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(Dead Quiet Ancient City)

The moment little crane heard those people looking down on Su Zimo’s speed, it was displeased on the spot.

It wasn’t feeling unfair for Su Zimo. Instead, it was because if Su Zimo backed off and did not go, it would not be able to join him to have fun.

Little crane cried and bent down.

The spirit tiger was the first to understand what was happening as it hopped onto little crane in a delighted manner.

Little crane’s body trembled slightly and it felt disgusted for a moment. However, it did not chase the spirit tiger away and instead looked at Su Zimo, signaling for him to hop on as well.

This time round, it wasn’t just Su Zimo – everyone understood what was happening!

Little crane wanted to carry Su Zimo on it!

The speed of a Foundation Establishment realm spirit demon was much faster than Lu Yangrong and the others!

Furthermore, who would have imagined that the child of the Mystical Guardian Beast would actually be willing to lower its dignity and carry a Qi Refinement Warrior?

What kind of treatment was that?

Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin were both red with envy.

If it was the both of them, they would have hopped on eagerly!

However, Su Zimo frowned. Hesitating for a moment, he said deeply, “I’m quite heavy. Are you able to carry me?”

Su Zimo was wearing the Mystic Gold Silk Armor which weighed a full 5 tons!

If he wanted to take off the Mystic Gold Silk Armor, he would have to remove his green robes. However, that wasn’t convenient with Leng Rou around.

Little crane believed none of that. Pouting its lips, it raised its head and lamented internally, ‘How much can a mere Qi Refinement Warrior weigh?’

“Caw, caw!”

Little crane chirped and urged Su Zimo to hurry up.

Coughing gently, Su Zimo reminded, “Be careful.”

With that said, Su Zimo leaped onto little crane’s back.


Instantly, little crane fell to the ground head first, eating a mouthful of dust.

Instantly, it was enraged and nearly cursed out in human tongue.

How was that a little heavy? That was damn bloody heavy!

In truth, due to little crane’s unique bloodline and its cultivation, it could carry objects of that weight without any issues.

However, it was caught totally off guard and naturally fell when something that heavy leaped onto it all of a sudden.

Embarrassed, Su Zimo said, “Why don’t I come down?”

“Caw, caw!”

Little crane was upset.

That was obviously questioning its ability!

Channeling its blood, little crane flapped and slowly flew up. Under Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin’s envious stares, it flew out of the sect.

Little fatty summoned his flying sword and declared while waving, “Let’s go!”

Before long, little crane adapted to the weight on its body. Even though it wasn’t fast, it was still far ahead of the other four.

The seven of them headed towards Linfeng City.

The distance between Ethereal Peak and Linfeng City was not too far apart. It would take approximately a day to arrive given the speed of early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Along the way, the group of them came across other cultivators as well.

When the outsiders caught sight of their sect badge, all of them gave way respectfully.

Be it itinerant cultivators or minor sects, all of them have heard of Ethereal Peak.

To them, Ethereal Peak was a massive entity that no one wanted to offend.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed.

Nearing dusk, an ancient city gradually appeared in front of them. That was their destination, Linfeng City.

Little crane slowed down gradually. Looking at the ancient city in the distance, Su Zimo narrowed his gaze as though in deep thoughts.

Leng Rou and the others caught up from behind.

Lu Yangrong walked over to little crane and took out an elixir from his storage bag. Smiling, he asked, “Little crane, my friend. You must be tired, right? How about taking an elixir to replenish your energy?”

Little crane turned slightly and instantly, its eyes lit up. Reaching out, it picked up the elixir in Lu Yangrong’s palm and raised its head, swallowing it in one go.

When Lu Yangrong saw little crane consuming the elixir, he was elated.

He had been extremely envious of the fact that little crane was willing to carry Su Zimo on its back.

Being carried by a spirit demon was much more flamboyant compared to sword kinesis flight – also, it was less tiring.

Lu Yangrong coughed gently and asked, “Little crane, my friend. How about giving me a ride so I can rest too?”

Little crane spun its head away and ignored him completely.

“You, stupid!”

Lu Yangrong swallowed back his words.

Even if Su Zimo dared to call little crane stupid bird, he did not have the guts.

Watching Lu Yangrong make a fool of himself from the sidelines, Guan Jin scoffed coldly.

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly said, “Everyone, watch out. Something isn’t right about Linfeng City.”

“What’s wrong?”

Humiliated by little crane, Lu Yangrong was fuming. The moment he heard Su Zimo, he retorted, “Don’t give instructions if you don’t know anything! You’re just a Level 9 Qi Refinement Warrior!”


At this moment, Guan Jin was on the same side as Lu Yangrong. He had no intention of letting Su Zimo off as he continued, “What’s wrong with Linfeng City? Everything feels normal to me.”

“Even though it’s already evening time, there’s no lights in the city. It’s strange,” Su Zimo shook his head.

Leng Rou furrowed her brows, clearly realizing this.

Lu Yangrong snorted lightly, “It’s not actually night yet. What kind of lights do you want?”

In a short while, all five of them arrived at the skies above Linfeng City and descended slowly.

This time, even Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin noticed something odd about the city.

It was too quiet!

The ancient city’s streets were empty without a single person.

Even at dusk, it shouldn’t be this quiet. It was as if the entire city was empty and everyone had disappeared, leaving it in dead silence!

The five of them landed in Linfeng City and looked around.

Shops on either side of the streets were tightly shut, as though they hadn’t been open yet. The atmosphere in the ancient city was strange and even sinister!

Su Zimo’s nostrils flared but he could not smell any blood.

“What’s going on?”

Little fatty asked with a stern expression.

In theory, the city lord of Linfeng City should have prepared long ago to send someone to welcome them.

Yet, there wasn’t a single person to be seen in Linfeng City right now!

Lu Yangrong shook his head. He gripped his flying sword tightly with a tense expression.

The spirit tiger’s ears flapped as it looked around, its claws digging the ground constantly with unease.

Little crane behaved the same way and flapped its wings.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Yangrong made a decision and said in a low voice, “Let’s go. We’ll check out the city lord’s residence first.”

His cultivation was the highest among them. Even though no one said anything, it was a silent agreement to accept him as the leader.

This time round, none of them used sword kinesis flight.

Apart from Su Zimo, everyone had expended a lot of spirit qi to get here. That was why they chose to walk now.

Walking along the quiet streets, all five of them looked around and listened to everything, taking note of any activity.

All of a sudden!

A sudden noise sounded out behind them.

Instantly, Lu Yangrong felt the hair on his neck stand on end. He spun around furiously and looked back.

Not far away, a gigantic triangular flag with the word ‘wine’ flapped in the wind, letting out sounds.

It was a false alarm.

Lu Yangrong and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

Yet another strange gust of cold wind blew by and suddenly, Lu Yangrong realized – he had broken out into cold sweat before he knew it.

“This is freaking weird!”

He cursed and continued walking.



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