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(Misery (4)

She watched as the light on her phone screen dimmed, and sadness could not help but glimmer in Xi Xiayes eyes. Inhaling deeply, she then silently left the room to go downstairs.

Missus, Master Qi is here!

Xi Xiaye had just gone downstairs when she saw Qi Lei walk in with Sis Wang. She was surprised to see Qi Lei suddenly appear. She nodded. I got it. Thanks, Sis Wang.

Are you okay? Hows your hand? Qi Lei put a huge pile of things onto the table as his eyes quickly fell on Xi Xiayes pair of hands.

She looked down at her hands too and gently shook her head. Pointing to the sofa on the side, she said calmly, Im fine. Have a seat. He just fell asleep, and I wanted to talk to you too.

Qi Lei could sense that something was off with Xi Xiaye, so he reasoned with himself, then took a seat. Whats wrong? Weve got two pieces of great news from today. Shouldnt you be happy? Why the long face? Does it have something to do with Mu Yuchen? he asked softly as his devilish eyes keenly caught the worry in hers.

Xi Xiaye took a look at him and did not answer. She only silently lowered her gaze.

Looks like it must be. Qi Lei smiled calmly. I was just going to come over to chat with him.

He went to meet Qi Feng this morning, and hes been in a bad state since he returned. Im really worried, Xi Xiaye softly responded. Then, she looked at Qi Lei. I think Qi Feng mustve said something to him. Do you know that all these years, the only thing that he couldnt let go of was Lingtians incident?

Qi Feng looked for him?

When Qi Lei heard that, his expression immediately darkened. A solemn expression appeared between his brows too.

Xi Xiaye nodded and said helplessly, Ive actually met Qi Feng before this. Hes not a kind man. In fact, based on his personality alone, I dont think hell let go of this so easily. Mr. Mu also mentioned the situation on his end to me. We have to use this time to speed things up. Seize the empty slot in this period of time and handle the whole thing quickly. That way, you wont have to always be restricted by them.

I could already tell from that day that you arent on Qi Fengs good side either.

Many things are still in preparation mode. There are some things that cant be rushed. Qi Lei picked up his tea and took a sip. I heard about the past two days from Yang Sheng. Ive been busy with recruiting, so I havent been paying much attention to these things

Xi Xiaye did not wait for Qi Lei to finish before she cut him off irritatedly. She said defensively in a cold tone,Are you trying to ask if he did those things?

Hey, dont direct your anger at me! Im really innocent. I was just concerned. Im happy about it! In fact, I have to thank whoever did it! Qi Lei quickly declared his stance.

Then, Xi Xiayes expression eased a little.She knew that she was in a bad mood too, so she apologized,Im sorry. I was a little apprehensive. I didnt think of targeting you.

Qi Lei looked at her thoughtfully, then shook his head helplessly. Alright now, no need to be so worried. If Mu Yuchen cant even get over this little thing, then he wouldnt be him! I hope that all of those things will be in the past and that it can stop affecting us.

How about I treat you tonight? Lets go out and relax. Let him know when he wakes up, Qi Lei suggested.

Im not in the mood, and he cant drink lately! Xi Xiaye rejected him frankly.

When Qi Lei heard, he cried out,Cant drink? Are you preparing for a second child?

Youre the one preparing for a second child! Acracked bell can never sound well. Come over in the evening since he wont be waking up so soon. Xi Xiaye frowned at him, then she picked up the documents on the coffee table. She did not have time to wrangle with him.

Qi Lei then shrugged. Okay then, but Ive got a dinner party tonight, so I wont be coming over. Maybe tomorrow or in another two days. Bye!

Then, Qi Lei got up and left. When he walked out of Maple Residence, it was raining even heavier outside, and the whole world was a vast expanse of whiteness.

Qi Lei sat quietly in his car, his eyes dim. He could not help but take out a cigarette for a few puffs. Just as he was about to start the car, his phone that was tossed on the front passenger seat suddenly buzzed. He turned to take a look at the screen. When that name greeted his sight, disdain flashed in his eyes. Nonetheless, he picked it up as he started the car.

It was Qi Qimings secretary asking him to make a trip back to the Qi residence right away. Qi Lei did not like that place, but for this act, he had to sacrifice himself.

The Qi residence was not that far from where he was. By the time Qi Leis car drove through the hazy rain and passed the gates, it was almost two hours later.

Second Master, youre back!

Qi Lei had just entered when the butlers voice was heard. Qi Lei looked at him coldly and pretended he was not there as he continued to walk in with huge strides.

The butler looked awkward, of course, but annoyance could not help but appear in his eyes.

Uncle Qi, it really had nothing to do with me. I didnt know how it happened too! Dont believe those reporters reckless writing!

He took two steps forward and Gu Lingshas raspy voice rang out. Qi Lei subconsciously raised his brows. Amusement flashed in his eyes as he put two hands in his pocket like he was watching a show. He turned to where the voice came from.

Indeed, he saw Qi Qiming sitting on the sofa without uttering a word and looking furious. Meanwhile, after a sleepless night, Gu Lingsha looked extremely anxious and haggard while she anxiously explained about the pictures that the reporters captured last night to Qi Qiming.

Lingsha, your father and I just announced the wedding date for you and Ah Feng, and then you go out to cause this scandal. What are other people going to think about Ah Feng? Ah Fengs already the way he is, and now there are all sorts of versions of news out there. I dont understand whats wrong with our Qi family. Why were always surrounded by these scandals?! Qi Qiming said helplessly, And wheres Ah Feng? Where did he go? I havent seen him the whole day!\



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