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 Season 8

Episode 90

(A huge blow(1)

"Uncle, this is all my fault. This wouldn't have happened if I have taken good care of Violet,"  Greg blamed himself, believing he was the reason why Cassie hurt his wife.     

Just then, the doctor finally came out of the operating room.   

  Upon seeing him, they all immediately stood up and flocked to the physician. Anxious for an update, everyone started talking and asking questions all at the same time.     

"How is she? How is she doing? Is she alright?" Greg started asking a flurry of questions, obviously shaken.    

 Unbeknownst to them, the doctor had been discreetly observing each and everyone around him. This was because he recognized his patient inside the operating room. She was Greg Xiao's wife and her father-in-law, Fred Xiao, was the CEO of XS Hospital. Also standing in front of him right now were legendary figures in the business circle, Wilson, Derek, and Selina.   

Focusing on Greg, the physician looked at him as he answered, "She is fine now, but she's still a little weak so she needs a good rest without interruptions. But..." 

   He paused for a while, causing concern and unease to everyone around him. They were all looking anxiously at him.     Though all their worries could be felt, Greg was the most distressed among them. He never averted his worried gaze from the doctor, waiting for him to continue. He dreaded what the doctor could possibly say next.     

The physician reluctantly continued, "I have done everything I could, but I couldn't save the baby. I am sorry."    

All of a sudden, everyone startled and froze. Still filled with worry, Greg didn't clearly understand what the doctor said. Alice looked shocked and couldn't believe what she just heard. 

Dumbfounded that Violet had been pregnant, Francis' eyes widened with surprise.   

The doctor kept his gaze at the still flustered Greg as he continued, "She had been blacked out for a long time before she was taken here. And she also received a hard blow on her belly, so..."  

  Suddenly, Derek dashed forward and grabbed the doctor by the collar. "Why didn't you save the baby? Why couldn't you? Why!?" he kept asking indignantly.     Amy came forward and reached out her hand to remove her husband's hold off the doctor, as Derek blazed with anger. She was convinced that the doctor had done his best and it was clear that he was not the one to blame.     

Greg was trembling, involuntarily taking several steps backward. Thinking back, he suddenly understood a lot of things he couldn't before. 'Now I know why Violet does not want a divorce. This is why she agreed to continue to be with me, letting bygones be bygones. Despite everything, it turns out she still did all those for our unborn child, ' he mulled over.   

He was suddenly filled with such a deep regret. If only he had found out about Violet's pregnancy earlier, he never would have left her side. He would've attended to and taken care of her every single day and night. He especially wouldn't let others hurt her and would've guarded her and their unborn child with all his might.     
Alice's eyes started to water, and she covered her mouth as she started to cry silently. "How are we going to let Violet know about this?" she sobbed.    

 Hearing Alice's words, the rest suddenly worried about the same thing. This was such a huge blow. They all had no idea how to mention this to Violet.     

Despite remaining silent through it all, Selina couldn't control her anger anymore. She strode to Greg and slapped him hard on the face.     

The slap stunned the rest of them. Recovering from the shock and amazement, Wilson came over to his wife. "Stay calm, Selina,"  he whispered.  

 Wilson knew his wife's temper. She treated Violet as her own daughter and adored her most. Now that Violet had gotten injured, he could understand how angry and sad she was now.    

 Selina paid no heed to Wilson's words. Glowering at Greg, she said furiously, "I struck you on behalf of Violet's parents."    
Greg silently stood still. He wasn't mad at Selina's sudden attack on him. He honestly actually wished to be beat up to at least ease his guilt towards what he did to Violet. At the moment, he did not mind being tormented and harassed.     The rest was looking at Greg wordlessly.     

"You told us that you would take good care of Violet. You promised you would treat her well. But look at what you have done to her! Is this how you show your love? Is this how you love her? She was carrying your child! How dare you let her suffer this pain!" Glaring at Greg, Selina continued scolding him while gesturing at the operating room. She burst at the thought of what had happened to poor Violet, not able to hold her rage back anymore.   

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Alice stepped forward and took Selina's arm. "Auntie, please don't blame Greg. 

I'm sure he does not want this to happen, as well. It wasn't his fault,"  she pleaded, defending Greg.   

  "How could you defend him like that? If not his, was it my fault?" Selina berated angrily. She had never snapped at her niece before. She stepped back and when she saw tears sprawling down Alice's face, she felt heartbroken. But the thought of Violet lying unconsciously in the emergency room was bringing uncontrolled emotions in her.    

 Wilson placed his hands on Selina's shoulders and consoled her tenderly, "Come on Selina. Calm down. Don't be angry."    

Wilson guided his wife to the bench nearby and they both sat down on it.    

 "How are we going to tell Cherry and Jackson about this?" Amy asked, looking and sounding worried. Violet's parents were still in Hong Kong. Once they found out about their daughter's accident, they would break down. Amy brooded. It would be hard for her mother, Cherry to take it easy. She loved Violet very much, after all.   

"Mom, keep it from Auntie Cherry and Uncle Jackson for now. When Violet gets better, we can ask for her decision,"  Alice immediately suggested. It was a mess here. Her aunt was blazing with anger, and even her usually good-tempered father lost his temper. Violet's accident obviously infuriated everyone. She felt sorry for the poor Violet and she was worried how her confidant was going to make it through.     

As a sign of agreement, the rest of them kept quiet.     

Violet finally got better after a couple of days. She was now transferred to a VIP regular room from the VIP ICU ward. Her family was by her side, waiting and expecting for her to wake up.

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