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(What Was the situation)

A smile appeared on David’s face when he received a call from Charles. Just a few days back, he had made a blunder. He didn’t know what Charles was going to do with him. So when Charles called him to buy breakfast for him, he was so happy and wanted to take this opportunity to make up for his mistake.

“Mr. Lu, I’ve brought your breakfast. And here are two more documents for you to sign.” David respectfully kept the documents in front of Charles and said, “It’s been several days since you have been to office. And since these documents are important, I take the opportunity of getting the documents for your signature.”

Charles quickly signed on the documents and handed them to David without even looking at him. After a while when he saw him standing, he frowned and asked, “Why are you still there? Leave at once.”

“Mr. Lu…” Charles rose from the sofa at his living room and turned back towards. David took a look at Charles who stood just in front of him and asked, “Emm… How is Mrs. Lu?”

He just wanted to find out what was going on in Charles’ mind for the mistake he had committed and what could be its repercussions.

“I haven’t settled with you over this, but I didn’t expect you to bring it up,” Charles retorted angrily. Then marking the fear on David’s face, he sighed and said, “Never mind, you go back to work first.”

Yes, David made this farce. But as a result of that, Charles at least got a chance to spend a night alone with Sheryl. That had mellowed down his anger on David to a large extent. Still he spoke in a stern voice, “But I warn you, if you fool me again in the future, I will definitely punish you.”

“Mr. Lu, please trust me. I dare not… It was my fault. I am extremely sorry. I assure you, it will never happen again, Mr. Lu,” David stammered as he spoke to Charles.

“Oh my god, it’s almost nine o ‘clock. Why didn’t my alarm clock go off?” Before going to bed, Sheryl deliberately set the alarm clock to get up early and prepare breakfast. But the alarm clock did not ring and even Charles did not wake her up.

As she came out of the room, she didn’t notice that there was another man in the living room. At the very first sight of Charles, she blurted out, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I wanted you to sleep longer.” Charles had gone into her room and turned off her alarm clock so that she could have more rest. “Don’t worry, breakfast is ready.”

“This is…” Sheryl took a glance at the dining table to find the food parcels and then at David. She had a surprised look on her face as she turned to Charles and asked, “This is…”

“Mrs. Lu?” David stood still staring at Sheryl with utter surprise. What on earth was actually going on here? Why was she at Charles’ house? Charles had not been going to work these days. Was it because of her?

In a flash, David had many questions in his mind, but asked none.

Sheryl took a look at David who stood in front of her bewildered. After hearing the two words coming out of his mouth, Sheryl knew that this was another person who had mistaken her for Autumn.

She could not help but frown. ‘Me and Autumn, do we look really so similar?’ she wondered.

“Sorry, you have mistaken me for someone else. I am not Autumn,” she replied sharply.

Since she had met Charles, she had to explain this to people countless times. So much so that she had become impatient by now.

She was who she was. She was Sheryl. She was not Autumn.

“This…” David stammered turning towards Charles. He was just trying to recover from the shock when Charles said, “I forgot to introduce you. This is Sheryl Xia. She is my friend,” and then turning to Sheryl, he added, “and this is David. I asked him to buy the breakfast for us.”

Sheryl smiled at David. Then she turned her towards Charles and said, “So… I’ll get the kids out of bed.”

“Okay.” Charles smiled and nodded slightly. As soon as she went upstairs, David couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Lu, what’s the matter? She is Autumn.”

“Yes, she is. But she has amnesia, as I told you before.” Charles said coldly, “Recently I won’t go to the company.

Please keep me updated about everything in the office. Besides, also help me to check Holley Ye in BM Corporation. I have a very strong intuition that something is wrong with her.”

“Well, I see.”‘ David nodded slightly, taking a look at the direction of the stairs, and said in a low voice, “But Mr. Lu, you are such a fast mover. You have already started living together.”

“Go ahead, don’t talk nonsense here,” Charles said angrily.

David did not wait any further. He almost ran out of the house and headed towards office.

Sheryl woke Shirley and Charlie up. Last night, she was tossing and turning in the bed. The smell of the pillow didn’t let her fall asleep all night. It was not until dawn that she fell into a deep sleep.

She thought all night and came to the conclusion that she could not stay here any longer.

She felt she started to get closer to Charles. And this made her feel guilty. After all, she already had a boyfriend. In that case, it was rather immoral to fancy about another man.

She helped Shirley get dressed, and by the time she came downstairs, Charles had unpacked all the boxes on the table, putting breakfast on a plate, pouring a few glasses of milk. He looked up when Sheryl came out with the kids and said to Sheryl, “Come and eat.”

Earlier, these used to be Autumn’s favorite food from this restaurant. Charles wondered if her taste was the same as three years ago or not. He kept watching her face to see her reaction as she started eating.

“Well? Is it good?” Seeing Sheryl taking the chopsticks, Charles asked nervously. Sheryl nodded as she put the first morsel into her mouth. The taste of the food was so strikingly familiar that the first few bite she took was to observe why and how the food tasted so familiar. And more than anything else, they were incredibly delicious and exactly the way she wanted her food to be.

Sheryl continued to eat the food silently. Charles smiled as he saw her enjoying the food and remarked, “If you like it, I’d ask David to buy the same breakfast tomorrow as well. So that you don’t have to get up early to cook.”

“Charles.” Sheryl put down her chopsticks and looked at Charles who was sitting on the other side of the table facing her. “There is something I want to tell you,” she said.

Looking at Sheryl’s face, Charles could probably guess what she was going to say, but he still pretended that he knew nothing. “What?” he asked.

“I came here to take care of you, right?” Sheryl smiled and continued even before Charles could speak, “But the last two days I’ve been here, I feel that I haven’t helped you in any substantial way except for the trouble I’ve caused you. It’s just like this breakfast today. Even without me, you can take good care of yourself, so I’m thinking it is time for me to leave.”
“Sher, you are thinking too much.” Charles smiled. “You really helped me a lot here. Did you forget yesterday’s lunch? If it weren’t for you, Charlie and I wouldn’t know what to do. Your being here means a lot to me.”

Sheryl shook her head slightly and said, “Don’t tell me that. Even the babysitter in your house could have done it for you.”



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