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(Fury 2)

When Ah Yong said that, Gu Qiwus calm face froze for a while as his sharp and deep eyes dimmed.

Boss, do we want to give Madam a call? If we dont discuss such a huge thing with her, Im worried that shell still be angry, and thats why shes ignoring it. Even if Master Qi Feng and Miss Lingshas matter is settled while Miss Weiweis all grown up, Madam is still quite vague about this marriage. She doesnt seem too happy with Master Qi Feng either. Nonetheless, she still fancies Mu Yuchen. In fact, with Miss Weiwei

As Ah Yong spoke, his voice became softer towards the end because he noticed that Gu Qiwus expression had darkened and was not as calm as before.

Keep talking, Gu Qiwu instructed.

Ah Yong trembled a bit before he bowed and continued softly, Especially when it comes to something as important as a marriage, Madam found out from other channels. She definitely wont feel great about it. Furthermore, because of Miss Weiwei, Miss Lingsha and Madam fought. Im worried that after this incident, Miss Lingsha and Madams relationship will worsen. Even though Madam usually dotes on Miss Lingsha, everyone knows that when it comes to certain matters, she has her principles.

Shes just too principled! Even her daughter cant stand it either. Gu Qiwu just sighed deeply, lamenting as he stopped what he was doing again. He thought about it for a long time, then said, Tell Butler Fang to tidy up the place and buy some things that Madam likes to decorate the place with. Also, prepare more clothes and shoes in the styles that she likes.

When he heard the orders, Ah Yong was stunned. He stammered in confusion, B-boss, are we preparing these things because Madam is coming over? S-shes still in England though!

Gu Qiwu continued to use the cutter in his hand as he lowered his gaze. Knowing her, shell be back soon. In fact, shell come here right away, so its best to prepare these things earlier.

Ah Yong obviously knew what Doris liked since he had been by Gu Qiwus side all these years. He knew how Gu Qiwu doted on Doris. Anything she wanted, he would do his best to fulfill her. To other people, it all seemed like he was displaying his loyal love for her, but Ah Yong could vaguely feel that the husband and wife had an abnormal relationship.

Of course, Ah Yong had not personally witnessed anything odd between them. He just felt like something was weird.

Yes, I got it, Boss! Ah Yong lowered his head and responded. He was about to retreat when there was the sound of rhythmic footsteps.

Click-clack, click-clack.

It was the sound of high-heeled shoes against the floor. Gu Lingsha was back!

The two of them exchanged a glance, then looked towards the sound. Indeed, they saw Gu Lingsha marching towards them.

You can go first, Gu Qiwu said calmly.

Yes, Boss! Ah Yong replied before he quickly retreated to the corridor on the other side.

Father! Gu Lingsha quickly walked to Gu Qiwu, and looked puzzledly at the departing Ah Yong.

Gu Qiwu was still working on the money tree as he replied calmly,Youre back!

With a nod, she set aside her handbag on the table, then quietly went up to him. Father, youve asked me to rush home b-because Gu Lingsha stammered and did not finish what she was saying. She just looked at Gu Qiwu silently while her blue eyes were filled with a faint light. At the same time, her beautiful and moving face showed a hint of unease.

Gu Qiwu then put down the scissors in his hand and looked around at the trimmed pots of plants. Generally satisfied, he took the towel from the side to wipe his hands as he turned to Gu Lingsha behind him.

What else could it be? The entire City Z is reporting about this, so Id like to hear you explain it.

Gu Lingsha could not tell how he was feeling, but when she faced that question, she subconsciously trembled and could not help but feel wronged. Father, I dont know what happened either! But I think someone must have framed me! I suspect that it was Mu Yuchen. However, I couldnt find any evidence!

Gu Qiwus dark eyes squinted as he examined her, then turned slowly to sit down on the rattan chair. Suspicions remain suspicions. If you want to prove whether he did it, you need evidence. To suddenly make a move on you isnt Mu Yuchens style. What else have you been doing behind my back? His voice started to sound stern.

Her expression turned pale, and she subconsciously pursed her lips, not daring to make a sound.

Tell me! His deep voice had an imposing manner that did not allow resistance.

Taken by surprise, Gu Lingsha breathed in and said, I dont know if it counts as something! A few days ago, Weiwei had a minor incident at school. Coincidentally, it was that adopted son of Xi Xiayes, so I gave Xi Xiaye a little lesson. I dont know if it was because of that

Fool! Before she could finish, Gu Qiwus crisp reprimand was heard. I already told you before that Mu Yuchen isnt someone to easily provoke. Did you not hear me?

When he harshly scolded her, Gu Lingshas face turned even paler. She explained sadly, Father, you cant blame me for that! That was because Xi Xiaye kept trying to provoke me! I cant keep letting her step all over me. Even her sons bullying Weiwei!

As she complained, her little face was instantly colored with anger.

Lingsha, when have you become so inconsiderate about the bigger picture? he criticized her, You know very well the kind of person Mu Yuchen is. Ive warned you once before this, but you just wont listen! Ive even had to help you cover up the last time. This time, you still wont repent after being hit with the muzzle! Lingsha, youve really let me down!

Gu Lingshas expression changed and her blue eyes teared up. She sighed deeply. Father, do you want me to just keep watching on helplessly while that slut Xi Xiaye provokes me? Ive already been very patient with her! If she keeps being this arrogant, I definitely wouldnt mind

Enough! Without waiting for her to finish, Gu Qiwu coldly cut her off.



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