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(Mistaken Identity)

“Caw, caw!”

Right then, a crane cried out from not far away.


Growling softly, the spirit tiger looked at little crane that was flying over, as if greeting it.

Little crane had always been in Ethereal Peak and had never left the sect. This was a rare opportunity and it naturally wanted to tag along for some fun secretly.

However, Su Zimo did not dare to make the decision on his own and he had it ask senior crane for permission.

When little crane heard that, it became dejected immediately.

Its mother had always been extremely strict and had once said that it was not allowed to leave the sect until it was at Golden Core realm.

Initially, little crane did not bear much hope. However, the moment its mother heard that it was going with Su Zimo, she agreed to it right away!

Naturally, little crane was elated and quickly chased after them.

“Eh? Isn’t that the little crane in our sect? Why is it here?” Lu Yangrong remarked in soft surprise.

Guan Jin pondered and replied, “Perhaps it’s just passing by.”

Clearing his throat, Lu Yangrong swept his gaze across Su Zimo and the rest. He said in a deep voice, “It is said that the little crane’s background is not simple. It is the child of Ethereal Sect’s Mystical Guardian Beast.”

Guan Jin could tell that Lu Yangrong was boasting and could not help but scoff, “Which inner sect disciple doesn’t know about this?”

Raising his brow, a look of smugness flickered through Lu Yangrong’s eyes as he harrumphed softly, “I’ve been in contact with little crane before. Previously, I even fed it once. Given its intelligence, it might even remember me!”

In reality, Lu Yangrong was not the one who had taken the initiative to feed little crane.

Because Su Zimo spent half a year in Thunderclap Valley, little crane did not have any elixirs and it felt extremely uncomfortable. Coincidentally, it passed by Lu Yangrong who had just obtained a rather decent elixir and instantly, little crane robbed him

Because of that, little crane was taught a lesson by its mother.

Guan Jin’s expression darkened and he did not say anything.

Feeling that he had gained the upper hand, Lu Yangrong was in a good mood.

Right then, little crane arrived above their heads and chirped a couple of times before descending slowly.

The moment he saw that, Lu Yangrong repressed the excitement in his heart and no longer looked at Guan Jin. Turning slightly, he smiled to Lu Yangrong. “Junior Sister Leng, don’t you think little crane is really intelligent? I’ve only fed it once and it remembered it dearly. Now, it even came looking for me specially, hehe.”

Right after he said that, little crane descended before everyone.”

Lu Yangrong let out a bright smile and greeted, “Little crane, my friend. It’s been a long time.”

Little crane tilted its head slightly and looked at Lu Yangrong as if it was trying to recall who this person smiling so disgustingly was.

It thought for a while but could not recall.

Ignoring that person, it walked towards Su Zimo and lowered its head. Rubbing gently against his arm with its sharp beak, it blinked and called out purringly.

Whether or not it could head out and play depended on whether Su Zimo wanted to bring it along.

Little crane was wheedling to Su Zimo.

That scene stunned everyone as their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

Anyone who had resided in Ethereal Peak for a couple of years would know about little crane. However, none of them had ever heard of it being this intimate with any cultivator of the sect at all!

What was with this change in attitude?

Wasn’t it the child of the Mystical Guardian Beast?

Something wasn’t right! It did look the same and there was only a single crane in the sect!

Guan Jin suddenly chuckled. “Oh my, this is bad. Who was the one shamelessly boasting that he had fed little crane before and that it recognized him? Pfft!”

Lu Yangrong was embarrassed and his face turned red. He wished he could dig a hole and hide in it.

“What’s there to be smug about? Maybe it got the wrong person!”

Lu Yangrong rebutted and walked towards little crane. Smiling, he cupped his fists. “Little crane, my friend. It’s me! Are you mistaken? A while ago, you even ate an elixir of mine, remember?”

Lu Yangrong was better off if he hadn’t said that. The moment he elaborated, little crane recalled how it was punished by its mother for that incident.

“Caw, caw!”

Suddenly, it cried out twice. Its voice was sharp and piercing, and its gaze was murderous.

Caught off guard, Lu Yangrong stumbled a couple of steps back and shuddered in fear.


When he saw Lu Yangrong being humiliated, Guan Jin could not help but burst out into laughter.

No inner sect disciple would know of Su Zimo’s relationship with little crane.

Of the people present, only little fatty vaguely knew about it.

Su Zimo patted little crane on the head lightly and scolded jokingly, “Stupid bird, why are you so fierce!”

Their relationship had always been like this.

However, that scene made both Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin stare in shock.

Even though Lu Yangrong was an inner sect disciple at mid-stage Foundation Establishment, he had to greet little crane courteously as a friend. However, Su Zimo, could call it a stupid bird?

Not just that, that guy even hit little crane!

Yet, the strangest thing was that little crane was not angered. Instead, it was still rubbing against that guy’s arm

Little fatty looked at Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin before shaking his head and lamenting internally, ‘If you guys knew that bro had little crane locked up for more than three months, you would be scared silly!’

“Did she agree?”

Su Zimo asked.

Little crane nodded hurriedly, its eyes filled with anticipation waiting for Su Zimo to agree.

Su Zimo replied, “Alright, let’s go together then.”

Pausing for a moment, Su Zimo felt that something was amiss again. He turned to look at Leng Rou and the rest, asking, “Senior Sister Leng and fellow senior brothers, will there be any problem if little crane comes along?”

“N-N-No problem!”

Lu Yangrong was completely stumped as he replied instinctively.

Leng Rou’s lips curled slightly as she revealed a faint smile and nodded.

Putting aside the fact that little crane’s strength was equivalent to a spirit demon at Foundation Establishment realm, who would dare to stop it from tagging along given its status?

“Since everyone’s here, let’s make a move and try to get to Linfeng City as early as possible.”

Little fatty coughed and rubbed his hands.

Leng Rou nodded.

Rolling his eyes, a plot came to mind as Lu Yangrong suddenly said, “You’re right, junior brother. We should get to Linfeng City as quickly as possible. However, Junior Brother Su’s cultivation is too low. How is he going to catch up with our speed on sword kinesis flight?”

“That’s right.”

Guan Jin nodded too. “Even though the trip isn’t dangerous, I think it’s better if Junior Brother Su doesn’t go. Our speed will be too slow with you tagging along.”

Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin were initially competing against one another in secret. However, both of them felt a sense of danger at the same time with Su Zimo’s appearance.

With a tacit understanding, both of them wished to knock Su Zimo out of the picture should an opportunity arise.

By that statement, they were implying that Su Zimo would be a burden to them.

However, that was something Su Zimo truly could not refute.

After all, he was only at Level 9 Qi Condensation. In terms of sword kinesis flight speed, he was far inferior to Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

But if he were to run on the ground, without even using his Power of Blood, Su Zimo would be even faster than the sword kinesis flight of Foundation Establishment Cultivators by making use of his Divine Steed Fleeting!

“It’s fine, it’s fine!”

Little fatty laughed. “I’ll catch up to you guys carrying bro with me.”

“Your speed is the slowest amongst us and you’re thinking of carrying someone else? Won’t you be even slower then?” Guan Jin frowned.

Lu Yangrong smiled. “How about this? Since I’m the strongest, let me carry Junior Brother Su.”

Right after he said that, Lu Yangrong even looked at Leng Rou intentionally.

Even though Lu Yangrong sounded like he was helping Su Zimo, there was a hint of boasting to his words.



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