

Gu Lingsha suddenly remembered the project in City B. Thats thanks to Wang Qins subordinates. He was lucky that he didnt screw up. She did not seem very happy because she remembered very well that Qi Lei had been pushing her into a corner, especially after saying those words to her the other day.

Anything can happen before Qi Feng successfully takes over Qi Kai. Qi Qimings attitude towards Qi Lei is the key. I heard that theyve been getting along lately. What happened?

Gu Lingsha gave it some thought before answering, They are being a little odd recently. Actually, I can sense that Uncle Qi has been treating Qi Lei a little differently ever since he was discharged from the hospital.

Gu Qiwus eyes darkened.



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