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(Defend (1)

Gu Lingsha panicked, unable to mask the anxiety in her eyes as she quickly shook her head. I dont know. He was already gone when I woke up this morning. I asked his subordinates, but they dont know where he went either! And with Morrisons incident, I think he

How can these things keep happening?! Utter nonsense! Qi Qiming was irate. Cant the reporters report something else? Lingsha, this sort of news wont come by if no flames fan them. I hope you can be more careful in the future. Your identity is different now as youve become the Qi familys daughter-in-law. I dont want to know about your relationship with Mu Yuchen in the past, and I dont want anyone else to know about it as well. Look at these pictures and write-ups. Even if they arent real, itll be a problem if it keeps spreading!

As Qi Qiming sounded really miserable, Gu Lingsha felt guilty too. Im sorry for making you worry, Uncle Qi! Ill ask my father to help suppress the news. Between Mu Yuchen and me, theres nothing between us. Please believe me. Hertone was shaky as she felt aggrieved.

Its alright. I dont mean to blame you. Our top priority now is to settle this issue. Its not the time for blame. Ive asked Qi Lei to come over and help out with this mess. Meanwhile, you should stay at home. Im sure well get over this very soon, so dont worry about it. By the way, you should probably explain this to Ah Feng. I dont want him to overthink, Qi Qiming replied worriedly.

Yes, Uncle Qi, I will. Ah Feng will believe me.

This whole incident is ridiculous. Someone might be setting you up. Well have to investigate this. Do you think Mu Yuchen might be behind this? Qi Qiming instantly suspected Mu Yuchen.

Gu Lingsha was stunned for a moment, but she gave it some thought. Mu Yuchen? Why?

Although she could not believe it, Xi Xiayes cold expression appeared in her mind almost immediately after her sentence. Their clash the other day ended with her giving Xi Xiaye a harsh warning. Could Xi Xiaye have asked Mu Yuchen to take revenge for her?

Gu Lingshas expression darkened as fury tinted her eyes. Its Xi Xiaye, Uncle Qi! The other day, I had a tiff with Xi Xiaye in Weiweis school. She probably told Mu Yuchen and thats why he must have wanted to embarrass me! That must be it! It must be that low-life womans work!

A faint, wicked chuckle came from behind them abruptly before a bemused voice said,If thats really the case, the doctors report didnt indicate any sign of intoxication or drugs like you said. Moreover, Mu Yuchen doesnt get anything out of being involved in news like this, does he? Do you think youre charming enough for Mu Yuchen to sacrifice himself in order to seduce you? Or maybe I should rephrase. Is it because youve never forgotten about Mu Yuchen, and thats why you were seduced so easily?

Both Qi Qiming and Gu Lingsha were shocked as they quickly turned around to seeQi Lei with both his hands in his pockets as he stood near the door.

Lei, youre back! Gu Lingsha smiled, trading glances with Qi Qiming before greeting Qi Lei.

Qi Lei walked over slowly and glanced at her. In truth, he was surprised that she would speak like this!

Low-life? Was Xi Xiaye really one?

He did not think so though.

Qi Lei was actually upset that Gu Lingsha humiliated Xi Xiaye, so his expression darkened.

While Qi Qimings expression relaxed slightly when he saw Qi Lei, his eyes clouded over when he heard his words.

Qi Lei looked at them quietly for a little while before sitting down. Gu Lingshas expression froze when he did not answer her greeting, but she recovered in a moment and quickly got him a glass of water.

Why did you call me back? Qi Lei asked directly.

Qi Qiming was really taking advantage of the situation. He actually seemed to be taking charge after Qi Lei gave him some leeway. He had been giving orders to Qi Lei in the past few days. Previously, Qi Lei would never have obeyed him, but things were different now. He had to endure it for the sake of his future plans!

Qi Lei took a deep breath and told himself that. In the end, he managed to be humble and cooperate with Qi Qiming temporarily.

Im sure youve seen the news today. Dont you have any thoughts? Qi Qiming looked at Qi Lei and asked.

Naturally, Qi Lei could not see any hint of fatherly love from his eyes. They still looked icy cold. The only difference was that Qi Qiming was slightly more patient with him, but that was it.

Of course, Qi Lei did not expect Qi Qiming to suddenly treat him like his actual son. How could their decades-long strained relationship be resolved in an instant? Only in his dreams!

What can I say? Its none of my business, is it? Even if I have any thoughts, Ive voiced them just now, havent I? Qi Lei replied.

Gu Lingshas expression changed, and she tried to explain, Lei, you know me very well. I wouldnt do something like that. Its obvious that someone set me up, and like you said just now, if its not Mu Yuchen behind it since he doesnt gain anything from it, maybe someone is trying to create a rift between Mu Yuchen and me, or someones trying to destroy the relationship between Qi Kai and Glory World, so

No, Shasha, I dont think I know you that well. Im no longer familiar with who you are right now, since youve changed, so I cant really speak for you.



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