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However, he did not expect Lu Qiyuan to be a clear-minded person and not forget about him.

He could not break up with Lu Qi yet, so he naturally could not object to this request from Lu Qiyuan.

Or else, it would mean that he did not value Lu Qi or treat Lu Qi seriously.

He Zhengbai felt depressed. He definitely could not object at such a time and defend himself, so he said, “This was what I planned to do initially. Isn’t this the obvious thing to do? It’s precisely because I felt that this was obvious that I did not tell Qi Qi. I felt that the two of us should have such chemistry to begin with.”

No matter whether He Zhengbai really meant it, Lu Qiyuan was still pleased to hear it.

After that was settled, they agreed on a time to post the public statement together.

Not long after, Lu Man saw that He Zhengbai and Lu Qi had both released a public statement online.

He Zhengbai said that it was a moment of recklessness. He did not consider the place they were at and made such a mistake. The gist of it was that he wanted to shoulder the blame himself and not let a young lady like Lu Qi suffer so much pressure. She was also a victim, and the person they should really blame was the one who secretly made the recording.

In the end, he still apologized to everyone.

Lu Qi also released a public statement. She said that her personal matter had a very negative influence and that even if she was with her boyfriend, she should have been more mindful of where they were at. She did not have a fetish for looking for excitement and doing these things outside. This was the first time, and it would be the last. She hoped that everyone could give her another chance. In the end, she solemnly apologized for bringing a bad influence to everyone.

But no matter what, Lu Qi would not be getting any better.

Although that was what Lu Qi said, most netizens did not buy it.

“Since you know that that place was not appropriate, why did you still do it? Now you say you brought a bad influence.”

“Haha. What a shameless couple. Isn’t the guy Lu Man’s ex-boyfriend? The younger sister can snatch her elder sister’s boyfriend while He Zhengbai can hook up with his girlfriend’s younger sister behind her back. These two people aren’t any good. What are they trying to earn sympathy here for?”

This time, even Lu Man did not expect that because of He Zhengbai and Lu Qi’s dark past, both of them would really not manage to get much sympathy points by releasing their public statements.

On the contrary, they managed to pick up the “shameless couple” label, which they had taken pains to shake off in the past, and crowned it on their heads once again.

Because of this incident, Lu Qi finally received a film contract, but it was for a porn film.

Aside from these films that required her to show her skin, there were also print advertisement offers that required her to dress sexily to attract viewers.

All these, of course, Lu Qi would not accept. It made her so angry and upset.

Of course, all these would be explained in due course.

Lu Man pranked Lu Qi big time. Initially, Lu Qi just did not have a suitable drama to act in. If she really wanted, she could still have proper supporting roles to act in.

However, with this scandal, no proper drama would have a role for Lu Qi.

A week later, the National Radio and Television Administration distributed the new list of bad actors, though it did not specifically say to censor these actors.

However, as long as an artiste was on this name list, no television drama or show would hire them.

If they hired them, they had to submit reviews multiple times and get it rejected multiple times. They just would not let your review pass, so it would be as good as censoring these actors.

Who would have too much money on their hands to use someone in the list out of so many other artistes?

And Lu Qi just so happened to be in the name list for this batch of bad actors.

Because of the recording incident, she created an extremely negative influence.

Because of this incident, Lu Qi applied for leave from school. Lu Man did not know how long exactly Lu Qi applied for leave, but she estimated that it should be at least one or two months. That might not even be enough.


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