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(Defend (3)

I know what happened, but Im surprised about the incident.

Qi Feng left the papers on the table as he glanced at Qi Qiming and Qi Lei. Whats wrong? Are you going to leave as soon as I come back?

Qi Feng was not portraying any particular emotions, but Qi Lei just felt like punching him in the face! Xi Xiayes hands were still bandaged all thanks to him!

Morrisons accident should teach Qi Feng a lesson.

Qi Lei looked at him coldly. Gu Lingsha could sense the sparks in the air when their eyes met, so she quickly traded glances with Qi Qiming before handing a cup of tea to Qi Feng. Have some tea!

Sit down, Qi Lei! Qi Qiming told him.

However, Qi Lei did not move an inch while Qi Feng enjoyed the tea Gu Lingsha served him. He put on a smile. Are you still angry about what happened the other day?

Qi Leis eyes darkened, but he remained silent.

If you had willingly cooperated, Xi Xiaye wouldnt have gotten hurt, but with Morrison in the hospital now, I suppose youre satisfied. You dont have to be mad. Morrison is a little rash. Im pretty sure Xi Xiaye is fine as well.

Ah Feng, Morrisons foot was broken, you Gu Lingsha frowned.

At this moment, I just hope that we dont have any infighting. I know how the whole thing unfolded, but theres no use pointing fingers right now, Qi Feng interrupted Gu Lingsha before she could finish her sentence.

Her expression clouded over, but she did not say any further as she noticed that Qi Feng was getting annoyed.

Ill investigatethis incident thoroughly. Once I find out whos behind it, I wont let that person go so easily. Xiao Lei, if youre still unhappy about what happened the other day, I dont know what to say. Still, no matter what, your father will always be your father, and Ill always be your elder brother as well. We wont do anything to harm you, Qi Feng said firmly as he threw him some sharp glances. Qi Qiming had always been impressed by his charisma. Even Gu Lingsha could feel the weight of his words.

However, it was very different for Qi Lei. He had always been carefree, and the only reaction he got was just a smile.

I dont want to pick a fight here. You know very well what happened the last time. Im not going to bug you about it, but dont take me as a fool! I can still communicate on work matters, but dont come to me for anything else other than that!

Qi Lei calmed down as he looked at Gu Lingsha. I dont really want to say this, but I feel like I should. Shasha, you once told me that you wouldnt stoop so low as to give another woman a hard time. What happened to that prideful Gu Lingsha? Lingtian is already dead, so in exchange for his death you only have endless hatred for Mu Yuchen, and now youre even involving innocent people? If thats how it is, maybe he shouldnt have saved you. Maybe you shouldve died instead!

Shut up!



Gu Lingsha was about to slap Qi Lei before he even finished his sentence, but Qi Lei was quick enough to stop her hand. As hegrabbed her arm, she cried in pain!

Do you think itll be the same as last time? Qi Leis eyes darkened. Ive already repaid everything. Dont think of yourself too highly, Gu Lingsha!He finally got angry at her egoistic nature. She assumed that she was still important to him because of the past. How much more disgusted could he feel towards this woman right now?Visit on our vipnovel.com

Her face turned pale when Qi Lei yelled at her, and her whole body trembled slightly.

What right do you have to hit me? Youre neither my mother nor my woman. Youre nothing to me! Why arent you guys saying anything right now? What right does she have to hit me? Dont make yourself such jokes! Qi Lei flung Gu Lingshas arm away, so she almost fell down, but thanks to Qi Feng holding her waist, she managed to avoid stumbling.

Qi Lei, you Gu Lingsha could not believe what Qi Lei just did. Her lips shuddered, but she was not able to complete her sentence.

Thats enough. Stop! Stop this nonsense at once! Qi Qiming could not bear to see this any longer.

Qi Lei took a deep breath and turned around. I dont want to fight here. The conflict between Mu Yuchen and you guys have nothing to do with me, so dont get me involved right now. I have a very simple method of discerning friend and foe. Im friends with anyone who can provide me with benefits! Those who are in my way will be my foe! Mu Yuchen is working on projects with Qi Kai right now, you should know what to do!

Qi Lei then left. He never turned back no matter how much Gu Lingsha and the butler called out to him.

Qi Feng was able to keep his calm the whole time. He closed his eyes when Qi Lei left, hiding the bitterness in his gaze. The living room fell into a depressing silence.

While Qi Qimings expression darkened, he did not get mad like last time. This round, he listened to Qi Lei.

Tell Vice President Yue to do everything to suppress the spread of the news. Lingsha, avoid going to the company these few days. Ill discuss how to dispel these rumors with your father. If necessary, we might have to publicize your life with Ah Feng. Well let them know about Weiweis existence and have some media to cover a story about the three of you. Its about time for Ah Feng to get public recognition as well. I dont know how long my body can last. Youll still be the one to bear my burden if that happens!



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