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(You Know How to Turn Up for Work?)

“Suffering isn’t that bad. What’s more, the location of his program means that all of us are going to suffer some hardships. I’ve been to the top of the mountains and the bottom of the seas when I was with other production crews.” Shi Xiaoya laughed. “Alright, you can check my schedule and accept the job if there are no clashes.”

“Right-o.” Guo Yujie moved fast, and Lu Dongliu personally called within the hour.

Lu Dongliu felt that ever since he began this program, he seemed to be on a roll.

How could he get everything that he wanted?

He wanted investments, and the Han Corporation gave him a huge sum.

He wanted the Han Corporation’s bosses to join the show, and Han Zhuoling came.

He wanted Shi Xiaoya to be one of the dedicated makeup artists on their show, and Shi Xiaoya agreed.

Everything was going too godd*mn smoothly!

Lu Dongliu felt that this show could be very popular too.

“Hello, Ms. Shi, I’m Lu Dongliu, the overall director of Dong Hua Station’s show, Survivor,” Lu Dongliu said, introducing himself.

“Hello, Director Lu. You can call me Xiaoya,” Shi Xiaoya replied with a smile.

Getting Shi Xiaoya, who’s such a big-name makeup artist, to become a part of their crew made Lu Dongliu happy.

“It’s like this. I just wanted to confirm the specifics of your job after you’ve joined us, and if you feel that it’s fine, then we can sign the contract,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Our show this time is slightly different from others. Because it’ll be a rather grueling process with a few chasing segments, you’ll be required to follow the hosts and retouch their makeup outside of the camera at any time. The MCs will rotate every week, and every makeup artist is allocated to one host. After allocation, you’ll be required to just follow your fixed MC even with the rotation system.

“The theme is desert island survival for our first week, so we’ll be filming on a desert island. You’re to follow us to the island and stick to your MC. You’re not required to interact with your host, you just have to follow our cameramen and use the break times during filming to tidy and freshen up the MC’s makeup.

“Conditions might be slightly harsh, but not every week will be like this. It’s definitely more comfortable than in drama production teams.” Afraid that Shi Xiaoya would back out, Lu Dongliu had added that last line.

As if knowing Lu Dongliu’s considerations, Shi Xiaoya said, “That’s not a problem to me. I’ve tried even the harshest environments.”

Hearing her say this made Lu Dongliu heave a sigh of relief. “Alright, then, I’ll send the contract to Ms. Guo. Please contact me anytime you have any queries. We’ll work it out for you as best as we can.”

Not long after they hung up, Guo Yujie came to Shi Xiaoya’s home.

Bringing with her the contract, which the production team had sent, and some details about the first week of filming.

To prevent leakage, the production team did not give the exact schedule for the first week’s filming and wrote only the full requirements she as a makeup artist was expected to fulfill.

Shi Xiaoya looked them over and thought that these were basic requirements that she could do even without being told.

Apart from those, there was nothing else outside of her acceptable range.

So she signed the contract.

About a week before the show started filming, Shi Xiaoya went to her workplace, and Qin Zigou came too, surprisingly.

To the public, Qin Zigou called himself Cris, and Shi Xiaoya also kindly called him that when others were around.

But when they were alone, though Shi Xiaoya wouldn’t call him Qin Gouzi[1], she wouldn’t call him Cris either, so she just called him Qin Zigou all the way.

When Shi Xiaoya saw Qin Zigou enter, it was as if the sun rose from the west. “Oh my, Young Master Qin, you know how to turn up for work too?”

[1] Sounds like Doggy Qin in Chinese.


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