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(Taking care of each other)

Charles had already changed into his pajamas. He was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window while drinking wine. Seeing this, Sheryl couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

“You haven’t fully recovered yet. You shouldn’t be drinking any alcohol,” she commented.

Charles was a little stunned to Sheryl’s voice. He deliberately left his bedroom door open just in case Sheryl would need some help. But he didn’t expect her to come this soon.

When he regained his senses, he turned around to face her with a smile. “It’s fine.” But when he saw water dripping from her hair, his smile turned into a frown. “Why didn’t you dry your hair? You might get sick.”

“Oh, yeah! That’s actually the reason why I came here,” she snapped as she remembered her purpose of coming into Charles’ room. “I looked for a hairdryer everywhere in my room but I couldn’t find any.”

“I’ve got one in the bathroom.” Charles pointed his finger to the bathroom. Sheryl walked to the bathroom to dry her hair.

When Sheryl walked out of the bathroom after drying her hair, Charles was still drinking wine. He had already drank almost half of the bottle. Sheryl furrowed her brows as she walked towards him.

“It’s late now. Aren’t you going to sleep?” “I don’t feel sleepy yet. I wanna stay here for a little more while. Just go ahead and sleep if you’re already sleepy,” Charles answered. Charles felt extremely more clear-headed in the still of the night.

“Okay then, I will accompany you.” Sheryl took a wine glass from the shelf next to her and poured some wine. The wine smelt good. “Nice wine,” she commented as she sniffed the glass.

“Uh-huh.” Charles smiled.

Then silence enveloped the whole room. None of them spoke a word. It was already midnight and it was very unusual for the two of them to spend a moment like this together. There was a hanging basket chair next to the floor-to-ceiling window so Sheryl sat on it.

There was one moment that Charles felt like Autumn had come back.
However, when he remembered that Sheryl only saw him as a stranger, he realized that he was only overthinking. Sheryl wasn’t Autumn anymore.
Sheryl wasn’t in a good mood either. Last night, she had a fight with Sue and until now, she still couldn’t think of a way on how to make up with her.
While Sheryl was contemplating, her phone suddenly rang. When she looked at the screen, she saw Anthony’s name. She just stared on it, pondering whether she should answer it or not.

“Is it Anthony?” Charles asked. He already knew who would only call Sheryl at this time of the night but he still asked to confirm.
“Yes.” Sheryl nodded. When she was still hesitating to answer it, the ringing suddenly stopped. ‘Great!’ Sheryl felt relieved. She didn’t need to feel embarrassed in front of Charles anymore.

“How’s everything going between you and him?” Charles asked Sheryl, wishing to know something about them. Sherly smiled at him and answered, “We’re good. We have a stable relationship.”

“Oh, really?” Charles smiled coldly. “Then why didn’t you answer his call just now?”


Perhaps it was because Charles was there. Sheryl might feel uncomfortable talking with Anthony while Charles was around.
Or maybe Sheryl just didn’t want Anthony to know that she was still with Charles at this time of the night.

Although Sheryl kept on telling herself that she wasn’t doing anything wrong, somehow she still felt that it was inappropriate to spend the midnight with Charles. She didn’t want Anthony to misunderstand her relationship with Charles.

Sheryl lifted her head and looked at Charles before she said, “I treasure my relationship with Anthony so much. I don’t want him to misunderstand me.”
Charles’ face turned gloomy when he heard what Sheryl said. ‘Treasure? That’s ridiculous,’ he thought.

Back in the day, Sheryl had been so in love with him. But then, what happened? She had totally forgotten everything about him and she just gave up their relationship that easily.

There was no lasting and constant relationship in this world.
“It’s late now. I should go back to my room,” Sherly bid goodbye to Charles.
Charles didn’t know why but everytime he tried to get closer to Sheryl, she would stay away from him immediately. That made him feel so annoyed.
But what could he do? He could do nothing but helplessly watch Sheryl walking away from him.

When she came down from the hanging basket chair, Sheryl staggered because of the effect of the wine on her. Charles quickly stretched out his hand to hold her. He asked gently, “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Sheryl wanted to escape from his hug. But the more she tried to do it, the more mistakes she made. She sprained her ankle by accident and she had to lean on Charles now.

“How are you doing?” he asked full of concern. When Charles felt that Sheryl didn’t want to have any physical contact with him, he got angry. But seeing Sheryl in pain because of her sprained ankle, he calmed himself down and asked gently, “Can you walk?”

“I’m fine. You can let go of me now.” Sheryl could smell Charles’ perfume. She suddenly felt a strange sensation and she didn’t want to acknowledge it so she tried to push him away. But Charles got angry with her actions. Without any words, he put his hands on her waist and lifted her in the air. He then threw her on his bed, trying to be as gentle as he could.

“What are you doing?” Sheryl was startled. But Charles didn’t say a word. He just gently took her shoes off. Thank God, it wasn’t too bad and it didn’t swell. It wouldn’t take long to recover as long as she got to rest.

Charles took out a bottle of safflower oil from his first aid kit. Just a while ago, it was Sheryl who helped Charles apply some medicine. Now it was Charles who was doing it for her. Things were turning so quickly.

“Are you feeling better?” Although Charles looked angry, he was still very gentle to Sheryl. It made Sheryl felt like Charles really treasured her.
Sheryl was suddenly lost in her thoughts.

But Charles’ voice brought her back to the present. She wanted to withdraw her feet but Charles was holding them tightly. She felt so embarrassed and nervous at the same time. To cover it up, she shouted, “I’m fine! Let go of me!”

“You just sprained your ankle. Have a good rest tonight.” Charles furrowed his eyebrows and continued, “You sleep in my bedroom tonight. I’ll sleep in the study.”

“No way. This is your room.” Sheryl was taken aback by Charles’ words. She was anxious so she just closed her eyes and said, “I’m fine, really.”

Charles felt more annoyed because of her stubbornness. “Can you just listen to me even for once?”

“I…” She decided to make a compromise after she looked at him. She hesitated for a moment before she finally said, “Fine. Thank you, Charles.”

“Have a good rest.” Charles stood up with a cold face. He felt jealous and uncomfortable every time he thought of the relationship between Sheryl and Anthony.

Charles closed the door as he walked out of the bedroom. His eyes were gloomy. Then, something occurred to him. It seemed that it was time for him to talk to Anthony.

The next morning, Charles asked David to buy breakfast for them. Charles wanted Sheryl to sleep longer so he didn’t wake her up. Besides, she sprained her ankle so it would be difficult for her to move especially in the kitchen.

Charles told David to buy Hongkong style breakfast for Sheryl. Autumn used to like it very much when they were still together. Not knowing what Charles exactly wanted, David bought all dishes available. Thus, the table was filled with all kinds of dim-sums and Chinese dishes.



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