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(Father And Son)

One could hear the hint of fatigue in Qi Qimings voice.

As Qi Feng listened, his expression froze slightly, but he did not say anything.

Gu Lingsha thought about it, then nodded. Uncle Qi, well go with your arrangements. I dont have any thoughts about it. Im sorry. I dont know how things turned out like this. Im sorry, I

Its okay. Just be more careful next time and remember what I said to you, Qi Qiming said, then got up wearily before he walked up the stairs with the help of a walking stick.

In the living room, only Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha were left. In that instant, neither of them said anything. The silence made Gu Lingsha feel a little stifled, so she turned to look at Qi Feng, and upon seeing his expression being as calm as water while his eyes were cold, she suddenly felt uneasy.

After some struggle, she finally moved anyway to sit next to him. She gently held Qi Fengs cold hand while her blue eyes could not help but flash with vulnerability and anxiety. Ah Feng, Im sorry. Believe me. Things werent the way they wrote. Im sorry for causing trouble for you. Im really sorry! Can you As she spoke in a raspy voice, the corner of her eyes could not help but tear up.

Qi Feng only lifted a hand to pat the back of her hand as his exceptionally handsome face flashed with tenderness. His coarse voice held faint concern and warmth as he responded, No need to blame yourself. Of course, I believe you. Just take a break for a few days. Youve been quite worn out lately. Plus, itll be a good time to accompany Weiwei too.

Gu Lingsha then nodded gently. What about you?

Im fine. After all, weve gone through the worst, so would I be afraid of this little wave? Qi Feng said calmly.

I just feel like Ive disappointed you. Not only did I fail to persuade Qi Lei, but I even

When Gu Lingsha said this, she could not help butsound sorrowful. Holding Qi Fengs hands and putting them onto her face, she said sadly, It seems like things are quite bad. Ah Feng, can we always stay like this?

Qi Fengs deep eyes seemed to become brighter. Eventually, he nudged Gu Lingshas hand away and gently held her face to examine her exceptionally beautiful features. Moments later, he slowly reached out to circle her slender waist and pull her into his embrace.

Of course, well definitely be even better in time to come. Have faith in yourself for Weiwei and for our future. We havent just persevered for a day or two. No matter what happens and as stormy as it gets, Ill protect the two of you. If Mu Yuchen can do it, so can I. Qi Fengs hoarse voice was filled with certainty. At the final part of his determined answer, a sharp light shone in his eyes.

Gu Lingsha went along with him and leaned into his embrace. She sniffled. Sometimes, I really resent God for being unfair to us. He let us and Weiwei suffer through so much, yet the person who caused us all this gets to do well!

Whats the point in resenting God? I dont trust fate. Do you regret giving up on him and coming with me?Qi Feng asked, suddenly peering down at Gu Lingsha. She felt like she had nowhere to hide.Visit on our vipnovel.com

Stunned for a while, she lowered her gaze to hide the mixed emotions in her eyes. Then, she shook her head and moved closer to his warm chest. As she listened to his heartbeat, she took a deep breath and responded in a raspy voice, Ive never thought of that, so theres no such thing as regretting it or not. Since Ive chosen you, Ill stay with you till the end without a doubt.

Upon hearing that, Qi Fengs calm face slowly softened with a hint of warmth. He pulled her from his embrace and looked down at her. Ill remember what you said today.

Gu Lingsha paused and looked up close at his extremely charming face. She was suddenly entranced by him. Moments after that, she could not help but close in. With her head lifted, her soft lips met with his cold and seductive lips.

Qi Feng did not reject her as he held her tighter

The rain kept falling as the sky gradually turned dark amidst the gloomy, hazy shower.

In the bedroom on the second floor of Maple Residence in the Grand Waves Villa area.

Mu Yuchen slowly opened his eyes. When he heard the sound of the rain, he subconsciously turned to look out of the window, and then realized it was already dark outside. The dim light inside the bedroom came from the wall lamp by the window.

Mu Yuchen propped himself up in bed, yet he had just moved when he suddenly felt like something was pulling at his shirt. Quickly, he lowered his gaze, and indeed, his son was lying on the bed, pointing his little legs and pulling at his shirt. He murmured some alien language while clenching his little fists. By that manner of his, he probably wanted to get up but was still too little, so he was not strong enough. As a result, he was now getting anxious.

When he saw Mu Yuchen looking at him, the little guy suddenly became very excited. He waved his little arms as if he was asking his father to come over and help out. His gem-like eyes were filled with an active light. As Mu Yuchen watched him, he suddenly felt like his sons eyes looked very much like his mothers!

His heart suddenly became as soft as cotton. He quickly reached out to carry him up and let him sit on his belly before he gently pinched his little face and said softly, Little guy, how did you get here? Wheres your mother? Hmm?

Mu Xiaocheng obviously did not understand what he said. He waved his hands clumsily. With a smack, he touched Mu Yuchens handsome face and fell forward. His soft little body clearly had no sense of sitting steadily, so he rolled over to his side.

Surprised, Mu Yuchen subconsciously reached out to carry him up. Son! Are you trying to scare your father?

Oblivious to the dangers of the world, Mu Xiaochengs little chuckles filled the air. He flashed a dazzling smile at Mu Yuchen as saliva slid down the corner of his mouth.

Mu Yuchen helped him wipe his mouth, then he got up and lowered his head to kiss the little cheeks. Looks like youre going to be a foodie in the future too, eh? Open up your mouth. Let me see if youve got teeth!

He was about to switch on the lights when there was a movement from the doorway, then the bedroom was instantly bright.

Youre awake!

Xi Xiaye walked in and saw the father and son sitting on the bed. To her relief, he looked much better, unlike the way he seemed worn out earlier.



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