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(A Man's Name Grows Like A Tree's Shadow)

The next morning.

From the main peak of Ethereal Sect, four Foundation Establishment Cultivators rode on their flying swords, speeding towards the front peak. There were three men and one woman.

Among the four, the woman was the most eye-catching. Her shirt was white as snow, untainted by any form of dust and her beauty was unparalleled with glistening complexion. The only thing was that she had an extremely cold gaze that seemed impenetrable to all life.

That woman was Leng Rou.

Of the three men, one of them was rotund. He wasn’t tall but he had a chirpy face, smiling at anyone he saw in a kind manner – that was little fatty.

One of the other two men was Lu Yangrong, a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Finally, there was Guan Jin. Even though he was at early-stage Foundation Establishment, he was well-versed in talismans and was already a Grade 2 Talisman Master.

Both of them were suitors of Leng Rou. Naturally, they were thick-skinned enough to head to Linfeng City on this trip with her, each hoping to win her heart against the other competitor.

“Sister Leng Rou, fellow senior brothers, I’ve also invited a friend along with us. I hope you guys don’t mind,” Little fatty chuckled and said while they were on the way.

Little fatty’s social relations within the sect was pretty good and he was quite familiar with everyone.

Upon hearing it, Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin merely frowned. Even though they were displeased, they did not say anything.

Since Leng Rou had a closer relationship with little fatty, she naturally did not object either.

Before long, the four of them arrived at the front peak of the sect.

At the front peak, a green robed man stood. Accompanied by a spirit tiger, he was handsome with delicate features and an indifferent expression.

Even though it was only sprawled there, the spirit tiger was almost as tall as the green robed scholar with its massive body. A ferocious glint would flicker from time to time from its half-opened eyes.

“Bro, here!”

When little fatty saw the green robed man, he rushed down and beckoned to the latter.

A look of disdain flickered through the eyes of Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin when they saw that the green robed man was only at Level 9 Qi Condensation. Naturally, there was no way they would lower their status by stooping to greet him.

Leng Rou’s gaze swept across the place. When she caught sight of the green robed man, she was stunned for a moment and a strange glint flickered deeply within her eyes.

After not seeing him for half a year, the green robed man did not seem to have changed much. Even his cultivation was still at Level 9 Qi Condensation.

But, for some reason, Leng Rou felt that the man had turned even more mysterious.

If it was said that he shone with a bedazzling light half a year ago, right now, he was as deep and unfathomable as the ocean.

Leng Rou descended slowly and retracted her flying sword. She came before the green robed man and nodded.

Little fatty hid behind Leng Rou and winked at the green robed man lewdly. Even though he did not say anything, he mouthed silently, “Look, that’s a surprise, right? Hehe!”

The green robed man smiled and nodded to Leng Rou. “Greetings, Senior Sister Leng.”

In the five peaks, statuses were ranked according to the order of time one joined the sect.

However, all trial disciples would greet inner sect disciples as seniors.

When Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin saw this in midair, they were shocked and dumbfounded.

Leng Rou was known for being cold and aloof in the sect.

Neither of them had ever seen her greet a fellow disciple in the sect. Furthermore, this person was only a trial disciple?

Initially, Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin had no intention of descending. But now, they both had a tacit understanding and came to the ground at the same time.

“Who is this trial disciple?” Lu Yangrong placed emphasis on the words ‘trial disciple’ despite his seemingly casual question.

Little fatty introduced immediately, “This is Senior Brother Lu Yangrong and Senior Brother Guan Jin.”

The green robed man smiled and waved. “Greetings, senior brothers. I am Su Zimo.”


“Su Zimo!”

Suddenly, both their expressions changed and their pupils constricted.

The air around them suddenly became stale at the mention of Su Zimo’s name.

A Man’s Name Grows Like a Tree’s Shadow.

While there were still inner sect disciples who had not seen Su Zimo in real life after the five peaks face-off, there was nobody who hadn’t heard of that name.

It was unprecedented for anyone to be number one in four peaks!

A Qi Condensation Warrior who could defeat a Foundation Establishment Cultivator despite the gap in realm.

Moreover, that Foundation Establishment Cultivator was none other than the current limelight who was thought to be the number one of the inner sect!

After the fight half a year ago, many inner sect disciples gathered on Weapon Peak hoping to catch a glimpse of Su Zimo only to be disappointed.

After they heard that he was locked up in Thunderclap Valley for Qi Deviation, everyone merely laughed it off and stopped caring.

All of them knew that one’s cultivation could not be raised in Thunderclap Valley.

Even if it was an unparalleled genius who was locked there indefinitely, it would spell the end of his path of cultivation.

“In just half a year, Su Zimo was released?”

Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin were both secretly shocked.

Given the talent that Su Zimo was displaying, it was only a matter of time before he caught up to them.

Lu Yangrong thought to himself, ‘No wonder Junior Sister Leng has such a different attitude towards this person. So, he is Su Zimo!’

‘Hmm he doesn’t look like anything special. I heard that his body has been tempered to a strong degree, but why does he look just like a frail scholar?’ Guan Jin lamented internally as well, frowning as he sized up Su Zimo.

After a moment, Lu Yangrong suddenly said, “Junior Brother Su, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Pausing for a moment, he changed the topic. “I heard that you were already at Level 9 Qi Condensation half a year ago. Why hasn’t your cultivation improved after such a long time?”

He was clearly pointing out the obvious and it was full of provocation.


Guan Jin exclaimed with curiosity in his eyes. “Junior Brother Su, I heard that you entered Qi Deviation in your cultivation. Why were you so careless? Since you were just released from Thunderclap Valley, let me give you a word of advice as your senior. You should go back to cultivate in seclusion lest you make any more mistakes and affect your own future.”

Su Zimo was a smart man.

From the way they looked at Leng Rou, he could vaguely guess what they were thinking.

Towards their sarcastic questions, Su Zimo smiled and replied casually, “Thank you for the concern, senior brothers.”

Little fatty heaved a sigh of relief at Su Zimo’s reaction.

Initially, he was so nervous that his palms were sweating entirely.

Little fatty understood Su Zimo’s temperament and was afraid that the latter might fight with those two over that unpleasantness.

Back then, Su Zimo dared to point his saber at Chen Yu of the Disciplinary Hall; these two senior brothers did not have what it takes to hold down Su Zimo.

However, things were different to Su Zimo right now.

Back in Spirit Peak, Chen Yu was obviously biased towards Feng Haoyu and even wanted to maim him of his cultivation despite the spirit tiger being injured.

That was why Su Zimo was unable to tolerate it.

Even though these two senior brothers were also hostile towards him, it was just due to petty thoughts. Since it was nothing much, Su Zimo could naturally let it slide with just a smile.

He no longer looked at Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin, merely reaching out to fondle the spirit tiger on the head.

Instantly, Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin were furious – they were being ignored!

However, what the both of them did not know was that Su Zimo was actually comforting the spirit tiger. Otherwise, it would have lunged and attacked both of them given its wild nature!



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