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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 65

“Nigga, I know this ain’t YB! Oh shit, cuz, good to hear from you again! How the fuck did you get this number, anyway?” Despite how they’d left things when YB left, Rufus was still happy to hear from his cousin.

“Shelly gave it to me. We need to talk, nigga.” YB sounded none too pleased.

“You back in town, cuz?”


“Yo, I’m sorry about Aunt Monica, but you got my word that I’m on it. I got a large bounty on that nigga’s head and I’m turning over every fuckin’ rock to find that faggot.”

“You need to meet up wit’ me, Rufus, ASAP.”

Rufus smirked. “A’ight cuz, we’ll link up, but a nigga kinda busy right now.” He looked down at the girl blowing him. “You’ve been gone for months now. I stepped up, money is good now, ya hear? And right now, I got shit on lock.”

“Good for you, cuz,” YB replied nonchalantly. “But my fuckin’ mother and Magic are dead and this nigga Harlem is still breathing. I don’t give a fuck about business right now, you hear me, Rufus? I need guns and I need plenty of them.”

“A’ight, YB. I got you, cuz. I’ll link up wit’ you tonight, after this session. Meet me at my spot on Brown Street in an hour,” Rufus said.

“A’ight, and don’t keep me waiting.” YB hung up.

Rufus hung up as well. “This nigga home no less than twenty-four hours and still an arrogant bastard! I’m the boss now and it’s not like I gotta rush for this nigga.”

“Damn, YB back now? That’s what’s up,” the guard in the passenger seat said.

“And, nigga, don’t forget who you work for,” Rufus quickly reminded him.

The young stripper never missed a beat with the dick. Rufus focused his attention on the girl and ran his hand down her back. He pulled up her skirt to stare at her bare ass which was phat and juicy like buttermilk biscuits.

Rufus was definitely turned on. “Yo, y’all niggas hurry up and find me a nice spot so I can fuck this bitch.”
The driver replied, “We got you, boss.”


A dark blue Benz had been on the truck’s tail since it left the club. The windows to the Benz were tinted and the driver kept a sharp eye on everything ’cause tonight was the night Rufus would get got.

Harlem had a MAC-10 on the seat next to him, fully loaded with .45 ACP rounds that would cut a man into bloody pieces. He was also armed with his 9 mm with the silencer and a Glock 17 in the glove compartment. He was ready for anything with his arsenal, even a small war.

It was difficult to come at Rufus because he always had security around. His flashy and flamboyant lifestyle prevented him from being alone. He moved around with a large entourage or a few killers who watched over him when he was in public. Rufus had stepped up his game since YB had left town and managed to obtain a small legion for himself.

Harlem knew that just like himself, Rufus was a cruel and ruthless man who would be ready to kill at the drop of a hat. He knew that when coming at Rufus, he needed to be careful and alert. His revenge was so close that he was determined not to fuck it up.

Harlem followed the truck down Market Street. He was two cars behind the truck and noticed that the truck turned left on 32nd Street and drove up to Mantua Avenue, where it parked near the railroad tracks. The street was one-way going north and the traffic was light, with the left side of the avenue lined with dilapidated row houses and littered alleys. The dark street was a good spot for kinky activity and a little privacy. Harlem crept down the block slowly and saw the truck park by the thick cluster of trees and bushes that blocked most of the view of the train tracks.

Harlem parked a few cars down from his victims. He shut off his lights and saw both of Rufus’s security guards step out the truck and move a few feet away, giving their boss some privacy to fuck his female companion. Harlem had a plan to move in for the kill and make it quick, painful, and easy. He knew that he only had a few moments and hoped that Rufus wasn’t a minute man with the ladies.

He reached into the glove compartment and pulled on a pair of gloves, picked up his 9 mm, and stuffed it into the waistband of his jeans. He watched the men move about the dark street aimlessly, waiting patiently for their boss to finish fucking and keeping an eye out for any trouble that might come their way.

Harlem was a professional and had been in situations like that many times. The two armed men didn’t pose a threat for him; they were just mere obstacles in his way to the kill. He knew that the guards were alert and had parked in an open area where it was easy for them to see what could come at them from a distance. The nearest parked car was about thirty feet away, and the bushes were too thick to get through.

Harlem wanted the kill to be neat and quick, but he knew that there was a chance that it could get ugly. He couldn’t wait any longer and he had been patient long enough. He looked at the time and five minutes had passed. He started the ignition and slowly drove back the opposite way.

Rufus’s men noticed the dark blue Benz pulling out of a parking space some distance away and immediately placed their hands near their weapons. They never took their eyes off the car. When they saw that it made a U-turn and leave, they relaxed a little and kept watch around the vicinity.

Rufus gripped the girl’s booty as she rode him like a stallion. She felt him thrust into her wildly as he palmed her phat ass and sucked on her nipples. They both were sweating profusely in the warm truck, and with their warm breath and body heat started fogging up the windows. It became difficult to see in or out of the truck.

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