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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story




     "So I didn't mean to kiss you and stop repeating it! Don't ever do that "

  "I've heard you, I won't but... "He stepped closer to her and grabbed her waist
   "I just want to remind you that I loved the kiss so much"

   She pushed him away breathing hard, his breath on her neck really terrified her, 

   "Get out of my office now and I don't want to see you again, please stay away from me for now "she spoke nicely watching her breath and he smiled, 

     "Angella we can always have fun yunno, you really need that to get you away from your heart aches and problems now"he stepped closer to her, 

  "Go now! Don't tempt me"
   "I'm going to tempt you, can't you see that you're getting weaker and weaker in your commanding voice"

  He held her waist, 
  "Wait, when was the last time a man touched you? "
  She gulped as her eyes fell on his lips which was almost an inch closer to hers, 

    "Mr. Intern, you're gonna regret ever touching your own boss in this manner, is this what Mark have been teaching you? "

  "Can't you see how bad he is at teaching? "He let his lips grazed her neck and she gasped for breath immediately, 

    He placed one of her legs around his waist, 
  "Feel the flexibility of my waist babe... "He winked at her, 
  "I'm gonna call Mr. Secretary cuz I don't understand you anymore "

  "I can make you understand me yunno? "He replied smirking before his hands came to her face stroking her face gently, 

  "I want to suck this smooth face of yours, will you let me do that? "
     She wanted to say no, its not right, what's gotten into his head? Right from the first time he came in to her company, 

  He's been the only one who can challenge her rules, who can call her name as if she was nothing and someone who is claiming to love her, 

  Give him a chance? No, that's not possible, 
   "Who are you? "She asked him and he smiled before letting his hands drop on her waist pushing his right hand into her jean pant, 

    "Wanna know whom I am? What if I show you? "He squeezed her butts and she screamed out, 
  "Jake... "
  His finger penetrated into her fucking her a$$ with his fingers, 
  "Jake what you doing? "

  "Trying to show you whom I am? "
   "Inside my office! "She yelled in a moanful voice, 
  "Does it matter? Don't you like it? Should I stop? "
   "I didn't ask you to, here sit me down on my table! I want you inside of me now!! "

    She screamed 
  "Anything for you my baby"
   He sat her down on her table and she began to undress him, 

  "Get the hell out of your cloth Mr. Intern"she yelled taking off his shirt and he came for her roughly, 

  He fixed his hard divk into her and she groaned hugging him to her body,

  "Oh my gosh! Don't stop! "
He thrusted... In.. Out... Thrust... Thrust... Thrust.... Fuvk!!

   "Harder! Deeper!! "
  He dug into her... 

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