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(Defend (2)

Qi Lei was already creating a clear border between them!

Gu Lingshas face turned pale as she shot him a disappointed glance. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she turned her head away, not knowing what else to say to him.

Qi Qiming observed their exchange. Unable to bear seeing Gu Lingsha like this, he frowned and reprimanded, How could you say that, Qi Lei?

Qi Lei did not want to waste any more time. Some truths are difficult to hear. Dont always blame others for everything. Just tell me what you want to say since I dont have much time. I have an appointment later!

Qi Lei, I know youre very unhappy with me, but dont you think that youre very defensive about Xi Xiaye now? I hope you can explain yourself in front of Uncle Qi today! Just what did Xi Xiaye do to make you defend her?! Dont you know about the conflict between us?

It was not difficult to notice that Qi Lei was defending Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen, thus Gu Lingsha was very annoyed. Her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Qi Qimings expression darkened even further and he threw Qi Lei a sharp glance. I dont care about your relationship with them. Be it Xi Xiaye or Mu Yuchen, you have to make your boundaries clear and recognize who your friends and your foes are! His deep voice was filled with disapproval as well.

I know very well who my friends and my foes are, and I definitely know what Im doing. There are traces and evidence that will lead us to the truth. You may think that Im trying to be defiant right now, but you know very well the consequences if this conversation were to be exposed.

Qi Lei did not want to expose his cover after enduring things for so long. In the end, endurance was the key!

Qi Qimings strained face softened slightly, but Gu Lingsha could not suppress her anger. She firmly believed that Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen must be involved in this, and she hated herself for having said those things to Mu Yuchen! Those were words she had buried deep within herself. How could she ever face that stone-hearted man again!? She could already imagine his sarcastic expression towards her!

Gu Lingsha was not a nobody. At the very least, she was the daughter of the Hui Gu Corporations President and her mother was a British royal descendant. How could she allow a man to humiliate and look down on her like a clown!?

This sudden realization made Gu Lingsha even madder and her anger amplified when she thought about Xi Xiaye!

Qi Weier had reverted to her shut-down state when she just came back. She stopped talking to Gu Lingsha and her eyes were filled with fear whenever she looked at her!

Gu Lingsha was anxious, but she could not do anything about it. She only blamed herself for not being able to exercise self-control!

I had a conflict with her the other day at Weiweis school. I dont think shell just let it go! Gu Lingsha looked at Qi Lei and complained, No matter who did this, they are definitely coming for me. If I find out whos behind this

I thought your priority now is to suppress the news. After all, you just announced your marriage with Qi Feng. Are you trying to embarrass him now? Qi Lei spoke without an ounce of emotion on his face as if he did not care at all.

Uncle Qi Gu Lingsha seemed really worried and exhausted.

Qi Qiming was buried in long, deep thoughts. He then turned to Qi Lei, If thats the case, Ill leave this to you.

You might want to leave this to the almighty Qi Feng instead. I have no idea what I can do. Moreover, I didnt create this mess. He should solve his own issue. I was made to do the same back then, wasnt I? Moreover, you know very well what kind of relationship we have. Do not overstep the boundaries as my patience is limited, or else, you can take the same advice you gave me: leave City Z for some time and only come back when the rumors go away. They cant do anything without you around anyway, so theyll stop caring after some time.

Qi Lei then stood up decisively. Alright, I have some matters to attend to. Thats all from me. Take it or leave it.

As he was about to leave, he heard some voices from outside.

First Master, youre back! It was the butlers voice!

Qi Leis eyes darkened as he was reminded about the information he got from Xi Xiaye!

Qi Feng and Mu Yuchen had met that morning. He could tell from Xi Xiayes eyes that Mu Yuchen was not in the bestcondition. As for Qi Feng

Ah Feng, where have you been? Uncle Qi and I were worried sick! Gu Lingsha went up to Qi Feng and exclaimed. Qi Lei looked over and saw Qi Feng entering with his bodyguards pushing his wheelchair.

Qi Fengs expression was extremely unfriendly. He glanced at Gu Lingsha before taking off his slightly wet coat which she took and handed to a nearby servant.

Where have you been? You werent picking up my calls! Gu Lingsha went on really worriedly. She did not miss the papers he held in his hand. Huge photos from the incident last night were printed on the front page. As she looked at Qi Feng helplessly, she was getting anxious. Ah Feng, this is

When Qi Feng signaled his bodyguard behind him, the bodyguard quickly pushed him to the sofa and helped him onto the sofa while Gu Lingsha followed behind quietly.



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