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(Fury (1)

Mu Yuchen nodded as he held his sons little hand to wave at Xi Xiaye. Son, call your mother!

Mu Xiaocheng became excited when he saw Xi Xiaye, so he reached out to her.

Hell probably only be talking in a few more months. Come, son, let me give you a kiss! Xi Xiaye walked over with a smile and planted a kiss on Mu Xiaochengs little face. She then picked him up and looked down at the man sitting on the bed. Take a good shower. Ive made some soup for you, and dinner will be ready soon. Ive already prepared your clothes for you in the bathroom. Youve slept for more than five hours. Do you feel better?

He pulled the thin blanket on him away and slowly got down from the bed. Im feeling much better. What delicious things did you cook? Wait, you cooked? he said as he subconsciously looked at her hand.

I was just making some soup. I couldnt make the other dishes, so I let Sis Wang take over. Grandfather and Grandmother called earlier to say they wont be coming over tonight. Right, your phone kept ringing, so I redirected it to voicemail.

Who called?

Ah Mo and a few unknown numbers. Take a look for yourself! Ill go to give him a bath. She tossed the phone to him, then brought Mu Xiaocheng out of the room.

Mu Yuchen switched on his phone. Indeed, he had many missed calls. There were calls from Ah Mo, the office, and Ah Bao. He took a look but did not respond. Instead, he just put his phone on his bedside table, then slowly got up and walked to the window.

Gu Lingsha was quite affected by this issue. Due to the pressure, she and Qi Feng had to accept Qi Qimings arrangements and let the reporters interview them about their lives. Of course, it did not include Qi Weier.

Mu Yuchens office also received many calls from the press, no doubt wanting to look into finding out the truth. He ignored all of them and let them make wild guesses.

However, because of this,the initially radiant Gu Lingsha seemed to be shrouded by a layer of gray which was not a great thing. No matter where she went, she could hear the sound of everyones discussions and doubts.

Since this incident was blown up, Gu Qiwu heard about it too. In the afternoon, after Gu Lingsha and Qi Fengs interview, he called her over.

At this moment, in the backyard of the Gu familys private manor in the suburbs of City Z, Gu Qiwu was leisurely trimming the potted plants while Ah Yong stood aside.

Boss, theres no evidence to prove that Mu Yuchen did it. He didnt leave the banquet venue either. In fact, according to the CCTV, he didnt have any intention of getting close to Miss Lingsha. According to Miss Lingshas blood test results at the hospital the other day, there wasnt anything out of the ordinary, much less any signs of hallucinogens. In regard to this, Master Qi Feng has already given up on investigating. Also, about Morrisons incident, we couldnt find the people involved according to what he told us either, Ah Yong said in a deep voice while his expression seemed solemn.

As Gu Qiwu listened, he paused what he was doing, turned around, and squinted at Ah Yong. His cold gaze made Ah Yong tremble involuntarily, so he could only lower his head and say apologetically, Im sorry, Boss! We didnt handle this well!

Abruptly, a smile widened at the corner of Gu Qiwus mouth. He lifted a hand to stop Ah Yong, then said, Its okay. The more you cant find out, the more it means that this person is good at what they do. With a simple deduction, there arent many such people left. Mu Yuchens always been good at this and he never leaves any traces behind. Even if you keep looking into it, you probably wont get much results. Im really admiring him more and more by the day! Although Gu Qiwu sounded like he spoke with a faint smile, Ah Yong picked up a hint of coldness.

Boss, do you mean that we dont have to continue investigating this? Ah Yong probed.

Theres no need. Tell everyone to stop. Gu Qiwu looked away and continued to trim the pot before him.

Yes, Boss! Got it! Ah Yong then responded softly.

I told you to follow up on Mu Lingshis end. Hows the progress with that? Gu Qiwu suddenly asked smoothly.

Oh, Boss, nothings up on Mu Lingshis end. Its the same as before, but it seems like shes pregnant. Mu Yinan and Wang Hui have been going over to her place quite often. Oh, right, Mu Lingmo might have realized our existence, so he hired a personal bodyguard for her. As a result, its harder for our people to get close.

Earlier, Ah Yong did not quite understand why his boss was so interested in Mu Lingshi. His concern seemed to even exceed the way he was with Miss Lingsha. For instance, with the incident these past few days, even when such a thing had happened, he had just frowned and watched the way things progressed, then gave Miss Lingsha a call after that.

Meanwhile, with Mu Lingshi, she was constantly under their surveillance and they tracked her down. Their boss would never waste time on such things. Could it really be that?

When Ah Yong was investigating Mu Yuchen and Mu Lingshi, he actually found out about Mu Lingshis background. According to the way his boss had been acting oddly recently and the odd way he interacted with Mu Yuchen, Ah Yong could more or less guess what was going on.

Before this, the boss would frequently go to the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club with a low profile. Later on, Ah Yong found out that Mu Lingshi had previously been a manager there! He could feel that Gu Qiwu seemed to pause at this moment before he continued what he was doing.

Are you very familiar with Mu Lingmo? Gu Qiwu asked in deep voice.

Ah Yong shook his head. Not quite familiar, but most people know about him in the streets. He was previously a skilled expert that Mu Yinan cultivated. With lots of talent, hes got influence in the circle, definitely no less than me. In fact, hes been by Mu Yuchens side for many years. The way he handled things was clearly picked up from Mu Yuchen since he paid particular attention to being swift and clean with his work without leaving a trace behind. Hes not an easy person to go against.

Looks like you perceive him quite highly. Gu Qiwu squinted at Ah Yong.

Ah Yong lowered his head respectfully and said, Boss, Id never dare underestimate the opponent. Just based on the way hes viewed highly by Mu Yuchen, and the fact that the Mu family would let Mu Lingshi marry him, he must be quite a capable person.

As Gu Qiwu listened, he nodded and stopped what he was doing. He pondered for a moment before saying, Find a chance for me to meet him. Quickly gather more information on him!

Yes, Boss! Ah Yong responded respectfully.

How are things on Madams end?

Boss, she probably already knows about Miss Lingsha and Master Qi Feng, but she hasnt made a move.



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