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(Void Thunder Manual)

Su Zimo did not know what a Perfected Immortal was. However, he understood one thing – Die Yue was stronger than senior crane.

Much, much stronger!

He pondered for a while before asking again, “Senior, if I’m unable to cleanse the demonic qi within me using the thunder of this place, does that mean I’ll have to stay here forever?”

After all, she had only provided him with a direction – Su Zimo had to figure out how to get rid of that hidden ailment himself.

“One year. I’ll give you one year.”

The redheaded beauty said, “If you can’t do it within a year, we can only think of another way.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Don’t be discouraged. That person back then did it and your endowment is not inferior to him. Perhaps you can do it too,” consoled the redheaded beauty before she left.

Losing the barrier around him, the rumbling thunder resounded within Su Zimo’s ears in a shocking manner once more

The area of the valley was not large. Looking around, Su Zimo could not find any place to stay. He then assumed a lotus position and listened to the rumbling of the thunder in the valley, trying his best to discover the secret within it.

Day after day passed.

Su Zimo sat within the Thunderclap Valley without his cultivation growing at all. The demonic qi within his blood was still there and did not show signs of subsiding.

During this period of time, the spirit tiger and little crane would sneak over to visit him and bring him food.

Normally, disciples were not allowed to visit someone who was locked in seclusion in Thunderclap Valley.

However, little crane’s status was special. Furthermore, the spirit tiger and it were not exactly considered as sect disciples.

Even though little crane was trapped by Su Zimo in a formation previously, it had gained quite a bit of benefits from the elixirs. In addition, seeing how pitiful Su Zimo was caused its attitude towards him to change entirely.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Within Thunderclap Valley, Su Zimo opened his eyes and sighed gently.

He still had no clue.

If he were to carry on like this, he wouldn’t be able to come up with anything even in 10 years, let alone a single year.

“Seems like that powerful being in the past is much stronger than I am.”

Su Zimo laughed in a self-deprecating manner.

At the thought of that person, Su Zimo took out the Mystic Gold Silk Armor from his storage bag.

Because there was no one else in Thunderclap Valley, he was not afraid of being seen. Standing up, he channeled the Power of Blood and instantly, his veins popped up as his flesh and body expanded.

Su Zimo could clearly sense the powerful energy cruising through his blood that seemed as though it could destroy the entire world!

It was also that same energy that allowed him to defeat Feng Haoyu who was in Foundation Establishment realm!

Heaving a deep breath of air, Su Zimo exerted strength in both hands and lifted the Mystic Gold Silk Armor, sizing it up and down.

Ever since he had obtained that damaged connate spirit weapon, this was the first time he was observing it so carefully.

The Mystic Gold Silk Armor was very thin and extremely soft to the touch. It was hard to imagine that an inner armor so thin could actually weigh 5 tons!

Just as Su Zimo was sizing up the Mystic Gold Silk Armor, two pages of paper dropped out from within and floated to the ground.


Su Zimo remarked softly as he glanced sideways. Putting down the Mystic Gold Silk Armor, he picked up the two pieces of paper.

Both pieces of paper looked a little old and exuded an ancient aura. One of the pages was tattered – it was obvious that someone tore away the bottom portion.

On the first page was a single sentence while the second page was scribbled with writings.

Su Zimo took a look at the first page.

“This is a technique I obtained in an ancient ruin, the Void Thunder Manual. Even though it’s incomplete, it has the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra along with a couple of some other thunder arts that are rather powerful. I will leave it here for any fated individuals.”

When Su Zimo saw that sentence, he understood.

If he was not wrong, the torn second page should be a record of this Void Thunder Manual!

These two pages of paper were left behind by that powerful being of the sect!

With a complicated expression on his face, Su Zimo felt a mix of emotions.

For all these years, the Mystic Gold Silk Armor had been kept in the Spirit Weapon Chamber and almost entirely covered in dust.

If not for someone like him who joined the sect after starting on the path of demonic cultivation, no one else would have laid their hands on this armor let alone discover its secret within.

Every single Qi Refinement Warrior who visited the Spirit Weapon Chamber would select a spirit weapon useful for themselves – who would choose the Mystic Gold Silk Armor?

No Qi Refinement Warriors would be able to make use of it.

Even for Golden Cores who had cultivated body tempering techniques, they wouldn’t be interested in a broken connate spirit weapon as such given their strong bodies.

However, Su Zimo was able to refine his own inferior-grade spirit weapons and as such, he was not interested in anything else in the Spirit Weapon Chamber. That was the reason why he took such an odd equipment.

It was a complete coincidence left to chance.

The last two words of the sentence, fated individual, did seem rather appropriate at this moment.

Su Zimo smiled.

This powerful being indeed had a rather weird temperament.

Even though he betrayed the sect, he chose to leave this technique behind using such an indirect method.

In reality, Su Zimo had only just stepped foot into the cultivation world and the only technique he had learned was the Qi Condensation Manual. He hadn’t even been in contact with any spirit arts so how could he possibly comprehend anything just through the sound of thunder?

It was the same for this powerful being of the sect back then as well.

If he did not have this Void Thunder Manual, he would not have been able to cleanse the demonic qi within him while he was trapped in Thunderclap Valley.

Just as Su Zimo was deep in thought, the first page in his palm crumbled into dust and dissipated into the air.

Too much time had passed and the piece of paper had already been corroded by time, turning to dust under the rumbling of the thunderbolts.

Logically speaking, the second piece of paper was even older. However, nothing happened to it at all.

Su Zimo rubbed the paper carefully and discovered that it was made with a unique material. Despite being rough, it was flexible. While so many years have passed, the writing on it was still clearly visible.

Looking at the bottom part of the paper which was torn, a thought suddenly struck Su Zimo as he exerted strength in both hands and pulled the paper.

It did not budge an inch at all!

Right now, Su Zimo was in a demonic state and his strength was enough to even break a pseudo spirit weapon apart.

However, the paper was completely intact!

‘Ancient ruin’

Suddenly, he recalled this point that the powerful being made in his message and fell into deep thought.

Through senior crane, Su Zimo knew that Tianhuang Mainland had been through two eras – primordial and ancient.

Since it was an ancient ruin, this Void Thunder Manual was very likely a technique left behind from the ancient era!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

In the ancient era, the paper alone that contained this Void Thunder Manual was already extraordinary. If so, this technique must be incredible as well!

He started looking at the page of paper.

The first line of words – Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra!

When he saw those four words, Su Zimo nodded.

What he was cultivating right now was the Marrow Cleansing section of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. This page detailed another Marrow Cleansing sutra as well.

The combination of these two sutras could very likely resolve the hidden ailment within his body!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Su Zimo began cultivating the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra in the midst of the rumbling thunder.



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