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 Season 8

Episode 91

(A huge blow (2)

Greg held Violet's hand tightly, feeling sorry for her. He deeply regretted letting his wife go out alone.     

Violet started to blink her eyes open slowly, catching sight of Greg. He had puffy eyes and a very grave expression. 

    "G... Greg,"  Violet slowly uttered in a husky voice. She found it a little difficult to speak.   

  Noticing and hearing Violet start to gain her consciousness, everyone inside the room turned towards her with all worry in all their eyes.    

 "You're finally awake, Violet,"  Greg exclaimed, lighting up with delight. Hearing Violet call him and say his name again gave him such joy.     

Violet nodded at him and then spotted Alice, Amy and Derek.    

 "Alice? Aunt Amy? Uncle Derek? Why are you all here? What are you doing here?" Violet started asking, looking a little confused.   

Then, she turned and looked at the other side of the room. "Auntie Selina, Uncle Wilson, you're both here, too,"  she said, still a little bewildered.    

 "Violet,"  Amy called softly, trying not to show her how worried she felt. She was a little at a loss for words. She knew what she needed to inform Violet about, but she didn't know how and where to start.    

 Before anyone among her family could speak, Violet slowly regained her memories. Everything came back to her piece by piece. She finally fully recalled what happened that night before she lost her consciousness.    

 Everyone saw the changes in violet's expressions and they all started to worry.    

 Violet slowly withdrew her hand from Greg's. She moved it along the thin, white blanket. As she reached her belly, she stopped.   

  "My baby? Where is my baby? Where is it?" Violet asked, as she slid into a panic. Lying on the bed, she lovingly touched her belly but she couldn't feel the life of her little baby. Dread slowly creeping in, she then remembered how she bumped into the corner of the desk and what Cassie did to her next.   

She didn't dare recall any further. She couldn't and wouldn't be able to take it. She closed her eyes and slowly opened them. Rattled, she asked, "My baby? Where is my baby??"    

"Violet,"  Selina began with a hesitant expression. She tried to let Violet know of the truth, but she had no idea how and where to start. As a mother, she knew very well how the death of her child would impact Violet's life.     

Seeing the anxiety etched on Violet's face, Alice stepped towards her and perched herself on the edge of the bed. "Violet, you and Greg will be blessed with another child,"  she tried to comfort Violet, taking her hand to stop the latter from touching her belly.     

Violet's eyes widened and the grief on her face was evident. She snatched her hand away from Alice's grip and tried to sit up. However, she couldn't as she was still too weak.     

Violet turned away from Alice. "How's our baby, Greg? Where is our baby? Tell me what happened to our baby,"  she demanded, looking at her husband who was beside Alice, her confidant.   

Looking at his panic-stricken wife, Greg reluctantly answered with anguish, "I'm sorry, Violet. I'm terribly sorry."  

  Greg was filled with remorse, tears coursing down his face.     

"No no no no. That is not true! You're lying. You're all lying. It cannot be,"  Violet hollered as she shook her head. Tears continuously flowed out of her eyes. She could not accept that tragedy, she couldn't. This was her first child, and she loved her baby with all her heart. She wanted her child back.    

 "Violet,"  Alice called, trying to console her bestie as she herself began crying.     Amy moved closer to Violet, trying to ease her pain. They were all heart broken, and they all wanted to help Violet.     

Greg couldn't stand watching his wife crying out like this. He stretched out and pulled her into his arms, embracing her tightly. He allowed her to repeatedly punch him in the chest. He kept holding her. Even if she beat him to death, he was determined not to let her go.   

"Our child, our first child!" Violet yelled while crying and hitting her husband in the chest.     

Standing beside Derek, Selina couldn't take it anymore. She began to sob quietly. Looking at the crying Violet, Selina felt extremely sorry for what happened to her.     

Violet continued to desperately cry and shout for a long time. In the end, she got so tired that she passed out.     

For the following days, they all stayed in Violet's ward, taking turns to attend to her. Derek entrusted all business matters of his company to his assistant. Wilson had already dealt with his work in advance to keep Violet company.    

 Selina cut herself off from others and business by turning her phone off. Even if she got a ten million dollar project, she would be in no mood to discuss and push through. In her heart, nothing was more important than Violet's health and welfare.     

Upon waking up again, Violet's eyes were void of expressions. She had become numb. She swept her gaze among her family, and closed her eyes again. She did not want to see and talk to them.   

"Violet,"  Greg cooed, taking his wife's hand into his. However, Violet shook him off.   

  "Get out! I don't want to see you. Get out of my sight!" Violet coldly shouted.   

  "Violet, please forgive me. I am really sorry,"  Greg apologized, almost kneeling down beside her bed. He kept blaming himself for failing to protect his wife and their child.     

"I said I don't want to see you, Greg. Get out! Get out of here!" Violet growled, losing control of her emotions. She felt a severe headache and anger at the thought of Cassie's hideous look.    

 Seeing that Voilet wasn't in a good condition, Alice turned to Greg as she proposed, "How about you leave us first? Violet just woke up, so we have to be careful with her. She can't take any more blows."    

Greg knew Alice was right. As reluctant as he was to leave Violet's side, he had to do it for her sake and her health. With his head down, he unwillingly walked out of the room and closed the door lightly.  

 Hearing the door close, Violet knew that Greg had left the room. With her eyes still closed, she used all her remaining strength to open her mouth. "Get out. All of you get out,"  she said in a weak voice.    

 Selina didn't say a word as she slowly backed out of the ward. Soon, Wilson left too, followed by Derek and Amy.   

  "Get some rest, Violet. You need it. I will check on you later,"  Alice said before stepping out of the room.

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