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(Let Lu Qi Take the Blame Herself)

Lu Qiyuan really did not think of going to find Han Zhuoli this time.

It was not because he was afraid that Han Zhuoli would not agree. It was because he did not want to waste the opportunity of looking for Han Zhuoli on Lu Qi.

He did not want to ask for Han Zhuoli’s help the moment he contacted him.

Lu Qiyuan had thought it all out. He would first talk about their ties and get closer to Han Zhuoli.

In that way, if there was anything he needed help with, it would be much easier to talk about things.

However, the most important thing was to make Han Zhuoli help boost the Lu Corporation.

Using Lu Qi’s matter to go and find Han Zhuoli would be too much of a waste.

Lu Qiyuan pursed his lips before saying, “Did you see Lu Man ever contacting us? Never! She doesn’t even treat us like family anymore. Do you think she will let Han Zhuoli help?”

As he had been busy with the company’s affairs ever since he recovered from a huge illness, he did not have the time to care about things on Lu Man’s end.

If he knew that Lu Man went to Yi Garden every day to visit Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai, yet never comes back to the Lu Family, who knows how angry he would become.

Xia Qingyang felt resentful the moment she heard that. “Weren’t you the one who said that back then? No matter where she ran to, she would not be able to avoid her blood ties with you. No matter what, she is your daughter. If she can’t hide this, that makes Han Zhuoli our son-in-law.”

“I did say that, but we have to think about this at length. Are we supposed to run to the Han Corporation and tell Han Zhuoli, ‘You are my son-in-law, come and help me’? You see if he will help!” Lu Qiyuan said in annoyance.

Although he was thick-skinned and did not intend to let slip the advantage that Lu Man brought for him, he was rational as well.

“Then what do we do now? Even if we don’t go and find Han Zhuoli, we should at least look for Lu Man to ask for help, right? If anything happens to Qi Qi, what good would it do for her? They are sisters. It will surely affect her reputation, right?” Xia Qingyang said anxiously.

Lu Qiyuan asked Lu Qi, “Has He Zhengbai contacted you? He Zhengbai is also responsible for this. He is a man. Don’t tell me he’s going to be a coward about this?”

“Zhengbai contacted me. He even specifically asked a public relations expert and gave me a solution,” Lu Qi said.

“What solution?” Lu Qiyuan asked in a low voice.

Lu Qi told him about He Zhengbai’s suggestion.

Lu Qiyuan realized that the best option at hand was actually He Zhengbai’s. “You give him a call. It’s not right for you to come out for this matter by yourself. He is involved in this as well, of course he has to come out and face it with you. How can you come out and apologize on your own, as if he is not responsible for it at all? And actually make you take all the blame?”

Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang immediately reacted.


He Zhengbai asked her only to come out to admit and apologize for it. However, he did not say anything about himself. This was definitely not right.

“Wait.” Xia Qingyang reacted. “Are we really going to let Qi Qi admit it online?”

“This is the best option so far,” Lu Qiyuan said in a somber voice. “Admit it properly, apologize obediently, and you might still be able to earn some sympathy points. Now that the evidence is already out, there is no use denying it. However, you definitely have to make He Zhengbai come out with you to help you shoulder some of it. Since He Zhengbai was the one who insisted on pestering her, he is responsible as well.”

Lu Qi thought so too when she heard that.

She had been too anxious just now and actually forgot about this.

“Forget it. I’ll call He Zhengbai myself!” Lu Qiyuan felt that Lu Qi might very likely be fooled by He Zhengbai.

Lu Qiyuan found He Zhengbai’s number and called him.

When He Zhengbai saw the call, he instantly knew the purpose of his call.

So he did intend to let Lu Qi take the blame by herself.


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