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Don't touch her again (2)

Hearing those words, Greg felt weak. Violet shook off his hands and release herself from his hold on her. She quickly ran towards the stairs and up to her room without another look back.

Greg felt powerless to do anything, he couldn’t stop his wife. Dejected, all he could do now was watch her run away from him.

With his head down, Greg walked back towards the door. Outside, he saw Elsa by the flowers.

Upon seeing him walk out the door, Elsa asked, “Are you leaving, Greg? It’s almost lunch time, stay and eat first.” She could tell from the look of his face that Violet turned him away again.

Greg looked at Elsa, tried to smile at her but shook his head and said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Thank you, Elsa. But Violet still won’t talk to me. I’ll come back and try again in a few days.”

Elsa felt Greg’s despair, but nodded in agreement, “I understand. I think that’ll be for the best, too. Violet isn’t willing to talk to anyone, yet. Come back and try again, Greg. I know how hard this must be for you, but please don’t give up on her. I’m sure once she calms down and starts to talk again, she will understand you.”

“I know, Grandma. Don’t worry, I don’t intend on giving up on her. Thank you and good bye. See you in a few days.” Elsa smiled, “Okay, good bye. Drive safe, Greg.”

Meanwhile in the city, Francis was walking down a lonely street, looking for a very Hotel named XH. Seeing that he was nearly reaching the end of the street but spotted nothing, he felt confused. But upon walking further, he finally found what he was looking for.

Francis purposely walked in the hotel. He approached the front desk and loudly asked the receptionist, “What room number is Cassie in?”

The receptionist looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t just give our clients’ information to anyone. May I know who you are?” Cassie had specifically given an instruction to only give her room number to Mr. Francis.

Francis immediately said his name, “Francis An.” Since Cassie had asked him to come here, he assumed she had told the receptionist and arranged everything for his arrival.

As he expected, “Room 3203,” the receptionist curtly told him.

Without waiting for another word, Frances turned and went upstairs, looking for room 3203.

He soon saw the room number and opened the door to Cassie’s room. Upon seeing the state of the room, he couldn’t help but think, ‘This hotel is in such a bad condition, it’s very dingy. It’s even worse than the small apartments in the city. How could Cassie possibly take to be living here for so many days?’

Francis was baffled as to why, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you living here? Your room in the city hotel is kept for you.” Cassie had always lived a comfortable life. She was rich and mostly sheltered. So Francis couldn’t possibly see how and why she was choosing to live in such a bad environment. How could she stay in such a shabby and noisy hotel when she could live lavishly anywhere else.

Cassie shrugged and replied, “I’ve been told that the JS Group and the ZM Group are looking for me, so I have to hide and live here. This is the last place they would come searching for me.” She knew that the people in those two groups were Violet’s employees. She also knew that they were looking for her because of Violet. If they found her, she knew she would be dead. In this whole city, the only one she could trust and rely on was Francis.

Francis knew this, but hearing it from her irritated him, he got angry, walked towards her, and immediately seized her arm. He glared at her, “Why did you that? Why did you do those things? Why did you hurt Violet?? Why did you have to incriminate her baby? That baby is innocent!”

Showing no sign of regret, Cassie casually replied, “That innocent kid will get in my way. Because of that child, Greg would never be with me. More so if that child is born.” She looked into his eyes with no remorse and continued, “I have always wanted to be with Greg. I worked hard for this, I did my best. And that baby will ruin everything. Once that baby is born, it would close the gap between Greg and Violet. With it, their relationship will forever be tied. That baby will bind them together. So I had to hurt her, I had to make sure that baby will never be born.”

“What is wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? How heartless could you be to kill an innocent baby?” Francis could no longer control himself. He thought of poor Violet and wondered how heartbreaking all of this must be for her. It made him miserable just thinking about it.

Cassie gave a nonchalant shrug and said, “I don’t care. The important thing is she’s no longer pregnant. Her baby is gone and she is now a woman who lost a kid. I can now finally be with Greg.”

Francis, now shouting, replied, “Cassie, if you dare do something like this again, I will make you leave this city. I will force you to go with me and I will never allow you back here again.”

Cassie just stood there, defiant and proud.

After a few breaths, Francis said, “You know you can’t handle troubles with the JS Group and the ZM Group. It’s best if you leave for now. Go to the other city, lay low for a while. Okay?”

Cassie stubbornly declined, “No. I want to stay here. I will stay and go back to Greg.”

Francis sighed and tried to help Cassie see reason, “Even if you go back to him, do you honestly think he will accept you? After what you did? Besides, he does not love you. How could you think he does? You should have seen it clearly before.” Yes, he was an outsider, but he could clearly see that Greg loved Violet and not Cassie. How could Cassie not know this? How could she not see how much Greg loved Violet?

Cassie recalled the happy times she had spent together with Greg and replied, “No, as long as Violet is not around, Greg will fall in love with me. Whenever Violet wasn’t around, Greg spends his time with me. He’s always been nice to me. We have attended parties together, we even celebrated our birthdays together. We’ve spent almost everyday with each other.”
Shaking his head, Francis asked, “That’s it? You think that’s love? Do you honestly believe he ever really loved you? We all know he only sees and treats you as a friend.”

Cassie covered her ears and shook her head, “No, no, no. I don’t believe you and I don’t want to listen to you.” She knew what he was saying made sense, but she just couldn’t accept it. She would never believe it to be true. She knew in her heart that Greg loved her. She was just too far away from him now, so she knew what needed to be done. She needed to approach him and be near him again. When she was near enough, she was sure that she and Greg would go back to having a good relationship. She just needed to go to him.

Looking at Cassie, Francis knew there was no hope talking sense into her. He realizes that she’s too far and out of reach with her fantasy. There was nothing he could do anymore. He took out a lot of money and gave all of it to Cassie. “This is all I can do for you now.

You better protect yourself. If the JS Group and the ZM Group find you, there’s nothing I could do. I won’t be able to help you.” Cassie looked at Francis and took the money. “I know, Francis. I’ll be careful, I’m sure of what I’m doing. Thank you for this.”

Francis looked at Cassie in the eye and said, “I am warning you, Cassie. Do not hurt Violet again. If you dare touch her, I will not let you go.” He was really angry and could no longer control his outburst. He knew he had always spoiled his sister and he realized that he shouldn’t anymore. In order to protect Violet, he must not allow Cassie to hurt her and any other people.

Once again, Cassie just stood there, looking at him and not saying a word.

Francis shook his head once more and stormed out of Cassie’s unpleasant hotel room.



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