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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 64

YB wanted to tear Harlem apart with his bare hands. For Harlem to do his mother that way made him sick to his stomach, and YB knew he would go medieval on him once he saw that murderer again.

YB remained with Shelly for a few hours because he needed to get his mind right. After he mourned for his mother, the killer in him came back out. He needed to get in contact with Rufus, knowing Rufus would be next on Harlem’s list. However, Rufus could handle himself.

YB wasn’t afraid that Harlem was looking for him. He wanted Harlem to find him and he wanted to destroy that muthafucka. It was war, and now it was personal.

He asked Shelly if he could borrow her car. He needed to get around the city and paying for cabs just wouldn’t do for him. She agreed but only if she could come along too. YB didn’t want her along, but it was her car and on her terms, so reluctantly he agreed. The two got into her dark blue Maxima and hit the streets of Philly.

YB eyes were bloodshot from crying and filled with hatred. Revenge was in his heart. He checked his gun and knew he needed more firepower to come at Harlem. He was ready to hit the street and hear who was saying what about the murders committed by Harlem.

He soon forgot about Danielle and her pregnancy, because his mind was wrapped up in revenge of the deaths of his mother and Magic. Somebody needed to pay, and someone had to die.


Rufus was unaware that YB was back in town. He was partying and taking care of business, making the city his personal playground with drugs, women, murder, and cars. He didn’t consider Harlem a threat. He walked out of a strip club with his arm around a stripper and went to his truck. Two armed guards flanked him closely. Rufus was laughing and smiling and seemed to have quickly gotten over his aunt’s murder.

“Yo, you ready for me, bitch? I’m ready to fuck the dog shit outta you, ya hear? Early, bitch,” Rufus said to the girl. He grabbed her ass and fondled her tits as soon as she got into the backseat of the truck. Rufus followed behind and waited for the door to shut behind him before he slid his hand up her skirt and groped her bare pussy. He felt his erection growing and couldn’t wait to get to it.

His two soldiers got into the car and waited for instructions.

“Yo, pull away from this bitch and take us somewhere private so I can blow this bitch’s back out,” Rufus said, rubbing her thigh and staring at his men.

His driver nodded and pulled out the parking spot. The truck was teeming with weed smoke, as the spliff was passed from the driver and guard in the front and then to Rufus. Rufus took a long pull and passed it to his female companion.

“Here, blaze this shit, shorty; get your mind right for tonight.” Rufus grinned.

The girl took the weed and put it to her sweet, full lips. She took a long drag, just like the fellows did. She exhaled the smoke from her nostrils and then took another long puff, falling back against the seat and letting her high take control. She took one last pull and passed the burning spliff back to Rufus. He took a few more hits and rotated it back to the driver.

Rufus felt antsy and focused his attention on the girl. She had her legs crossed and her short skirt rode up her meaty thighs. Her eyes closed as she savored her high.

Rufus eyed her long, thick legs and licked his lips. He ran his hand up her thighs and then under her shirt, groping her round, succulent breast.

“I know you feel like suckin’ some dick right now.”

He had already unfastened his jeans. The girl looked at him and smiled, her eyes hazy from the weed. Rufus cupped his hand around the back of her head and forced her face down into his lap. The young girl pulled his dick out of his boxers and engulfed it in her mouth. Rufus moaned as she went to work. He had his hand knotted in her hair and watched her bob up and down, deep-throating him like a porn-star.

“Yeah, bitch, you know what you’re doin’! Shit, that feels good . . . damn, that shit feels good! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” Rufus let out a long groan, throwing his head back and feeling like royalty as she licked his balls too.

His soldiers were driving and smiling at the sounds their boss made. Both of them wished that they had next with the ho. The driver quickly glanced behind him and saw the young girl sucking Rufus off like she truly loved her work.

“Damn, wish I had me some of that, yo,” the driver said.

“Yeah, well, I might pass the bitch off to you when I’m done,” Rufus said.

“I hear that, my nigga,” he replied.

The young girl continued to suck Rufus’s dick and ignored what was being said about her. The truck continued down Market Street as the driver looked for a secluded parking space so that Rufus could fuck the girl.

“Yeah, my niggas, find a spot soon. I’m ready to put a nut in this bitch,” Rufus stated.

His driver chuckled. “I got you, boss.”

Rufus’s cell phone rang and he hesitated in answering the call. He was caught up in his blowjob and didn’t want anything disturbing him at the moment. Then he thought that it might be one of his soldiers with something important, like having information on Harlem’s whereabouts.

He answered, “Yo, hurry up and talk to me.”

“Nigga, where the fuck you at?” he heard his cousin YB say.

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