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(He Was Here Too)

“I can help you hide it this time round. But, what about the next time?”

The redheaded beauty’s question suddenly gave rise to a doubt within Su Zimo.

He asked, “Senior, why do all cultivators possess such a deep hatred towards demons as though there’s no room for negotiation?

When she heard that, the redheaded beauty froze for a moment. Her eyes revealed a reminiscent look as she sighed. “The grudges between the two races have been going on for a long time. It can be traced back to the primordial era.”

“Primordial era?”

That was the first time Su Zimo had heard that word and he could not help but look confused.

Primordial era those words exuded a desolate and tragic aura, filled with the vicissitudes of time.

The redheaded beauty seemed to be filled with emotions as she murmured, “That was a magnificent era. Ancient in the past, many lives were born during that period and all races flourished with the humans among them. However, that era was a tragic period to the humans.”

For some reason, Su Zimo felt his chest getting stuffy as though he was being suffocated by an invisible aura.

He could merely feel the pressure just by hearing the crane talk about that period of time.

It was hard to imagine how things would be like if he was born in that era faced with those circumstances.

Sensing Su Zimo’s abnormality, the redheaded beauty came back to her senses and shook her head. “Let’s not talk about it anymore. All you have to know is that after the primordial era, Tianhuang Mainland went through the ancient era before coming to this point of time. The feud between the two races had spanned through two eras and it is a hatred deeply ingrained in the blood of their descendants. It’s impossible to resolve it.”

Su Zimo nodded. With a thought, he asked, “Senior, did you bring me here because you have a method of removing the hidden ailment within my body?”

“I do have one, but I don’t know if it will work.”

The redheaded beauty continued, “A genius once appeared in the sect. His talent was similar to yours and he was regarded as the future hope of the sect. However, he eventually betrayed the sect and fell into the demonic path, never returning since.”

“Was he also a fiend cultivator?” Su Zimo asked in surprise.


The redheaded beauty shook her head. “He had an eccentric personality and was extreme in his methods. After he showed signs of entering the demonic path, the sect realized it and locked him here in seclusion to reflect on himself. True enough, with the thunderclaps here, he managed to cleanse the demonic qi from his body.”

Su Zimo asked, “What you mean to say is that I’m able to remove the demonic qi in blood through the help of thunder?”

The redheaded beauty nodded.

Pausing for a moment, she continued, “However, the demonic technique you’re cultivating is extremely powerful. I don’t know if this idea will work.”

“But, how do I make use of the thunder? I don’t understand at all,” Su Zimo looked confused.

“I don’t know about that either.”

Su Zimo was speechless.

Could he cleanse the demonic qi in his body just by sitting here and listening to the rumbling thunder?

The redheaded beauty said once more, “Thunder is one of the most ferocious types of energy and is extremely useful in suppressing demons. Beasts are innately afraid of fire while demons are innately afraid of thunder. Of all the powers, thunder reigns supreme!”

Su Zimo roughly understood.

The crane meant that he might be able to get rid of the hidden ailment in his body with the help of the power of thunder.

It was only a direction she was providing for him to work on. As to how to resolve it, she did not know entirely either.

Right then, Su Zimo’s heart stirred – he remembered something.

After the Weapon Peak face-off, he had obtained the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

From the disheveled old man, he found out that the owner of the Mystic Gold Silk Armor was once a horrifyingly powerful being in the sect back then and was invincible across the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realms!

However, the disheveled old man was unwilling to reveal more about that man as though he had some reservations.

Suddenly, Su Zimo asked, “Senior, the genius that you mentioned. Was he wearing a Mystic Gold Silk Armor back then which was a connate spirit weapon?”


A look of surprise flickered through the redheaded beauty’s eyes as she asked, “You actually know about this?”


The powerful being mentioned by the disheveled old man was the same genius the crane was referring to!

“Senior, can you share with me about this person’s past?”

Su Zimo suddenly felt a strong sense of curiosity towards this person.

“It’s actually nothing much.”

The redheaded beauty chuckled. “Ever since the sect set up the Eight Distresses Formation, you were the second person to endure through it. He was the first.”

Su Zimo nodded – he had heard the disheveled old man mention this previously.

“Do you know how he managed to endure through it?” The redheaded beauty asked.

“I don’t know.”

“The Eight Distresses Formation is an illusion formation. In it, you will encounter countless people, many of whom will be your dearest kin. You will also experience life, death, illness the eight distresses of life. And that person”

At that point, the redheaded beauty paused for a moment before continuing, “He killed everyone he encountered within the illusion formation!”


Su Zimo was shocked and could not help but exclaim.

Those who are trapped in the Eight Distresses Formation will not realize that they were in an illusion formation because everything they encounter would be too real.

However, that person killed everyone in the illusion formation – how terrifying was that?

“Could it be that he has already discovered that he was in an illusion formation?” Su Zimo asked.

“I’m not sure.”

The redheaded beauty shook her head. “However, he had not started on Qi Condensation at that time so he should not have realized it.”

“Forget it, these are all history of the sect. Just listen with a pinch of salt.”

The redheaded beauty said, “I vaguely guessed that you intend to cultivate both the immortality and demonic path in the future. However, that is a path no one had taken before and the future is unknown. The hidden ailment in your blood right now is only one of many. As you raise your cultivation realm, you will encounter even more trouble in the future, sigh.”

Su Zimo was also aware of this.

Right now, it was the wisest choice to stop cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

However, that cultivation technique held a special meaning to him.

It was this technique that had changed Su Zimo’s life. In fact, it even changed the fates of many people around him as well!

Most importantly, Die Yue had imparted it to him.

At the thought of Die Yue, Su Zimo could not help but compare her with the redheaded beauty before him.

Die Yue should be a demon as well.

Even though both of them could take on human form, Su Zimo did not know whose cultivation was higher.

“Senior, if a person is born without a spirit root, are you able to help them plant one?” Su Zimo took a different approach instead of asking directly.

After all, he did not know what cultivation realm Die Yue and senior crane before him was at.

“Plant spirit root?”

The redheaded beauty smiled. “It’s not just me, I don’t think anyone in the entire Tianhuang Mainland can do such a thing. Spirit root is something you are born with. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Being able to plant a spirit root into someone artificially is equivalent to changing that person’s fate against the heavens! Who in the world can change anyone’s fate?”

The redheaded beauty chuckled again. “Perhaps even Perfected Immortals can’t do that.”



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